Microcytosis - what is it? At what diseases can microcytosis be observed?

No man can exist without blood. It performs many functions, it nourishes the entire body, its organs with oxygen, important substances. It includes:

  • thrombocytes;
  • erythrocytes;
  • white blood cells.

When a general blood test is done, it is calculatedthe number of these components, the concentration of hemoglobin. Before it is carried out, it is better for a person not to eat food. This diagnosis can detect various diseases, changes in the body.

Erythrocytes in a smear

Of all the existing tests, there is a smear. He is often taken to learn about the health status of the female reproductive system. Further it is processed by an experienced specialist who uses a microscope for this. After this, the doctor can see the presence of bacteria or other parasites. To pass a smear, you must adhere to several training rules:

  • you should exclude sex for several days;
  • it is best to do this analysis on the 4th day after menstruation;
  • before that, do not use a cream or a candle.

With the help of the analysis, microcytosis can be detected. Erythrocytes should be no more than two cells, otherwise you can think about violations in the body.

microcytosis what is it?
The number of these bodies becomes larger when ywomen menstruation period. Depending on where the analysis is taken, it is possible to judge the appearance of a disease characterized by the excess of these bodies, namely microcytosis of erythrocytes. The reasons that caused such violations are different. For example, when the analysis is taken from the urethra, and there is an excess of these bodies, this may indicate the presence of stones in the urinary tract, tumor, traumatic urethritis.

If the tests are taken from the cervical canal, after which the excess of red blood cells was detected, then in this case one should be concerned, since, possibly, inflammation or erosion of the cervix.

What is microcytosis?

In medicine, the term "microcytosis" exists. What it is? This is called an excess of erythrocytes in a blood smear, but they do not have large dimensions (about 5-6.5 microns).

The reasons for this deviation are the presence of pathologies such as hereditary spherocytosis, iron deficiency anemia with microcytosis, and thalassemia.

hypochromia microcytosis what is it
If a blood test is done, microcytosis wasrevealed, then do not hesitate. This could have been congenital. Bright examples are lead poisoning or thalassemia. And in such cases, red blood cells have a special appearance, since in the center you can see a more saturated area. When sickle-cell anemia is observed, the bodies become sickle-shaped.

Erythrocytes should be 0.2-1.2% of blood. They constantly appear in the body, as they are produced by the bone marrow. And their low number also indicates that the bone marrow does not function normally.

Microcytosis: a scientific definition

Experts tell about microcytosis, what is itsuch is the deviation when there are 30-50% of the blood in the blood. If these bodies are of different sizes, then this phenomenon is called anisocytosis.

But what happens when there is microcytosis? What it is? It all starts with a mutation in the veins, because of this, the encoding of membrane proteins occurs. And after all, they are included in the cytoskeleton of erythrocytes. After that, water can easily penetrate into the microcite. This leads to the fact that the double concavity disappears, the vessels are poorly supplied with glucose, and the erythrocyte membrane increases fragmentation. This can lead to phagocytosis or lysis.

What is hypochromia?

There is a medical term for "hypochromia of microcytosis". What it is? This diagnosis can be heard only when a person undergoes research in the laboratory.

blood test microcytosis

After this, a specialist can identify a drawbackhemoglobin in erythrocytes, which characterizes this disease. In addition, during the study, the color and shape of red blood cells are observed. When there is hypochromia, they become lighter in the center, and closer to the edge noticeably darken.

There are such kinds of this disease:

  • iron-saturated hypochromia;
  • Iron-deficiency anemia;
  • mixed type.

All of them lead to the development of microcytosis. What is it is already mentioned.

Iron-deficiency anemia

microcytosis of erythrocytes

Through such changes in the blood may appeariron deficiency anemia, microcytosis. This is a change caused by a lack of iron in the body. It was estimated that about 15-25% of the weak and only 2% of the stronger sex suffer from this problem. This is due to frequent blood loss, and the gastrointestinal tract works in a limited manner, because of which iron is poorly absorbed.

In the body of a healthy adult person, iron should be 4 g. But every day the amount decreases, as it is lost through the discharge of urine, sweat.

A large amount of this useful and important element is found in meat and liver, so it is recommended to use these foods more often.

Everyday use of iron depends on various factors, including: age, individual characteristics, pregnancy.

Causes of iron deficiency anemia

anemia of microcytosis

This disease can develop because of chronicblood loss, even if iron is absorbed well. Because of this, this pathology most often affects women. Also suffer from pregnancy after childbirth, which are accompanied by a large loss of blood.

Affect the appearance of this disease can pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, for example gastritis, duodenitis. But the very shortage of iron is able to participate in the development of these diseases.

The main causes of the development of iron deficiency anemia, followed by microcytosis:

  1. Chronic blood loss, which leads to gastric ulcer, tumors, helminthic invasion, hemorrhoids, gastritis, hemangioma, hemoglobinuria and other diseases.
  2. The body needs an increased amount of iron, for example, during pregnancy or when a person grows.
  3. Iron is poorly absorbed.

It is necessary to monitor such deviations. In addition, what is microcytosis in the blood, should be interested in the presence of iron, which it can cause.

Symptoms of microcytosis

As it was revealed, microcytosis can be manifested under the influence of various factors. Basically, due to these deviations, the following signs may appear:

microcytosis of erythrocyte causes

  • begins to feel dizzy;
  • weakness is felt;
  • the face becomes paler;
  • there is shortness of breath;
  • the heart can beat more often;
  • annoy various little things.

When such symptoms are manifested, it is better not to thinklong about what kind of disease is manifested. Most likely, it is iron deficiency anemia or hypochromia microcytosis. What is it and how it affects the body, it is better to ask the doctor. In such situations, immediate diagnosis and proper treatment are required.


We can not say about a specific treatment, because it depends on what causes caused changes in the number of red blood cells.

When a person has caused bleeding thispathology, then you should start fighting it. There are various conservative methods for this, and surgical intervention can also help. Sometimes the culprit can be the pathology of the digestive tract, then you need to start treating it. When a woman carries a fetus, she is advised to take medicines that contain iron.

what is microcytosis in the blood

Sometimes changes in blood can be caused by,that a person is not an absolutely healthy way of life, and the food that he uses, is harmful to him. For example, the lack of hemoglobin can be filled with the use of meat products.

In any case, a person who hasmicrocytosis, it is recommended to take medications that will nourish his body with iron. In some severe cases, it is administered intravenously. In addition to this element, the patient needs vitamins and erythrocyte mass.

In any case, do not try on your ownTo correct a situation, it is better to address to the doctor. He is able to determine the true cause of microcytosis with the help of laboratory tests, and then decide which treatment will be most effective in a particular situation.

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