Meals when exercising in the gym: tasty and healthy

The gym is the place of work on your body. Each has its own goals and wishes, it depends on them how to eat during training. However, the basis for all is one.

Fundamentals of proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is necessary not only for weight loss or weight gain, but also simply for the recovery of the body.

products for proper nutrition

Principles of healthy eating:

- refusal of food debris;

- fractional frequent meals;

- a sufficient number of calories for the normal functioning of the body;

- eating a lot of vegetables and fruits;

- the use of healthy fats;

- the use of a sufficient number of slow carbohydrates;

- vitamins.

tasty and healthy

Doctors recommend using morevegetables and fruits of local origin - the world is arranged so that all the most useful for the body grows in its native area. Overseas products are worth eating limitedly, like delicacies, and not as the basis of nutrition.

Proper nutrition and sport

Once these factors work insufficiently, without a comprehensive approach, one can not reach the goal at all. Only by combining proper nutrition and sport, you can achieve the desired results.

proper nutrition and sport

It is very important to know that a healthy diet is notonly the restriction of sweet, flour, semi-finished products. The main thing is the lack of a large deficit of calories and a good ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates in the diet. There are applications for calculating the number of calories consumed, broken down into nutrients. The minimum number of calories for an average person is 1300 kcal, of which proteins are 100 g, fats are 60 g, carbohydrates are 300 g. When practicing sports, their number increases to 1800.

A healthy diet and a gym are not capable ofonly to give a dream figure, but also to preserve beauty and youth for a long time. Physical activity contributes to the release of hormones that improve physical and mental health, but this is impossible without proper nutrition. If you want to lose weight, the number of calories decreases, with the buildup of muscle mass - increases.

Features of nutrition during cardio training

Cardio is used to increase the endurance of the body and to lose weight. Can be conducted on a single day or after a strength training.

diet and exercise room

There is a myth that morning cardio is moreeffective for fat burning, but experiments have not proved this. Striving for a quick result can have a negative impact on health. Hungry cardio is not recommended because of the high stress on the heart and the burning of muscle mass along with fat. To avoid muscle loss in the morning, 2-3 egg whites or 6 capsules of BCA are recommended.

If training for endurance, it requires the use of fast carbohydrates. It can be a geyner, banana or juice, or a cocktail of all three products.

If the goal is weight loss, after training it is worthdrink protein or eat a couple of proteins. This is due to the significant energy consumption and the need to restore it. Eating - in an hour. If there is no need to lose weight, there is no restriction in the use of carbohydrates after exercise (which does not mean uncontrolled eating of sweets).

Power features for strength training

Strength training requires compulsory admissionslow carbohydrates 2 hours before the session. Protein is also necessary for muscle maintenance, protein intake is recommended before and after training. Rapid carbohydrates after training contribute to a good growth of muscles. Even for those who lose weight, their consumption is necessary immediately after training.

meals when exercising in the gym

Meals when exercising in the gym shouldbe full and balanced. It depends on it whether the expected result will be achieved or not. If you disregard the post-exercise meal, you can get a deplorable result: due to lack of nutrition, the body will split its own muscles. First of all muscles, only then fat.

Before going to bed, it is important to use slow proteins to maintain and restore muscle mass. It can be cottage cheese or casein. Cottage cheese should not be fat-free, you need a normal fat content of 5%.

Water in sports

The use of water is very important in sports. Dehydration is dangerous to health, it threatens with long quality training.

The rate of drinking water is 1-2 liters per day. During the workout, about 1 liter of water evaporates and is released from the sweat for an hour. Replenishment of the water-salt balance of the body is necessary for comfortable well-being and for less fatigue. It is proved that with the use of water during training, the occupation lasts longer and the result is more effective. If during the training it is necessary to drink only a few sips, then you can fill the entire amount of liquid spent.

During long intensive occupations, it is permissiblethe use of water with honey to preserve the endurance of the body. On sale there is a drink for athletes with additional minerals and additives. It can be used with long cardio for endurance, and with short for weight loss. There is no sugar in it. Before buying, you should carefully read the composition.

Food for proper nutrition

Absolutely all natural products are suitable for proper nutrition with moderate or limited consumption. Below is a pyramid of a healthy diet.

diet table

Sources of fast proteins are meat, eggprotein. Slow - cottage cheese. Vegetable proteins (they are slow carbohydrates) - legumes. Also it's all cereals, pasta from hard varieties. Fast carbohydrates are fruits. Fats - fatty fish, vegetable oil, nuts. Fresh vegetables - fiber, in boiled form it is a fast carbohydrate, the use of which should be limited.

how to eat when training

All these products must be consumed daily, then the body will be healthy and young. And no depression and fatigue are not terrible, if such meals when exercising in the gym.

Day regimen and nutrition of a healthy person

Imagine an approximate diet. A table of the day's schedule with meals in this will help.

timeactproduct% Daily Value
7amawakening, easy charging or cardioBCA or proteins-
8:00 AMbreakfastcarbohydrates + proteins35%
11:00snackprotein for weight loss / fruit for a healthy diet10%
1:00 pmdinnercarbohydrates + proteins + vegetables25%
3pmsnackprotein for weight loss / fruits, nuts for a healthy diet10%
6pmdinnerprotein + vegetables for weight loss / carbohydrates + protein + vegetables before training10%
8pmtrainingafter - protein-
9pmthe second dinnercottage cheese with slimming / protein + carbohydrates + vegetables when typing10%
11pmsleepcasein when typing-

Recipes of useful, simple dishes without heat treatment

Food for proper nutrition is veryvarious, of them you can cook anything. Banana marinated chicken breast with fresh vegetables in thin lavash - a very tasty and healthy snack. There are more interesting recipes for useful dishes, allowing to eat delicious and useful.

Carbohydrate bar for snack after training. To dry the oatmeal in a frying pan (100 g), add a spoonful of honey, 2 tbsp. l. cocoa, 2 tbsp. l. dried fruit (previously shredded blender). Mix everything and form a bar. It will well replace high-carbohydrate sports nutrition when exercising in the gym.

Souffle from whipped with sugar substitute proteins. 4 proteins are beaten, dissolved gelatin is gradually added. The mass pours into the mold and is placed in the refrigerator. After 2 hours you can take out the souffle, cover with melted natural chocolate, crushed nuts. Such a simple dessert will preserve the figure and will please with an excellent taste. To take a fancy with sugar substitutes it is not necessary, their use is admissible only in extreme cases. It is better to consume carbohydrate foods, then you do not want sugar.

Sweets for evening tea drinking. You will need: cottage cheese, cocoa, nuts, sweetener. Everything is mixed and cooled in the refrigerator. In the mass you can add fiber, which makes the recipe even more useful. Instead of cocoa, you can let the flavored protein with your favorite taste. Such an evening dessert will affect the figure positively.

Useful pastries

homebaked bread

Home useful bread is simply necessary for people,watching their health. Its composition: fiber, rye bran, 1/4 of rye flour, favorite spices, a little butter, yeast, salt. Mix everything, give the dough to rise, put it in a mold. It is baked in the oven over a small fire for an hour. Useful fresh bread is ready.

Pumpkin-curd cake. Ingredients: cottage cheese - 200 g, pumpkin - 500 g, eggs - 4 pcs., Pumpkin seeds, sugar substitute to taste. All is ground with a blender (except for seeds), laid out in a mold and baked in an oven at a temperature of 2000C for an hour. Having pulled out the form, it is necessary to give the cake to cool well, only then cut and lay out of the mold. It is very light and gentle.

Meals when exercising in the gym should notbe poor, otherwise weakness, depression, illness are possible. While doing sports, do not forget the importance of a proper diet. Only by eating tasty and useful, you can achieve the desired results and not quit all halfway.

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