How to remove the papilloma? The most effective methods

Warts, papillomas, warts are skinthe benign neoplasms that many people face. Such outgrowths, although considered harmless, can bring a lot of inconvenience to a person's life. In addition, there is always the risk of complications. That is why many are interested in the question of how to remove the papilloma and what means modern medicine offers.

Papillomas on the skin and the causes of their formation

Is it dangerous to remove papillomas

The appearance of such neoplasms is associated withpenetration into the body of human papillomavirus. Infection can be carried out in different ways, for example, with sexual intercourse, close contact with an infected person, as well as through clothing and household items. But it is worth noting that infection with the virus does not necessarily lead to the appearance of skin papillomas. Activation of the disease is associated with a weakening of the immune defense.

Is it dangerous to remove papillomas?

As already mentioned, such dermalneoplasms are benign and more often than not do not pose a serious danger to the body. Nevertheless, it is impossible to remove them on their own, without first consulting a doctor.

First, there is a ripping or burning of the cutaneousan outgrowth, in its place can be formed open wound, which will be the gateway for bacterial or fungal infection. Often unskillful removal of papillomas leads to inflammation and suppuration of skin tissue.

Secondly, some forms of this virusare quite dangerous, since they increase the risk of malignant degeneration of cells and, accordingly, the development of cancer. Therefore, only a doctor can decide how to remove the papilloma and whether it should be done. After all, only with the help of analyzes and studies can confirm that the skin neoplasm is really benign and harmless.

How to remove the papilloma? The most effective methods

how to remove papilloma

Fortunately, medicine can offer a persona lot of methods for eliminating such skin defects. The choice in this case depends on the size of the papilloma, its location and, of course, the patient's financial capabilities.

  • Quite often, papillomas are used to removechemical substances that cauterize the tissues of the neoplasm. Such funds are available, and they can be purchased at any pharmacy. In addition, they are easy to apply even on their own.
  • Cryotherapy is another proven andreally effective technique. The essence of it - in the impact on the skin with liquid nitrogen, because under the influence of ultra-low temperatures warts tissues simply collapse.
  • Often patients are offered a procedure for surgical excision of the neoplasm.

Of course, all the above methods are effectiveand, at the same time, are accessible to almost every person. On the other hand, such means have one very significant drawback - often after the procedure on the skin there is a noticeable scar. But how to remove papillomas on the face or any other part of the body, where the appearance of scars is highly undesirable?

Fortunately, recent developments help to solve this problem. For example,

how to remove papillomas on the face
Laser therapy is used for polarity.The fact is that laser beams allow you to gently, layer by layer to eliminate the papilloma cells, without affecting the surrounding tissues. In addition, damaged capillaries are immediately cauterized and contact with blood and, accordingly, the probability of infection is reduced to zero.

There is also radio-wave therapy, electrocoagulation and other ways to get rid of tumors. But in any case, do not forget that it is the doctor who must determine how to remove the papilloma.

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