How to get rid of papillomas and warts on different parts of the body

Until now, some believe that wartsappear, if you pick up a frog. But in the emergence of this disease are not guilty amphibians, and viruses are papillomas, which today are known for about a hundred species. There are among them very dangerous, causing severe diseases of the internal organs, including cancer. That's why it's so important to know where the warts come from.

The virus transmits papillomas in different ways, butalways from a sick person to a healthy person. Most often fall ill with those who have weakened immunity, increased sweating, there are mental disorders or wounds, cracks in the skin. You can get infected by direct contact through a handshake, kiss, during sex. Also get infected, using the things of a sick person, for example, shoes, gloves, a towel. You can catch the virus in public places, for example, in baths, in transport, in swimming pools. The disease is not immediately apparent, but after a few weeks and even months.

Papillomas are convex formationson the skin, rough to the touch, sometimes just unpleasant, sometimes very painful. They are endowed with the ability to expand and spread to neighboring sites. The most terrible thing is that they can degenerate into malignant formations. This occurs when the virus enters the skin cells and changes their genetically engineered fission program. Therefore, it is so important to know how to get rid of the papilloma correctly, that is, to destroy all the viruses fixed in the skin and to exclude the renewal of the disease.

There are formal and informal methodstreatment of warts, which are different depending on the location of the disease. Papilloma on the arms and legs of the official medicine is treated surgically and medically, with the use of various chemicals, ointments and solutions that include acids salicylic, retinoic, trichloroacetic and others. In the complex, injections of drugs that increase immunity are administered.

How to get rid of papillomas by surgicalmethods? To do this, laser exposure sessions are conducted. One of the ways is evaporation of diseased skin cells, or their coagulation. Laser treatment is virtually painless and does not leave scarring. Another method is cryodestruction, that is, the freezing of the wart by liquid nitrogen, the temperature of which is known to be about -200 degrees Celsius. Another method is the effect on the wart by currents of high frequency.

How to get rid of the papillomas on the genitals?I must say that men and women are equally infected. Papillomas on the genitals are also called genital warts. They are removed by various methods, but only after a medical examination, the delivery of tests, ultrasound. It is absolutely contraindicated in self-medication. Condylomata in women can cause cancer of the cervix, and in men - serious inflammation. Also in women, the connection between papillomas and breast cancer is proved. Remove them with the use of the American apparatus "Surgitron", laser, electrocoagulation, ozone and medicamentous. Which method is most acceptable - the doctor decides.

How to get rid of papillomas in the region of the posteriorpassage? This disease is very unpleasant and always accompanied by painful sensations, and sometimes bloody secretions. In addition, papillomas, or genital warts in the anus area become wet and cause an unpleasant odor. Without proper treatment, the disease can lead to rectal cancer. Treatment - medicamental or surgical.

How to get rid of papillomas folk methods?For this, many conspiracies are offered, as well as decoctions and alcoholic infusions of various plants. The most widely known tinctures of potato flowers, as well as fresh celandine juice, which need to be smeared with papilloma many times a day. Also apply a gruel made from fresh nettle or from raw potatoes, horseradish, rowan, garlic and many others. There is another ancient harmless way, which consists in wiping the wart with potatoes cut in half, and then burying it in a dry, infertile land. It is said that the wart will disappear as soon as the buried potatoes dry up.

Another way of our grandmothers is to tie as many knots on a black string as on a wart's body and bury this thread in a damp place. When she decays, the warts will disappear.

But all the same the main rule at treatment by a papilloma - timely reference to the doctor.

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