Vikasol: instructions for use

"Vikasol" is a special medicinal product,It is designed to treat bleeding caused by a low content of prothrombin in the blood. Its medicinal substance Vikasolum activates the activity of the liver for the production of prothrombin, thereby strengthening the coagulability of the blood. It is a water-soluble, synthetic analogue of vitamin K.

It is known that a deficiency in the blood of this vitamin causes bleeding. You can remove it with the help of "Vikasol".

Who is shown the drug "Vikasol"? The instructions for use give clear instructions on this matter.

The medicine is prescribed for

  • various types of hemorrhage, yellow hepatic atrophy, acute hepatitis;
  • for the treatment of bleeding (parenchymal capillary, gemmoroidal, nasal);
  • for preparation for operations or in postoperative periods;
  • ulcerous bleeding;
  • female bleeding post-climatic or juvenile;
  • septic diseases, pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • preparation for childbirth;
  • thrombocytopenic purpura;
  • radiation sickness;
  • treatment of poorly healing sluggish wounds;
  • violations of the small intestine, pancreas, dysentery, prolonged diarrhea.

How quickly does the Vikasol work? The drug with a single injection starts to work after 7-12 hours.

The course of treatment with the drug and the form of the medication is usually determined by the doctor.

The agent "Vikasol", the instruction for use explains this, it is available in the form of tablets, solution for injections.

Before surgery, the most commonly prescribed "Vikasol" in tablets. They must be taken three days before surgery.

Children under the age of one year are given a minimumdose of the drug "Vikasol". Instruction for use explains that up to one year the dose should not exceed 0.005 g per day. The maximum dose for children under two years is 0.006 g.

The adult dosage should not be higher than 0.03 g.

Take this medicine usually once a day.

A special course is for women in childbirth. They use the drug "Vikasol", the instruction for use insists on this, give at the time of arrival at the maternity hospital, then after 12, and after 24 hours, if labor has not yet occurred.

Reviews of both doctors and patients indicate that inMost cases the drug is very effective. However, if for some reason the tablets do not have the desired effect, patients are prescribed injections of the drug "Vikasol". Instruction for use recommends not to exceed the daily dose of 0.06 g, and every 3-4 days of administration to take breaks. However, in special cases, the doctor may prescribe higher doses of the drug.

It is known that the drug "Vikasol", the use of which is prescribed together with antibiotics, requires an increased dosage, as well as with the use of mineral oils, dactinomycin.

Does the drug "Vikasol" have side effects? There are very few of them. After prolonged use, excessive coagulability of the blood may appear, thromboembolism or hemolytic disease may develop (in newborns). Possible hyperemia of the face, rarely - bronchospasm, dizziness, tachycardia, taste change.

When prescribing a medicine, the doctor takes into accountfeatures of the "Vikasol". He does not help at all with the disease of Verlhof and hemophilia. In addition, the drug is contraindicated for people suffering from embolism (blockage of blood vessels), thrombosis, excessive coagulability of blood or personal intolerance of "Vikasola." The drug is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

This drug has only one analog: "Menadione sodium bisulfite". At the heart of this medication, as in "Vikasol", is water-soluble vitamin K (synthetic).

The drug "Vikasol" is produced by several Russian enterprises: Irbit HFZ, Moshimfarmpreparaty, Biosintez. In addition, the sale can be found "Vikasol", released in Ukraine.

Despite the fact that the drug is free (without a prescription) sold in pharmacies, it should be used only on the advice of a doctor.

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