Plaster ZB Prostatic Navel Plasters: reviews about efficiency and price

Your man suffers from frequent urge tourination? He refuses to be intimate, because he has pain in the scrotum? Or maybe he has a worse problem - he became impotent? How to help your beloved get rid of these urological troubles? A special Chinese plaster can come to the aid, which you need to glue on the navel. According to the manufacturer, this miracle drug eliminates impotence, pain in the scrotum and other problems. Today we learn what ZB Prostatic Navel Plasters are. Reviews about them from patients and doctors will also be considered. And we will determine how to properly use this Chinese patch, as well as what composition it has.

prostatic navel plaster

Indications for use

Plaster Prostatic Navel Plaster is assigned to men with such problems as:

- Frequent urination.

Pain in the scrotum.

- Nephrite.

- Renal failure.

- Impotence.

- Sore throat.

zb prostatic navel plasters reviews

How to use it correctly?

Plaster Prostatic Navel Plaster is operated according to the following scheme:

  1. Rinse the stomach with warm water.
  2. Remove the adhesive from the package and paste it on the navel.
  3. Keep such a medical sticker on the skin you need no more than 72 hours. After their expiration, remove the patch and rinse the stomach with water.
  4. After a day, the manipulation must be repeated.

The course of therapy should leave at least 6 piecesplasters. And, by the way, one course is also indispensable, to achieve an excellent result, you need to repeat the manipulation 2 or 3 times for 6 or more procedures.

zb prostatic navel plaster price


Plaster ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster is a unique preparation, where the main ingredients are such plant components as:

- Asian plantain.

- Two-toothed gem.

- Colorful safflower.

- Cinnamon.

- Chinese girchovnik.

- Camphor Bornean.

- Doubtful crib.

How do Chinese pads work?

Plasters ZB Prostatic Navel Plasters is a productfrom the Middle Kingdom. It is the Chinese healers who claim that there is a special method of therapy when the medicine is superimposed on the navel area, where all the energy channels are concentrated, thus, the treatment is more effective. Such a plaster under the influence of body temperature begins to slowly heat up and release substances that seep through the skin into the blood. As a result, there is a continuous flow of all elements of the agent to the pathological zones and their further therapeutic effect.

prostatic navel plasters reviews

Positive feedback from people

Plasters ZB Prostatic Navel Plasters reviews havemostly positive. However, you need to filter out these responses, because often they are placed directly on the sites where the goods are sold. And this, as everyone knows, can only say that the owner of the Internet resource himself orders such reviews. Whatever it was, real feedback about the effectiveness of this Chinese patch can be found, although there are very few of them. So, on independent resources, that is, where this tool is not sold, and people only communicate with each other, one can read that some patients think about it.

Some men advise purchasing thisChinese goods, because it really helped them cope with urological problems. Those patients who have experienced the action of the plaster on their own, write that it is necessary to apply this healing sticker correctly in order to achieve the result. So, it is necessary to glue it on clean skin, while it is desirable to steam out the navel area so that the medicinal elements subsequently pass into the bloodstream faster. Also, men say that in no case should not remove the band-aid, even if it brings some inconvenience. After all, then the effectiveness of this drug will be reduced. And men write that you need to use this Chinese medicine for a long time, with whole courses - only then you can hope for the result.

prostatic navel plasters price

Negative feedback from people

Plasters ZB Prostatic Navel Plasters reviews havenot only flattering, but also disapproving. True, it is very difficult to find them. In general, there is approving information about these Chinese products. And then, such positive feedback can be fake, written specifically to entice a trusting buyer. Those people who purchased plasters ZB Prostatic Navel Plasters on the Internet, and even with a decent discount, regretted their decision. After all, as it turned out, these therapeutic ostraches do not have any therapeutic effect. Men note that this is the most common cosmetic band-aid, containing absolutely no medicinal components. Therefore, the therapeutic effect of the stronger sex did not wait.

Mistakes of naive buyers

Not accidentally, patches ZB Prostatic Navel Plasters reviews have a negative nature. After all, most of these Chinese products sold in our market are dummy.

The main omission of people is that they believeadvertising, beautiful description on the site, where such a plaster is sold. But, unfortunately, not always what is written will be in fact. Very often unscrupulous sellers mislead desperate patients, and those are guided by their tricks and agree to buy a band-aid even at the highest price. And if a person finds out the cost, and it seems to him too high, then in the course of communication the seller will do everything possible to not lose the trustful client from the hands. He simply makes a discount on the goods, and the customer is led to such a bait. But you can not do this categorically. If you are offered to purchase a patch in 2 or 3 times cheaper, compared to the original cost, it means that you want to fool. In this case, you should break off the contact with the seller and no longer refer to this site, and on the forums, in addition, and describe the situation that happened to you. After all, if people share such similar excesses among themselves, then the number of scams will decrease.

plaster zb prostatic navel plaster

Responses of doctors

Doctors are also ambiguous about the application ofplasters Prostatic Navel Plasters. Reviews of specialists in this regard are different. Some doctors say that the composition of this Chinese product is really curative, so it can have a therapeutic effect on the patient. Others assure that there were never any useful plant components in this preparation, and in general, that this remedy is a real props. To understand the situation and understand whether this Chinese patch is really a fake or whether it still has a right to exist, it is necessary to check the authenticity of the drug. The original plaster can not be sold at a price of 100 rubles. It must also contain the manufacturer's logo. Of course, the composition, date of production and expiration date - all this should also be noted.

zb prostatic navel plasters

In general, to protect themselves from the acquisitionfakes, it is better to buy a plaster in China itself (if there is such an opportunity) or in a licensed pharmacy. Already in the extreme case, you can go for help with the Internet and look for the official website of the manufacturer. Although it will be very difficult to do this.

Plaster ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster: price

The cost of these Chinese medical stickers canbe different. So, on one site the price of a plaster (1 piece) can reach up to 1 thousand rubles. At the same time on another Internet resource the cost of 3 pieces will be about 450 rubles. It turns out that the difference in price is very high. And this is not the limit. You can find a band-aid and at a price of 80 rubles per 1 piece. However, a person should know that too low a price, of course, does not guarantee the quality of the goods. Although too high a cost does not promise a purchase of the original. The fact is that scammers, in order to quickly seize large amounts, place this site on the sites and put a decent value on it. Although in the end it turns out that the goods are of poor quality. The cost of the original plaster can range from 300 to 400 rubles apiece. If the price is higher or lower than this limit, then you need to think about it. After all, getting on the bait of unscrupulous sellers is very easy.


Now you know the basic information aboutplasters Prostatic Navel Plasters. The price of these Chinese goods, testimony to the appointment, the rules of use were given above. You realized that people have different attitudes to such Chinese medicinal labels: they helped someone cure urological problems, and for someone they became ordinary dummies. This is an explanation, because on the Internet for the most part are selling false patches, which are very difficult to distinguish from the original. Therefore, if you decide to purchase such a healing Chinese sticker, you need to find the official website of the manufacturer or buy the product at the pharmacy.

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