Medicinal product "Kipferon". Instructions

Medication "Kipferon" instructiondescribes as a combination of a complex immunobiological preparation and recombinant human interferon alpha-2, which contains immunoglobulins of 3 main classes - M, G, A.

In one suppository of this interferoncontains not less than five hundred thousand IU, sixty milligrams of complex immunoglobulin dry preparation, and also auxiliary substances such as paraffin, fat and emulsifier T2.

In one cell outline there are ten candles. In a cardboard bundle - one package.

The preparation "Kipferon", the instruction informs,produces antichlamydia, antibacterial, antiviral and immunomodulating effect. The effect is carried out in the extracellular and intracellular environment of the body. The drug has a direct effect directly on the causative agent of the disease and stimulates the mechanisms of general and local immunity.

Kipferon medication, instructionnotes, has a high protein content, which ensures maximum stability of the action of interferon in the presence of aggressive factors of secretions of mucous and secretions in the foci of lesions of the skin or mucous membranes.

The pharmaceutical preparation in question is shownwith urogenital chlamydia in women, including dysbacteriosis in the vagina, vulvovaginitis, cervicitis, cervical erosion, together with the traditional prescription of antibiotics. In addition, the "Kipferon" medication recommends the use of the medication for the treatment of nonspecific inflammatory diseases, herpes, viral and bacterial intestinal infections in children and adults, frequent inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, recurrent bronchitis, pneumonia, viral hepatitis A, B, C in children, and also in the period of preparation for planned surgical interventions (gynecological).

Contraindications to the use of the drug is notis established. The drug "Kipferon" (candles) during pregnancy (in the third trimester) is not forbidden to use. During the period of treatment with this medication, there is no need to stop natural feeding.

Instructions for use. Dosing regimen

Drug in questionis used both rectally and intravaginally. Install, as a rule, one or two suppositories twice a day. The average course of treatment is ten days, it can be prolonged according to the recommendations of a specialist. Therapy should be started immediately after the completion of another menstruation. Before the procedure of administration, it is necessary to clear the mucus of the uterine membrane and the vagina.

Kipferon (candles) forchildren, parents' feedback is confirmed, it is quite effective in treating such ailments as chlamydial vulvovaginitis, chlamydial infection in the urinary tract, respiratory chlamydia.

For the treatment of viral hepatitis A, B and C, smallpatients under seven years of age are given the drug in the anus (one candle is 2 times per day). Children from eight to eleven - three suppositories a day; over twelve - four. The duration of therapy is (on average) fourteen days. In the case of a prolonged course of the disease, it can be prolonged to three to four weeks.

Rectally, this preparation is also used in the case ofintestinal infections in pediatric patients, and in preparation for gynecological and other operations (to prevent complications of an infectious nature).

There are no side effects at this time.

Shelf life is twelve months.

The drug is approved for sale without a prescription.

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