Where to do Diaskintest in St. Petersburg? The main indications for

Today we have to figure out where to makeDiaskintest in St. Petersburg. In addition, it is necessary to understand all the features of this procedure. In Russia, such testing has appeared relatively recently, not everyone knows about it yet. Next, we will talk about all the features of Diaskintest. What it is? When and how is it conducted? What contraindications and consequences can there be? And where in St. Petersburg is it offered to use this method of diagnosis? What do people say about this procedure? To understand all this in reality is not so difficult. Especially if you carefully study all the relevant information about Diaskintest. Only in this way can 100% understand for yourself whether it is worth giving preference to such a process.


More and more often citizens think wheredo Diaskintest. In St. Petersburg or any other city - it's not so important. The main thing is that the population became interested in this method of diagnosis. Hence, it is useful. But why? What kind of process is this?

where to make a diaskintest in St. Petersburg

Diaskintest is nothing more than a modernmethod of diagnosing tuberculosis. An analogue of the Mantoux reaction, which is considered less dangerous. In Russia, the procedure began slowly replacing the old ways of diagnosing tuberculosis in children.

Accordingly, Diaskintest is mainlyapplies to minors. It is held as a fee, and for free. But where exactly? And what should every parent know about this procedure before agreeing to it?

Substitution Mantoux

Where to do Diaskintest in St. Petersburg? The reaction of Mantoux in Russia was done in all medical institutions of the country. And for a fee, and for free. And what about the new method of diagnosing tuberculosis?

Before being interested in specificthe institutions conducting the study under study need to fully understand how and when, and with what consequences and contraindications Diaskintest is conducted.

For the patient, the procedure is not much different fromMantoux reaction. A special reagent is inserted into the child's arm between the wrist and the elbow. More precisely, proteins that respond to tuberculosis. This is the main difference from Mantoux. The vaccine is administered subcutaneously, without getting into the blood. And this pleases many parents who do not want to introduce a variety of drugs into the child's body.


It is not yet time to accurately determine the place,where to do Diaskintest in St. Petersburg. Diagnosis of tuberculosis is an important procedure. It is carried out in children and adults. A new technique for determining the disease has several advantages. Which ones?

dyskintest where to make in St. Petersburg

Vaccine manufacturers, as well as some citizens, note the following positive aspects of Diaskintest:

  • subcutaneous, and not intravenous or intramuscular injection;
  • accuracy of diagnosis;
  • quick result;
  • helps determine the effectiveness of treatment for tuberculosis.

It is also worth noting that the procedure is available. Find a place where to do Diaskintest in St. Petersburg, it will not be difficult. How often is this study required? And what else should citizens know about the procedure?

Frequency of

It has already been said that Diaskintest is a substitute for the Mantoux reaction. But it is not entirely clear how often this research is required. What norms and rules exist regarding this issue?

In an ideal Diaskintest is held every 12 months. In the same way as the Mantoux reaction. For the first time a child can make a similar test in 1 year. Next, you have to go through the procedure every year.

Repeated studies are also sometimes prescribed,but with some interruption. Indications in this area are exactly the same as in the Mantoux case. More precisely, since the last vaccination should not take less than 1 month.


Many are interested in where to do Diaskintest inSt. Petersburg. Before you register for this procedure, you should pay attention to the fact that she has some contraindications. The result will be inaccurate if you do not follow the established rules and recommendations. Also, in the presence of contraindications, negative consequences are not excluded.

where to make a diaskintest in St. Petersburg and its application

To abstain from Diaskintest is required if:

  • the patient is sick;
  • more than a month has passed since the previous vaccination or illness;
  • with individual intolerance to the components of the vaccine;
  • there are skin diseases;
  • the child is prone to allergies;
  • epilepsy takes place;
  • there are acute chronic or infectious diseases in the child.

Accordingly, testing is requiredonly healthy children. The other is not given. A distinctive feature is also the fact that Diaskintest can be performed together with the Mantou reaction. Just injections are done in different hands.

Side effects

Where to do Diaskintest in St. Petersburg? Diagnosis of a disease called tuberculosis is an important annual process. Therefore, parents are interested in what places and clinics you can use a new technique for determining the presence of disease in the body in a child.

Do not rush to "vaccination". Before it is recommended to read the list of side effects that a child may encounter. Only then each parent will be able to weigh all the pros and cons of testing.

The manufacturer of the vaccine assures that Diaksintest does not have any significant side effects. But in a number of cases the following phenomena can be observed:

  • weakness in the body;
  • tearfulness;
  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • temperature increase;
  • dizziness.

Such a reaction should not cause panic orfears. Effects are the norm on the introduction of protein into the human body. It is recommended to consult a doctor only in case of serious deterioration of the child's health. For example, at a very high temperature.

where to make a diaskintest in the St. Petersburg Mantoux reaction

About the results

Most parents are wondering where to makeDiaskintest in St. Petersburg, and its application in Russia - is also an important issue. It should be noted that special attention is paid to such a feature as the evaluation of the results given.

After the introduction of the protein will have to wait 72 hours. Only in this situation will the result be as accurate as possible. When assessing before or after the due date, you can not perceive the data as 100%.

How are Diaskintest results interpreted? Ideally, if there is no tuberculosis at the injection site, there is no reaction. Sometimes there is a trace of the inserted needle. There may be a slight redness near the injection site. In rare cases, a bruise is formed. But no more than 2 millimeters. Do not be scared if a colorless seal appeared at the injection site up to 10 millimeters in diameter. This is also a normal reaction, the citizen is healthy.

If there is a tuberculosis infection,certain phenomena. More precisely, a large red or pink region forms in the area of ​​the injection. Also, papules of different sizes may appear. This means that there is tuberculosis in the body.

Sometimes for a number of reasons there isfalse positive result of Diaskintest. But this is a relatively rare phenomenon. In this case it is recommended to repeat the test after a while. In order to exclude false positive results, as a rule, people are put Mantoux and Diaskintest at the same time, but, as already said, on different hands. Nothing difficult or special.

What not to do

From now on it is clear that in realityrepresents Diaskintest. Where to make it in St. Petersburg on a paid or free basis? This will be discussed later. But initially citizens should know how to care for the place of injection. This is necessary to ensure that the result is maximally informative.

There are a number of prohibitions that will have to be respected. What can not be done after vaccination with Diaskintest?

where to make a diaskintest in St. Petersburg can I do at the clinic

For today it is impossible:

  • scratch the injection site;
  • glue the area into which the needle was inserted, patch or bandage;
  • To smear a place of a nyxis by any creams and ointments;
  • apply cosmetic and perfumery means to the area.

But you can moisten your hand during the modern diagnosis of tuberculosis. This is a huge advantage over the Mantoux reaction. Especially when it comes to carrying out tests in children.

Where to go

Clearly, this is Diaskintest. Where to make in St. Petersburg paid or free of charge? If, after all that has been said, it was decided to go to a medical facility for diagnosis, you should carefully choose an organization that will help determine the presence of tuberculosis in a person through Diaskintest.

In fact, there are a lot of places. And in all cities, not necessarily in St. Petersburg. But where to make Diaskintest in St. Petersburg? To date, such a diagnosis is performed:

  • in pre-school and school organizations;
  • in public medical institutions;
  • in private clinics.

Accordingly, parents of schoolchildren andpreschoolers who attend kindergartens, as a rule, do not need to look for a place for testing. On a certain day it's enough just to give your consent to Diaskintest. And directly in the school / preschool institution will be performed the procedure being studied. The rule applies to all establishments in the region. After all, as already mentioned, Mantou replaces Diaskintest.

Where to do the procedure in the SPb for adults andchildren, whose parents refused to "vaccinate" in schools / gardens? All is very simple: it is enough to apply either to the polyclinic at the place of residence of the child, or to a private medical organization. There on a free or paid basis will do Diaskintest. Problems arise in people who prefer paid medicine - not all children's clinics in St. Petersburg today are conducting the study.

Where can I do Diaskintest in St. Petersburg? Free, as a rule, you can contact the following organizations:

  • anti-tuberculosis dispensaries (to any branch);
  • city ​​dispensaries of the tuberculosis type;
  • Children's Hospital of John of Kronstadt;
  • children's infectious diseases hospital;
  • St. Petersburg Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology.

Accordingly, citizens can easilyon a free-of-charge basis to address in the listed establishments and to spend diagnostics of a tuberculosis. Also it is suggested to come to the doctor with a request to the polyclinic to which this or that inhabitant of St. Petersburg is attached. Such institutions also carry out Diaskintest. The rule applies to both children's and adult institutions.

where to make a diaskintest in spb reviews

Partially it is already clear where to make Diaskintest inSt. Petersburg. Reviews indicate that parents of minors are most often recommended to contact private clinics for any vaccination. And a healthy population treats TB dispensaries with some kind of fear.

As already mentioned, to find a private clinic,where this research is carried out, it is not so simple yet. Fortunately, Diaskintest is purchased by private medical institutions more and more. This means that very soon find a place where to do Diaskintest in St. Petersburg will not be difficult.

You can pay for research in the clinic"EMC". More detailed information is recommended to be specified in each medical private center in person. After all, if you ask citizens, where to do Diaskintest in St. Petersburg, the Internet user will receive an answer from the category "At the tuberculosis clinic or research institute". That is, people do not spread too much about which private medical organizations conduct the test in adults and children.

Results and conclusions

What conclusions can be drawn from allThe foregoing? Now it is clear where to do Diaskintest in St. Petersburg. Is it possible to do this research in a private clinic? Yes, but I'll have to try hard to find an organization that bought the vaccine.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the procedureis not a vaccination. This is the most common shot. It does not infect the body with cells of tuberculosis. So, it is a safe method of diagnosing the disease.

Nevertheless, some parents do not carerefuse such a procedure. Diaskintest, if desired, can be substituted for the Mantoux reaction, as well as for TB-SPOT. It should be noted that old methods of diagnosing tuberculosis are trying to exclude all over Russia.

Reviews about the procedure are left different. Some parents say that Diaskintest sometimes makes mistakes. But, as already mentioned, no one is immune from this situation. The main thing is that the test really helps citizens find tuberculosis cells as soon as possible and with maximum security.

where to make a diaskintest in spb diagnosis of tuberculosis

Some parents say that many childrenDiaskintest does not have any allergic reaction, although it was on Mantoux. Therefore, it is customary to assure the safety of the injection and the diagnostic method in general. There are also those who are skeptical of such an innovation. For such people, as already mentioned, they came up with a special blood test for TB-SPOT. He replaces Diaskintest, but only a limited number of clinics provide such a service.

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