Comfrey Comfrey: description, composition, application for joints, recipes, reviews

Comfrey officinalis is a unique plant,which treats fractures, abrasions and dislocations, accelerates the regeneration of tissues, has an anti-inflammatory and protective effect on the skin. Ointment from the plant can be easily purchased at the pharmacy or cooked independently at home.

Comfrey officinalis - description

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale L.), comes from Asia and Europe. It is a perennial plant growing from a thick, fleshy root system that can penetrate deep into the earth in search of moisture and nutrients. The most useful properties of the herb are the ability to reduce pain, eliminate inflammation, strengthen the immune system, stimulate regeneration and strengthen bones, treat the skin, prevent the development of tumors and improve respiratory health. Because of this, grass is widely used in folk and non-traditional medicine, although there are some contraindications to its use.

description of the grass

Comfrey medicinal grows mainly innorthern part of Europe, and the height of the mature plant, as a rule, reaches 120-150 cm. The largest leaves are in the lower part of the bush, their size decreases towards the top of the plant. They are oval in shape, with sharp tips. The leaves are arranged alternately along the stem. The whole plant is covered with short hairs, which give a feeling of rigidity when touched with it. All its parts, if damaged, secrete mucous juice.

Depending on the variety, comfreymedicinal has flowers of white, purple or blue hue. They resemble a bell shape, 1 - 2 cm long. After flowering, form a capsule containing four seeds. Due to its attractive appearance, the plant is suitable for decorating gardens and parks.

Collection and drying

In folk medicine, both leaves androots comfrey medicinal. However, it is believed that the root has stronger medicinal properties. The best time to collect leaves is the flowering period. After their collection is recommended drying in the sun, in places with good air circulation.

comfrey root

It is recommended to dig roots in the early spring, whenThe shoots come out of the ground, or in the fall, after the first frost. After digging, they should be cleaned and cut into thin slices. After drying, the plant should be stored in an airtight container.

The main nutrients in the plant

Comfrey Composition includes:

  • allantoin, alkaloids, choline, tannins, saponins, asparagine, inulin, resins, phenolic acids and protein;
  • vitamins of group B, A, C and E;
  • microelements - calcium, potassium, phosphorus, chromium, copper, cobalt, iron, manganese, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, boron, molybdenum, zinc.

Of particular note is the allantoin -is formed from uric acid, in the roots of plants. Allantoin affects the formation of connective tissue, which accelerates the healing of wounds. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, soothes irritations, accelerates skin regeneration, softens and smooths it, alleviates the symptoms of psoriasis, helps with ulcers, protects against the formation of pressure sores and sunburn.

Skin Benefits

benefit for the skin

Ointment from comfrey due to high contentantioxidant components, as well as vitamin C, is a miracle cure for wound healing. The remedy helps to remove foreign substances from the body and activates the production of collagen.

Cosmetics based on comfrey oilcan be used on the face and skin of the whole body, since they have a strengthening effect. Therefore, this plant is a component of serum for the face, eyes, as well as lotions and ointments, which have not only a stimulating and warming effect, but effectively help to fight cellulite. Cosmetic products with comfrey reduce wrinkles and stimulate microcirculation of the skin. After their application, the skin becomes more radiant, moisturized, fresh, and the signs of its aging diminish.

Comfrey for growth and regeneration of bones

ointment from the window for bone regeneration

Comfrey medicinal can help to speed upthe healing process of broken bones, as well as other physical injuries. This plant is high in calcium, which is a key component of growth and regeneration of the musculoskeletal system. For this purpose, it can be applied directly to the skin or in the form of a compress, thereby greatly accelerating the healing. The plant is suitable for restoring damaged muscles.

Anti-inflammatory effect of the plant

Comfrey is a natural anti-inflammatorymeans, since it contains various organic compounds, such as saponins and tannins. In folk medicine, there are many ways of using comfrey medicinal for joints in the stage of inflammation. Tincture and ointment from the plant are used in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism.

Ointment from the plant is recommended for chronicpain in the body or during recovery after surgery. The use of an ointment with an extract of a plant can quickly soothe the pain, especially when other means are unavailable. Very often, drugs from the herb are recommended for many diseases of the spine.

Comfrey and its expectorant effect

It is known that comfrey should not be usedorally, but even inhaling its odor or rubbing into the skin of the chest can act as an effective expectorant. Traditional medicine recommends the use of this plant for inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Comfrey and strengthening of the immune system

An extremely important component of the comfrey isvitamin C, which in the body allows you to stimulate the production of white blood cells. They represent the first line of defense of the body's immune system. Due to this, the plant can be used to protect and treat many diseases, mainly associated with weakening and exhaustion of the body.

Comfrey with varicose veins

In traditional medicine, useful propertiescomfrey medicinal is used in the case of varicose veins. It softens inflammation, swelling and pain. Currently, it is possible to meet Russian medicines based on comfrey extract, intended for the treatment of venous inflammation.

How to apply the plant?

How to apply the plant

Reviews of comfrey medicinal and information abouthow to apply the plant, can be found on forums dedicated to folk medicine, as well as in our article. The comfrey root should not be used internally - it contains alkaloids that are toxic to the liver. The plant should be used externally, best as a tincture or ointment. You can also combine a teaspoon of ground root with a few drops of boiled water and a tablespoon of olive oil. Thus, the resulting gruel must be applied to a sore spot (wound, place of pain), wrapped with linen material, covered with a towel and bandaged.

The tincture of comfrey

Tincture of comfrey medicinal is consideredfirst of all, for joints and muscles, inflamed skin, internal organs and respiratory system. For its preparation, only the root of the plant and alcohol (70%) will be needed. 1 - 2 of the root of the comfrey should be thoroughly washed and chopped finely enough, then covered in a clean bottle. Then you need to pour all the alcohol and leave in a sunny place for 2 weeks.

The tincture can be used only for outdoor usegoals, and for a short period of time. Oral administration can lead to serious health problems. Tincture is most often used in case of bruises and joint pains, as well as rheumatic diseases.



In a pan put 1-2 teaspoons driedherbs. Pour 500 ml of water, bring to a boil and cook for 10-15 minutes. Then let it brew under the lid and drain. So, the resulting broth is applied externally in the form of compresses in case of injuries, bruises, abrasions, sprains, pains, etc.


ointment from the grass

For the use of comfrey medicinal forjoints must be prepared from the plant ointment. For this, the cleared and dried root (about 6 pieces) of the grass needs to be chopped (cut, passed through a coffee grinder). Prepared raw materials need to be sprinkled with alcohol 40% (about 200 ml per 500 ml comfrey) and after half an hour, pour glycerin (500 ml). The remedy obtained in this way should be insisted for a month, and then it can be filtered. To get the ointment, you need to mix it on a water bath with a base fat - it can be goose, as well as Shea Butter or Vaseline Cosmetic.

Ointment with comfrey is an effective and safe alternative to ointments with diclofenac and oral analgesics.

Oil with comfrey

For cooking oil with comfrey medicinalonly a few ingredients are required. To cook the macerated, you need to take about 25 g of dried root plants, 100 ml of vegetable oil (best olive, but also suitable for almond oil, hemp).

First it is necessary to grind the root in a coffee grinder,to obtain a consistency of fine powder. This is important, because only in this form will he give away his most valuable substances. The pre-prepared amount of the selected oil must be poured into a saucepan and heated over low heat, making sure that the temperature is not too high (should not exceed 50 ° C, since cold-pressed oils lose many valuable properties under its influence). Warm oil and ground powder should be combined in a jar and mixed thoroughly. Then the container should be left for 2 weeks in a shaded place and mixed daily with its contents. After this time, the oil with comfrey should be filtered and stored in a dark, cool place. The product is suitable for use for several months (the use of olive oil as a component extends this period to a year).

Comfrey oil is an effective remedy forsciatica, as well as many other neurological diseases. It is best to rub a small amount directly into the sore spot 3 times a day. After this, apply a bandage and leave it for 3 hours.

Cautions and side effects

Detection in the Comfrey of Alkaloidspyrrolizidine influenced the change in views regarding its therapeutic values. In many countries, a decision has been made about the need for great care when applying it. As a result of the research it was proved that pyrrolizidine alkaloids can have high toxicity for the organism, especially when they are taken orally. Prolonged use of them can actually lead to a gradual damage to the liver, as well as the proliferation of tissue in the bile ducts. It is assumed that prolonged exposure to pyrrolizidine alkaloids can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.

As a consequence of this, changes were made to medicalrecipes with comfrey medicinal. In many Western countries, oral preparations with a plant are not used, while funds with comfrey for external use are still allowed.


Many positive reviews about medicinesfunds from the comfrey can be found on the Internet. People who have painful joints and athletes who often suffer injuries and bruises report health benefits of the plant. All of them note that medications with comfrey help to quickly get rid of pain, edema and restore the motor activity of the joints in a short time.

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