The drug "Afobazol". Side effects and overdose

Afobazol is a modern soothinga drug that alleviates anxiety and stress. According to the instructions for use, during the administration of the drug "Afobazol" side effects are observed mainly in the manifestation of allergic reactions. This is caused by individual sensitivity to the components of the drug, so it does not occur to everyone.

In most cases, the use of this drugcharacterized by soft impact. This is connected with the fact that the agent Afobazol side effects, which are inherent in most other tranquilizers, are absent. Of course, different reactions can occur in different patients. Some may, for example, have a calming effect only after several days of intake. In others, there is an improvement in the condition at the beginning of treatment, but habituation also occurs quickly, as a result of which the drug becomes useless, since it does not work.

In some cases, there areof the drug "Afobazol" side effects of the following character: irritability and anxiety, rather than stop, on the contrary, is amplified. Some immediately stop taking it, others notice that by the end of the first week of taking the drug, the symptoms of stress abruptly subside.

A number of instructions to the tool describe suchside effects like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In practice, these phenomena are very rare. Also, the instructions for use of the drug "Afobazol" does not mention a violation of concentration and drowsiness. At the same time on the Internet there are reviews about the presence of such effects.

If you adhere to the tactics of treatment,recommended by the doctor, if the dosage is observed in accordance with the instructions for use during the administration of the drug Afobazol, an overdose does not occur. However, if overdose and intoxication do occur, increased drowsiness develops in the absence of muscle relaxation, there is a sedative effect. For emergency care, you need to use medicinal caffeine (not coffee). Introduce this tool with a 20% solution of 1 ml subcutaneously two or three times a day. In particularly difficult cases, it is recommended, of course, to call an ambulance.

Contraindication of the combination with alcohol -it significantly increases the side effects that occur when the drug "Afobazol" is taken, as well as the negative consequences of an overdose. This is because both the drug "Afobazol" and alcohol have a depressing effect on the central nervous system. However, if the drug itself is non-toxic, then through alcohol it has a toxic direct effect on nerve cells.

For different patients, the drugAfobazol can have a variety of effects. And yet, according to the results of the majority of clinical studies, during the therapy with the drug "Afobazol" side effects, negatively affecting the physical state and cognitive sphere, were not revealed. It can be assumed that the various negative effects that arise on the background of admission, not indicated in the instructions, arise due to self-administration.

Although the drug "Afobazol" and affects thethe central nervous system is relatively mild, it can only be taken after a doctor's consultation. He also regulates both the duration of the course of treatment, and the dosage of the drug, and also controls the reception, because each case is individual. If in the course of treatment with this drug there is an increase in the side effects described in the manual, as well as other side effects, you should contact your doctor to review the course of treatment.

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