The drug "Tardiferon": reviews, instructions for use

Iron preparations are a group of drugsMeans that contain complexes or salts of tri- and divalent iron. Typically, such medications are used to prevent and treat anemia (iron deficiency).

gyno tardifiron reviews

The most popular preparation of iron is "Tardiferon". Instructions for use, reviews, properties and contraindications for this product are provided below.

Description, form, packaging, composition

What elements does the drug contain?"Tardiferon"? The reviews report that this medication includes a one and a half-hydrated ferrous sulfate, as well as additional components such as triethyl citrate, ascorbic acid, anhydrous mucoproteosis, hydrogenated castor oil, potato starch, talcum, povidone and others.

The considered means goes on sale inform of prolonged action tablets. They are covered with a white sugar shell, have a biconvex shape, and also a smooth and even surface. This medicine is produced in blisters and packs of cardboard.

It should also be noted that the sale can bemeet and a similar drug, called "Gino Tardiferon." The doctors say that in addition to iron sulfate, the composition of this remedy includes folic acid.

Features of the drug

What is Tardiferon? The reviews indicate that this is a stimulant of hemopoiesis.

As is known, iron occupies a special place inmolecules of hemoglobin and is responsible for hemopoiesis. Elimination of impaired hematopoiesis by this remedy is due to the replenishment of iron deficiency in the human body.

tardiferon during pregnancy reviews

By the way, such an additional substance asascorbic acid, greatly increases the digestibility of this element (up to four times). With regard to mucoproteosis, it improves the tolerability of the active ingredient.

What properties are inherent in the drug "GinoTardiferon "? Reviews of pregnant women report that such a remedy is very often prescribed by a doctor because of the presence of folic acid in it. As is known, this component takes an active part in the maturation of megaloblasts, the formation of normoblasts, the synthesis of nucleic acids, choline metabolism, pyrimidines, amino acids and purines. When carrying the fetus, folic acid protects the mother's body from the effects of teratogenic factors, contributing to the normal development of the baby and the laying of his organs.

Kinetic parameters

Are Tardiferon tablets absorbed? Instructions for use, reviews suggest that this medication has a prolonged effect. Mucoproteosis increases the bioavailability of ferrous ions, and also promotes its gradual release in the small intestine.

The peak concentration of this drug in the blood is recorded after 7 hours. At the same time, the iron content is maintained at a high level for quite a long time.

The bioavailability of the drug is 5-35%.

Absorption of the active substance directly depends on the iron stores in each specific organism. This element goes to the reserve in the form of ferritin. It is excreted together with feces, then with urine.

tardifiron user's manual


The drug "Gino Tardiferon" in pregnancy(reviews about it are presented below) is used very often. Also, this combination medicine is used to treat and prevent anemia (iron deficiency), caused by the following reasons:

  • inadequate and irregular nutrition;
  • abundant and prolonged bleeding;
  • lactation;
  • disturbed process of absorption of iron in the digestive tract.


When should you not prescribe Tardiferon tablets? The reviews indicate that this remedy is contraindicated when:

  • hemosiderosis, impaired iron excretion, at the age of up to 6 years;
  • pigment cirrhosis, sidero-anhalemic anemia, bleeding;
  • individual hypersensitivity, thalassemia;
  • aplastic and lead anemia;
  • B12-deficiency anemia, stomach resection, peptic ulcer.

Instructions for use

How should I use the drug in question? Tablets are consumed during or after a meal, washed down with water.

gyno tardifiron during pregnancy reviews

According to the instructions, the effectiveness of this drug is significantly reduced when chewing and breaking it.

Admission of this medication is allowed for children from 6 yearsin a dosage of 1 tablet a day. To children from 10 years, and also to adult patients the drug is prescribed for 1-2 tablets per day. The course of treatment with this drug should be continued until iron in the human body is filled (for example, 3-6 months).

Method of application of the drug "Gino Tardiferon" in pregnancy

Reviews report that the drug withfolic acid is for women in the state. This drug is recommended to take from the fourth month of pregnancy for 1 tablet every day for 10-12 weeks.

Adverse Events

The agent in question rarely causesnegative reactions. Against the background of its reception, it is possible to develop allergies, especially in diseases that are accompanied by impaired excretion and absorption of iron.

The following side effects were also recorded:

  • vomiting;
  • loss of appetite;
  • a feeling of nausea;
  • constipation;
  • diarrhea.

tardifiron reviews of pregnant women

Special Recommendations

The drug should be used only as prescribed by the doctor. Before starting taking the tablets, the serum iron and ferritin levels should be analyzed.

According to experts, the use of thismedication can cause staining of the feces in black. Also, remember that regular consumption of milk, tea and eggs reduces the effectiveness of this drug.

A simple carbohydrate is included in the tablet shell. This should be taken into account when they are prescribed to people with intolerance to fructose and glucose.

The drug "Tardiferon": reviews of pregnant and ordinary consumers

According to the instructions, this medication is allowed toreception during the bearing of the child. With severe anemia with iron deficiency, tissue hypoxia develops not only in the fetus, but also in the mother. This leads to negative consequences.

According to pregnant women, this means positively affects their overall health and development of the fetus.

To the merits of the drug "Gino Tardiferon"also include the fact that it contains folic acid. As you know, the lack of this element in the mother's body increases teratogenic risk, worsens the predictions of pregnancy and disrupts the development of the baby. That is why this drug is most often prescribed to women in the situation.

gyno tardiferon reviews of pregnant women

As for ordinary patients, they alsoleave only positive reviews about Tardiferon. According to their opinion, such a medicine quickly replenishes the lack of iron in the body, which eliminates all the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia.

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