Means "Montavit" (gel). Description. Instructions

The drug "Montavit" (gel) refers to a group of drugs that regulate the organs of the reproductive and genitourinary system. The medication is issued in a disposable hygiene tube of 20 and 50 g.

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Description of action

Medivament "Montavit" (gel) - a remedysubstitution therapy. The drug helps to fill the deficiency of natural secretion, produced by the vaginal mucosa. If the function is insufficient, the vaginal walls are not sufficiently moistened. This leads to dryness of the mucosa and the formation of microcracks. In this regard, women have painful, unpleasant sensations. When using the drug "Montavit" (gel), the necessary moistening of the vaginal walls occurs. Due to the exceptional lubricating effect, the penetration of the penis during coition in the vagina is facilitated, burning, itching, discomfort, soreness and tension during sexual intercourse and intravaginal interventions are eliminated.

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The "Montavit" (gel) instruction manual recommendswith violations in the composition of the mucus of the vagina, or with a decrease in its production. These phenomena are typical for the menopausal period, after various surgical interventions on the ovaries and uterus. In young women, such problems arise, as a rule, in stressful situations. The medication is recommended for prevention of probable dryness of the vagina, prevention of difficulties, soreness or discomfort during penetration of the partner's sexual organ during coitus. The drug is effective for accelerating the healing and repair of the mucosa after intravaginal administration of instruments during interventions.

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Mode of application

The agent "Montavit" (gel) is used topically. Dosage and frequency of treatment of the vagina is determined personally according to the intensity of the manifestations. To prevent microdamages and dryness before gynecological manipulations, to improve the quality of sexual intercourse liniment in a small amount is applied to the vestibule of the vagina.

Contraindications and side effects

According to the manufacturer, the drug "Montavit"(gel) has no contraindications to use. The medicine does not provoke any negative consequences. Has no negative effect on the mucous membrane of the vagina and the penis partner.

Additional information about the medicine "Montavit" (gel). Analogs means

The drug is neutral, does not leave stains on the laundry,is washed off easily enough. There is no fat in the liniment, the medicine is well tolerated by women. When using the drug, there is no restriction in the use of barrier contraceptives. Experts warn that the medication is not a contraceptive. The agent "Montavit" (gel) is well compatible with water-soluble compounds, moreover, the preparation can be the basis for the delivery and distribution of substances in the mucosa. There are a lot of drugs with this effect today. For example, gel-grease "Ok", "Uslada", "Flutschi Original" and others.

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