Plastic surgeon Blokhin: biography and scientific works

Beautiful wants to be each, but sometimes justhands drop. When, after a long feeding, the chest hangs. When the corners of the eyes are sadly lowered, a mournful crease appears on the forehead. When the "rescue" fat circle is firmly established around the waist. Then the exit seems only a miracle. This miracle is given to his patients by the plastic surgeon Blokhin, an original and original person, but a professional in the full sense of the word.

Master scalpel

In Petrozavodsk in 1960, a man was born,who through the years made life easier for hundreds of his patients. This plastic surgeon Blokhin Sergey Nikolaevich. He is known as a doctor of medical sciences, a professor and one of those who was at the forefront of Russian plastic surgery. Blokhin is the vice-president of the organization "National Scientific Mammological Society". He founded the leading Center for Plastic Surgery and was the first in the Union to perform a breast lift and reconstructive breast plastic after mastectomy.

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Already these facts are enough to remember the namesuch a person, but plastic surgeon Blokhin - a real perfectionist, who does not stop there. Each operation is a call, which he meets in full readiness. He is focused on the result and works without rose-colored glasses. This approach to the case allows him to clearly understand the possible achievements and stages of a long way.

From personal biography

Sergey Nikolaevich was born in Karelia to a familydoctors. His mother, Nina Stepanovna, is an otolaryngologist, and her father, Nikolai Zakharovich, is a military doctor. So fate was predetermined. In 1986, Blokhin graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and from the following year began to deal with surgery. More than 20 years the leading specialist of the NN Blokhin Cancer Center is the plastic surgeon Sergey N. Blokhin. In 1992, he overcame one more stage of personal development and defended his thesis for breast reconstruction, and in 2000 it was time for a doctoral dissertation on reconstructive plastic surgery in breast surgery.

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Blokhin is a plastic surgeon who can notbe second. He is only the first, only the best. He became a pioneer in the endoprosthesis replacement of mammary glands and received a patent for a method of surgical treatment of breast cancer. Free time for this man almost never happens, since outside the work he writes scientific articles on a favorite topic, and they are published both in Russia and abroad. Blokhin published more than 50 scientific articles and 4 monographs on reconstructive plastic surgery. Not surprisingly, such a person has become the author of many patented techniques for mammoplasty and surgery.

Pilgrimage to the "golden hands"

Plastic surgeon Blokhin Sergey Nikolaevich forOver the course of his many years of practice, he conducted more than 25,000 operations! They come to him with the last hope and faith in his skill, wonderful hands and a skilful, experienced look. Blokhin's clinic is addressed by women who have lost faith in themselves and have missed their youth. They want to adjust the forms, get rid of the annoying features of their appearance, remove the sagging skin.

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Patients can see for themselves thatBlokhin's clinic uses only the most modern equipment, and the work itself follows the latest techniques in surgery and cosmetology. This allows to guarantee an excellent result and quick rehabilitation. Sergei Nikolayevich is not confined to one country. He underwent an internship in Brazil and founded a plastic surgery clinic with a partner.

What's in the "menu"?

Professor Blokhin is a plastic surgeon with a widerange of services offered. His main professional quality is his ability to locate himself. At the same time, he does not curry favor and does not try to please, but rather, clearly and even slightly gloomy draws prospects and focuses attention on possible risks. A qualitative operation will cost decently, so that customers immediately understand that serious people are working here, who are determined to work out the money received.

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Intimate plastic in his clinic starts from the pricein 75 thousand rubles. Liposuction will cost cheaper - from 25,000 and above. Further on the rise in prices goes the plasticity of the eyelids. Although this is a difficult, but small work, the prices for which "dance" from 80 thousand and up. Procedures associated with the plasticity of the abdomen, face, buttocks and chest, are estimated in six-figure amounts.

His talents

Blokhin became a media plastic surgeon, whentook part in the TV project "The Formula of Beauty". Simultaneously, he managed to lead the department of "NIKE-MED", where under his auspices are comprehended the science of potential plastic surgeons and consultants. In 2010, the doctor presented the world with the development of a technique for accelerated breast augmentation endoscopically with access through the armpit. This method allowed to reduce the operation time to 40 minutes.

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Achievements of the doctor appreciated allthe world, because, in addition to Moscow, he accepts patients in Germany and Cyprus. According to Blokhin himself, plastic surgery is an opportunity to bring people happiness and realize their dreams and desires. After the operation, patients begin to live anew, simply forgetting about the former complexes and inconveniences. Surgical intervention does not become a reason for refusing anything. On the contrary, a good surgeon gives a positive charge and helps to forget about his shortcomings. For Blokhin, the main advantage of the profession is the opportunity to help people rejoice.

What do they say?

A huge number of clients are looking for thisspecialist, like Blokhin. The plastic surgeon appreciates the reviews, since they greatly help with the search for potential clients. But, in fact, Blokhin does not need advertising. He is successful and self-sufficient, and therefore knows his own worth. In his clinic it is not so easy to achieve reception, as the seats are crammed for several months ahead. Most clients leave reviews in the area of ​​mammoplasty.

Girls call Blokhin an outstanding surgeon. Breasts are an important element of women's attractiveness. But time is ruthless, and often the bust loses its shape, elasticity and beauty. Sergei Nikolaevich appears in such situations as a magician, a kind magician, capable of moving his hand to fix everything. There are no too difficult patients for him. Clients note the fact that Blokhin is always open for his visitors. He respects every person, but he speaks directly about possible problems and shortcomings. He warns about the rehabilitation period and even exaggerates a little when describing.

Are there any downsides?

Is Blokhin not too good? The plastic surgeon also has negative reviews, but they can be conditionally divided into those that are tied to the personality of Blokhin and his specific work. Many are irritated by the surgeon's strong charisma, his heavy gaze and animal magnetism. Blokhin is a very bright man, but peculiar. Feels in it is something otherworldly, as if he possesses supernatural powers.

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Is such a person capable of good deeds? Someone from the visitors is confused just by the appearance of the doctor and his directness. He will not empathize and perform the role of a psychologist, but does his job competently. Some visitors of the clinic say that Blokhin is a good surgeon, but not the best plastic, that is, he does not need to go for beauty, but no one can challenge the skill of a doctor. That is, he is more of a reconstructive surgeon, not a plastic surgeon.

Questions from another field

Many clients leave Blokhin not only withnew appearance, but also with questions about whether Sergei Blokhin is alone? A plastic surgeon whose personal life is under the veil attracts a lot of attention. And he does not hurry to open the audience, as he takes care of his private life and respects his own. Should such a person have his secret?

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