Rehabilitation of alcoholics: program, centers

Alcoholism is what? Disease or debauchery? Everyone thinks differently. It turns out that both are right. When alcoholism occurs as a painful pathological change, so is the wrong way of life. Alcohol dependent people are not capable of social interaction, they lose their professional and simple everyday skills. Help in coping with these problems can be in rehabilitation centers.

The origin of social rehabilitation of alcoholics

In the nineties of XX century in different regionsRussia began to open the first rehabilitation centers. Just at this time among the young people, the use of narcotic drugs and alcoholic beverages increased. The centers were opened by people with addiction, and their relatives.

rehabilitation of alcoholics
They tried to cope on their ownproblems, merging into groups. Evangelical churches came to Russia to help people in trouble. They made voluntary donations and taught the center's employees the principles of the legislative framework in the nonprofit sector. Rehabilitation centers that were established established contacts with various public organizations, sought charity funds and developed productively.

Selecting the center

Experts assure that patients with alcoholismThey are quickly restored when assistance is provided in places sufficiently remote from permanent residence. When choosing a center, you need to pay attention to the following:

  1. Qualification of doctors and attendants. Recovery of patients occurs much faster when they are engaged in professionals who know their business well.
  2. Comfort of stay. A well-organized way of life, comfortable living conditions do not distract the patient from the main activities intended to restore health and personality.
  3. Treatment is free or paid. Often people who suffer from alcoholism do not have enough money to pay for the rehabilitation services they provide. You can recover free of charge in the rehabilitation centers for alcoholics organized in churches.

Rehabilitation course

To treat alcohol dependence, a whole complex of measures is necessary to bring the patient back to normal life.

rehabilitation of alcoholics and drug addicts
The rehabilitation course consists of three main areas:

  • Health recovery. When alcoholism is a violation of the work of the entire human body, there are diseases of certain organs. Only in rehabilitation medical centers, drug treatment units and clinics can you improve your health and pass coding to prevent relapse.
  • Psychological help. The psychologist helps the patient to start a new life without alcohol: to put new goals, to solve the problems on a sober head, to discover all sorts of talents, to find new sources for getting pleasure.
  • Social adaptation. A person who has undergone a course of rehabilitation of alcoholics needs help in finding a job or studying. He needs to change the circle of communication, learn to get along with others, to revive the reputation. Support and assistance of family and close people plays an important role.

What do rehab centers do

Completely cure the patient of alcoholism ismeans to achieve an absolute refusal to drink alcohol. It is necessary to teach a person to overcome problems and different conflict situations without alcohol. Doctors of rehabilitation centers just conduct etiotropic treatment, with the help of which the cause of the disease is eliminated. Only by eliminating the cause, you can return the alcoholic to a normal life. These issues are dealt with and rehabilitation centers for alcoholics.

The most famous rehabilitation programs

There are many methods and programs for treating alcoholism, the most famous are the following:

  • The 12 Steps program is considered the most effectiveand is used in many rehabilitation centers. During the training, patients are trained to understand the problem of their condition, to overestimate the values ​​of life and behavior, to find the causes of dependence, and to learn how to gradually eliminate them, the ability to analyze, improve spiritual and personal growth, and ways of rehabilitation among others.
  • Alcoholics rehabilitation program by the method of Shichkoincludes a set of actions that are aimed at understanding the problem and getting rid of it, help to prevent relapse, to receive satisfaction from life. The program does not involve professionals and expensive drugs. It is performed by the patient independently, therefore, for successful consequences, a strong will of the person is needed.
  • Group psychotherapy. Dependent on alcohol people are grouped in groups of 10 to 25 people, the duration of the session is about one and a half hours.
    rehabilitation of alcoholics reviews
    Organized training of skills,meeting-collision under the guidance of a psychotherapist or professional psychologist. Like-minded people tell life situations, contact each other, supporting or condemning comrades. Classes provide an opportunity to look at yourself through the eyes of others, learn the answers to questions, stop denying the presence of the disease and figure out how to get rid of it.
  • Family psychotherapy is the youngesta technique used for the rehabilitation of alcoholics. It began to be used in the 1960s, and in Russia in the mid-1990s. Members of the alcoholic family always somehow influence it. Usually, relationships in them are far from ideal, so psychologists conduct sessions with close relatives of the patient. Their goal is to teach them to communicate in families, not to provoke a patient to drink alcohol, to introduce warm, benevolent relationships in relation to each other. Family psychotherapy has a positive effect on all family members.
  • Rehabilitation of alcoholics in the monastery. The focus of the Orthodox centers' programs is on improving the soul and body. Everyone should take part in the church life: attend worship services, listen to priest's lectures about the Christian way of life, engage in physical labor and attend a gym for health promotion. Orthodox centers are a closed system. Usually, for rehabilitation, people move there for a long period. Change of environment and control have a positive effect on the acquisition of new habits. After completing the course, the patient is supported for some time morally. Orthodox rehabilitation of alcoholics is completely free.
  • Acupuncture relaxes and cures the bodyalcoholic: increases blood flow, improves metabolic processes, relieves headache. This procedure is not contraindicated for any patient. The qualified specialists give a good result.

What is rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of alcoholics and drug addictsis the gradual return to the person of common sense, the desire to live without alcohol and drugs. This is a rather lengthy process. Drug and alcohol addiction causes irreversible processes, if not started on time. None of the patients with alcoholism and drug addiction consider themselves dependent and thinks that at any time they can stop using chemicals.

How Rehabilitation Works

Denial of the problem does not allow to understand the personthe whole seriousness of the situation and find salvation. Rehabilitation of alcoholics in narcology, as abbreviated as the narcological dispensary, is an opportunity to stop a person's physical need for alcohol and drugs, cleanse the body of chemistry. Breaking off, physical health is improving, but this is only the beginning of a return to life.

the inception of social rehabilitation of alcoholics
The next step is to identify the reasonsillness, analyze its development, stop taking drugs or alcohol, move away from the old circle of communication. It is important to observe the diet and rest, the order of the work day. During the rehabilitation period, an individual approach of the psychologist to the patient is also necessary. Every patient should work on himself, and doctors, drug experts, psychotherapists, psychologists and consultants are obliged to provide the necessary assistance. At the same time, certain work should be done with relatives to create a healthy atmosphere in the family. The subsequent adaptation teaches the received knowledge to apply in vital situations and not to return to former life.

Avoiding illusions

"Breaking the negation" is the main stagerehabilitation of alcoholics and drug addicts. Without solving this problem, further treatment is impossible. Experts believe that the complex of the listed measures will help patients to "dump pink glasses":

  • execution and analysis of tasks;
  • attending lectures;
  • participation in trainings;
  • group sessions and individually led by consultants;
  • speeches of former dependents;
  • various psychological methods;
  • cultural and educational activities.

rescue narcology rehabilitation of alcoholics
At this stage, patients must admit that they really are dependent on alcohol or drugs.

The recognition of impotence

The process of comprehension of ownimpotence. The patient must learn that without the help of outsiders, he can not cope with dependence. Then we need to understand the causes of alcoholism or drug addiction. To understand why the disease began, as it developed. Each patient should be individually observed by a psychologist, who watches how he applies the received knowledge in practice.

Formation of maturity

At the final stage of rehabilitation of alcoholicsformed a new attitude to a sober life and responsibility for recovery. Graduates of the center together with a psychologist and a consultant write an individual plan, where the entire sequence of actions is clearly spelled out. The ultimate goal of recovery is a complete change in the way people live.

Forced treatment

Alcoholism is a serious disorderand chronic patients often die. The most difficult thing is that people deny that they have a problem. Others are aware of attachment to alcohol, try to fight, but can not cope. They lose their jobs, their families, their health. Often the patient becomes inadequate, then his relatives are placed in the center for compulsory treatment.

compulsory rehabilitation of alcoholics
Forced rehabilitation of alcoholics is possible only in the following cases:

  1. White fever.
  2. The patient committed unlawful acts.
  3. The patient is inadequate, is in a condition that threatens his life.

In other cases, hospitalize forciblyalcoholic in any case impossible. For successful rehabilitation it is important that the patient has a desire to start a new life. Only detoxification of the body does not help an alcohol dependent person, long-term work of a doctor-psychotherapist, support of close people is needed. Otherwise, he will return to his addictions.

Rehabilitation of alcoholics: reviews

After completing the recovery course in one of the centers, the patients leave the following comments:

  • The center provided knowledge about why the problem of alcoholism arose, how to deal with cravings for alcohol, how to live with the problem in society.
  • Being on treatment, many views on life situations change.
  • Throughout the rehabilitation period, patients are observed by psychologists and consultants. If necessary, they provide assistance, answer questions, share experiences.
  • The patients help each other to recover. Lectures and trainings are held in the center.
  • After rehabilitation, life changed, calmness came, responsibility, understanding of the uselessness of alcohol. I wanted to live on a sober head.

Alcoholics Rehabilitation Center
Parents of children who have undergone rehabilitation,that in the centers give hope for recovery, change of life, salvation, faith in children, people and themselves. Thanks to the employees for the recovery of their children, for the help they received in education, for the good words and faith in the child, for their support in this situation. All the reviews contain words of gratitude for the help provided.

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