Camphor oil. Application in the treatment of various ailments

Camphor oil, the use of whichis popular in official and folk medicine, it is used to treat infectious diseases, breathing problems, inflammatory processes in the lungs, acute heart failure, as well as poisoning with sleeping pills or narcotics. This substance perfectly heals burned tissues, cuts and pustular wounds.

Camphor oil, the use of which allowsget rid of the aforementioned ailments, has a fresh pleasant aroma, conducive to soothing. That is why it is used in aromatherapy for the treatment of sleep disorders, depression, neuroses and irritability.

In the pharmacy you can purchase this product in the form ofof a 20% solution for administration under the skin. Such a preparation must be heated before use. It is used to relieve the condition of persons suffering from respiratory and heart failure.

Camphor oil, the use of which is possibleintravenously, also suitable for external use. A 10% solution of this substance helps with rheumatism, arthritis, radiculitis. Local application of such a preparation has antiseptic effect and irritating effect.

This natural product is part of the remedies that relieve acute toothache. In combination with chloral hydrate it facilitates these unpleasant sensations.

Camphor oil. Application in folk medicine

This product is often mixed with variousvegetable oils for fighting problem skin. As such additives can serve oils of grape seeds, black cumin, milk thistle. From the received substance it is possible to make also creams, masks and other cosmetic means.

The lotion can be prepared as follows: A tablespoon of grape or vegetable oil mixed with three drops of camphor oil and a teaspoon of cumin oil. The resulting mass should be used as a cleanser twice a day, it can also be used as a face mask. In this case, it is applied to the skin, keep at least half an hour, and then gently removed with a clean cotton swab. Such procedures give the skin a fresh healthy appearance, allow you to forget about acne, acne, inflammation and narrow the enlarged pores.

If you do not add cumin oil when preparing the above-described remedy, you can get a wonderful cream to improve the tone of the fading skin.

Recipe for another beauty productso: a tablespoon of sea-buckthorn oil mixed with three drops of camphor oil. This product effectively whitens freckles and is suitable for use as a night cream.

To improve the appearance of eyelashes should be appliedon them a mixture, combining a tablespoon of castor and five drops of camphor oil. In carrying out this procedure, you need extreme accuracy, since it is very difficult to get rid of the unpleasant sensation of the film before your eyes. Leave this mask for the night, gently wash it with warm water.

Rescue camphor oil. Application

Ear, affected by the inflammatory process, you canalso cured by this facility. To do this, you must impregnate them with cotton wool, rolled in the form of a ball, and insert it into the ear canal. The patient should be wrapped in a woolen or flannel cloth and do not remove such a compress until morning. It should be remembered that this method of treatment is suitable only for adults.

Camphor oil in otitis can be replacedalmond. When treating this ailment, it is necessary to drip a few drops of the heated substance into the ear (but not hot), then insert the cotton and hold for several hours. This procedure is appreciated for its heating effect. The course should not exceed ten days. After a two-week break, you can repeat the treatment again.

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