Why goes numb little finger of the right hand? As this is a treat

Why does the little finger of the right hand grow dumb? With the development of the Internet, a lot of information on medical topics appeared in the public domain. And everyone wants to express their views on any issue. So with the situation when the little finger of the right hand grows numb. Some say that it's all about heart problems, the second reason is called osteochondrosis, the third is accused of tunnel wrist syndrome all over. But to understand the cause, we must first understand what is numbness.

The little finger of the right hand grows dumb

What is paresthesia

Numbness in the language of physicians is called paresthesia. It indicates a violation of the functioning of nerve endings. That's why the little finger of the right hand or the left one grows numb. The cause of paresthesia is a violation of blood circulation due to uncomfortable posture, shock or squeezing. The cause of chronic paresthesia can be diseases of the nervous system, tumors and infections, as well as alcohol abuse. In some cases, the pinkie on the arm becomes numb due to a metabolic disorder or vitamin deficiency.

Features of the nervous system

The nervous system has a central andperipheral departments. Through the head and back brain pass pairs of nerves, forming a plexus. One of these plexuses is the shoulder plexus. It consists of 8 short and 6 long nerves. Short nerves do not refer to the situation when the little finger of the right hand grows numb. But one of the nerves, called the elbow, branches into the back and palmar branches. It is the back branch and is responsible for the nerve endings of the fingers. The ulnar nerve passes through the joint and wrist, so pinching it in any part can disrupt the sensitivity of the little finger. To determine the exact cause of numbness, as a rule, MRI of the cervical department is performed. In addition, numbness is promoted by injuries of the shoulder, wrist, elbow, even if they have long been in the past.

dumb little finger on the right hand

Features of tunneling neuropathy

Another reason may be permanentcompression of the peripheral nerve now as a result of physical exertion. In the human body there are veins and arteries. The latter carry oxygen-enriched blood from the heart, thanks to it all the processes in the body are maintained. The veins, on the contrary, serve to circulate blood saturated with degradation products. The artery, originating near the clavicle, later branches into the ulnar and radial. Radiation contains

dumb little finger on his arm
surface and deep branches that supplywrist and brush oxygen. But a violation of blood circulation can lead to a lack of oxygen, resulting in numbness of the fingers. The reason for the lack of oxygen can be thrombi, plaques, resulting from atherosclerosis, as well as trauma.

Consequently, it can be concluded that the causea condition in which the little finger on his right arm grows numb, are, as a rule, diseases of the nervous or vascular system. No osteochondrosis, heart disease is not involved. With the right diagnosis, proper treatment, elimination of an old injury, the numbness symptoms will disappear quickly and without a trace, while you will forget that you had something there with a finger.

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