Why are the spots on the skin flaking?

Our skin is considered beautiful only whenon it there are no rashes, specks, acne. When the spots on the skin are flaky, it gives a lot of grief to their owner, even if they do not cause physical discomfort. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, we will analyze only the main ones.

the spots on the skin are scaly
Pink lichen

The disease occurs after a viral orstreptococcal infection. At first, one "mother" spot is noticeable, and a week later there are already a lot of them. The spots on the skin are scaly, have a pink color, in their center there may be yellowing and folded scales. The periphery of the element is free from peeling. The disease passes on its own in a month, but in the period of rashes it is better to abandon the tight or frail body of clothing. It should not and often swim, this leads to a deterioration in the condition.

Scaly spots on the legs may appear aftercarrying out of local procedures - hair removal, trays with medicinal plants, application of various cosmetic and medical products. Predisposed to rashes on the lower limbs are people who have varicose veins.


The disease is more often inherited, butcan appear and in the absence of rashes at the next of kin. It is provoked by the development of the transferred viral infections, severe nervous shocks, and the use of medications. With psoriasis red spots on the skin are shelled, they are copiously covered with whitish scales. If the formation is slightly scraped, there is a pinpoint bleeding, under the scales a bright pink surface is exposed. The disease can progress and proceed for a long time. At first, only a few spots appear, but as time goes by, their number increases, they can merge and form plaques.

Allergic dermatitis

Often there are rashes after a person's contactwith chemical substances - washing powders, insecticides, cosmetic creams, hair dye, deodorant. At the beginning, the picture resembles eczema: a red spot forms on the surface of the skin, small bubbles on it, they can then be opened. If the allergy is not so severe, the wetting surface does not appear. The spots on the skin are scaly, very itchy, there are crusts and small scales on their surface. Initially, rashes appear at the site of skin contact with the allergen, but then they are able to spread throughout the body. Dermatitis can be a manifestation of food allergy, if a person ate a dangerous product for him (chocolate, eggs, nuts, citrus fruits).

flaking patches on the legs

Fungal skin lesions

There is infection on contact with strangersitems of personal hygiene, for example, when using shoes, towels, gloves, sponges, bed linen. The rash is more often localized on the lower extremities, between the toes, in the inguinal folds. The spots on the skin are husked, bubbles appear, filled with unclear contents, the skin on these areas exfoliates layers. Then these phenomena pass, but the fungus continues to exist in the deep layers of the dermis. However, after the use of special drugs, the disease quickly recedes.

red spots on the skin are scaly
If the skin is very dry, there may be peeling after taking a shower or bath. In this case, the patient needs to establish nutrition, stop dieting, and use vitamins A and E.

As can be seen, the causes of the appearance of peelingrashes are quite numerous. If you do not take measures, this condition will progress. After all, the purity of the skin speaks about the general well-being of the body, so if any rashes appear on it, one should pay attention to one's own health.

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