Privolzhsky District Medical Center: photos and reviews

Privolzhsky district medical center (further ontext - POMC) was opened in 2001. Today, it is a multi-disciplinary healthcare institution, one of the most high-tech and modern complexes in Nizhny Novgorod. Today we learn what the structure of this institution is, what kind of help it provides, and what people think about this medical institution.

Privolzhsky District Medical Center

Structure of the POMC

Privolzhsky district medical center, the photo of which is presented in this article, consists of the following subdivisions:

- Hospital No. 1. It is located at: ul. Ilinskaya, 14.

- Hospital № 2. Address: st. Goncharova, 1d.

- Hospital No. 3. Location: st. Marshal Voronov, 20a.

- Hospital № 4. Address: st. Tropinina, 41a.

- Polyclinic No. 1 is located on the Nizhnevolzhskaya embankment, 2.

- Polyclinics № 2 (dental) and № 3. Location: st. Marshal Voronov, 20a.

- Polyclinic № 4. Address: st. Tropinina, 41a.

- Polyclinic № 5. Address: Oka Congress, 2а.

Privolzhsky District Medical Center reviews

Stationary surgical help

Each hospital of the Privolzhsky District Medical Center provides assistance to people within the walls of their institution in the following areas:

- Surgery, oncology. The liver and kidney transplantation is performed; surgical treatment of bile ducts, tumoral and inflammatory diseases of the pancreas is performed. Medical punctures and drainage of the bile ducts are performed. Perform operations on the abdominal cavity, etc.

- Urology. In stationary conditions, various problems with kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate are treated. Laparoscopic operations are performed. Malignant tumors on the male genital organs are removed.

- Transplantology. Consultative reception is conducted, a stationary examination before putting on the waiting list for a kidney or liver transplant operation.

- X-ray surgery. Removal of foreign bodies from the heart cavity, vessels, etc. is performed.

- Colonoproctology. Resection of the rectum or colon is done. Operations on the colon and in the perineum are performed, and tumors and polyps are removed. Specialists eliminate fistulas, cracks in the rectum, etc.

- Gynecology. The following measures are carried out: surgical treatment of a tumor of the uterus or its appendages; treatment of problems with fallopian tubes and ovaries. Operations are performed in connection with anomalies in the development of the genitals. Plastic surgery on the external genitalia and vagina is carried out. Specialists treat the problem of miscarriage.

- Reproduction. ECO and ICSI programs are conducted for couples wishing to have a child.

- Otorhinolaryngology. Surgery is performed to treat patients with purulent otitis media, rhinosinusitis, various forms of hearing loss.

- Ophthalmology. Surgical care for getting rid of cataracts, glaucoma; laser treatment of myopia.

- Neurosurgery. Areas of work: the elimination of herniated intervertebral discs in the lumbar, cervical, disc prosthetics, telosubstitution operations on the vertebrae, etc.

- Plastic surgery. Operations are performed to correct the ears (ear loss, a decrease in the auricle), nose, chest, abdomen, hips and buttocks. Different types of liposuction. There are operations on the face: lifting, wrinkle elimination, correction of the lips, eyebrows, etc.

Volga Regional Medical Center

Reviews of people about the surgical profile of the institution

All specialists who conduct operationalInterventions on various human organs receive only positive assessments of people. Nizhny Novgorod Privolzhsky District Medical Center, judging by the opinions of patients, is the best clinic in Nizhny Novgorod. Women and men are just flattering about the surgeons conducting operations, about the successful implementation of surgical interventions. Doctors of hospitals are people who treat patients with care and attention. They are sick for each of their patients. And the operations are carried out at the European level: qualitatively, quickly and without side effects. In a word, surgeons in all four hospitals are excellent specialists.

Nizhny Novgorod Privolzhsky District Medical Center

Therapeutic profile

Federal budgetary health care institution(FBUZ) "Privolzhsky District Medical Center" includes not only inpatient surgical care, but also therapeutic in such areas:

- Cardiology. Diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm disturbances and blood clotting are carried out. Pharmacotherapy is prescribed and physical rehabilitation programs are selected for ischemic heart disease, hypertension.

- Psychotherapy. In hospital, doctors help a person get rid of stress, increased irritability, aggressiveness, insomnia, depression, absent-mindedness, anxiety, phobias, etc. In the hospital group forms of work are widely used, methods of relaxation psychotherapy are created.

- Nephrology. Kidney research is under way. Various infections of the urinary tract, including pyelonephritis, are treated. Also in the department of nephrology patients are prepared for hemodialysis.

- Neurology. Here vascular diseases of the nervous system are treated, neurological complications of the spine (scoliosis, osteochondrosis, kyphosis, etc.). Also, doctors help cope with the consequences of craniocerebral injuries, get rid of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, tremor, etc. Methods of treatment of the neurological department: massage, medical gymnastics, physiotherapy, skeletal spinal traction, use of special medicamental blockades, etc.

фурз Privolzhsky District Medical Center

Positive feedback from people about the work of therapeutic physicians

On the Internet you can find different responsespatients who underwent inpatient treatment within the walls of the hospitals of this medical center. Patients who were satisfied with the work of the staff of this institution, note such positive points:

- Professionalism. People write that doctors are all wonderful, they are experienced, polite, attentive. Such specialists are not afraid to trust their health and life.

- Quality of services provided. People write that doctors of this center help to get rid of various diseases forever. And often it is this district center that remains the last place where patients are treated.

- Excellent awareness. Patients write that they have not yet met such doctors who consult so thoroughly, inform patients about carrying out various manipulations. Experts inform about the benefits and possible risks after a certain therapy.

- Comfort and comfort in the wards. And in the cardiological, and in the neurological and other departments of hospitals, daily cleaned, washed. Attitudes towards patients are excellent.

Polyclinic of the Privolzhsky District Medical Center

Negative feedback on the work of therapeutic physicians

Unfortunately, the Privolzhsky District Medical CenterCenter reviews have not only flattering, but also disapproving. Some people write that doctors sometimes forget to go to them in the ward, and the work and attitude of nurses leaves much to be desired. The patients note that the food in this center is delayed, and the linen never change, garbage is not thrown away.

Hospital of the Privolzhsky District Medical Center

Polyclinics center

They are only 5 pieces. Each polyclinic of the Privolzhsky District Medical Center has the following staff:

- Therapist;

- Cardiologist;

- Surgeon;

- ENT;

- ophthalmologist;

- neurologist;

- Physiotherapist;

- dermatovenereologist;

- the gynecologist;

- Endocrinologist.

In these outpatient facilities, various types of surveys are conducted:

- X-ray: fluorography, radiography.

- Ultrasound of the heart, thyroid, abdominal organs, mammary glands, bladder, prostate, scrotum, etc.

- Functional diagnostics: daily check of arterial pressure, electrocardiogram, etc.

Reviews about the work of polyclinics

As in other similar medical institutions,there are both positive and negative evaluations. Some people write that queues in polyclinics are large, others note that this is not so. Some patients say that doctors need to improve their skills, while others believe that the Privolzhsky District Medical Center is the best institution in the city where real professionals work. How many people, so many opinions. But it is important that in each clinic of this center there is a newest equipment for diagnosing various diseases, as well as a pleasant home atmosphere created by the staff of the institution.


Privolzhsky district medical center - largea healthcare institution that includes 5 polyclinics and 4 hospitals. Thousands of people from Nizhny Novgorod and other cities of Russia come here daily. The work of doctors is mostly people are satisfied. Although there is a small percentage of patients who believe that there are other, more reliable and proven medical centers.

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