"Dolobien": instructions for use, indications and contraindications

From such injuries as bruises and sprains, notnobody is insured. They try to cope with their painful consequences in different ways. One way is to use a gel called "Dolobien", the instruction for use of which will be discussed in this article.

Operating principle

Gel refers to the drugs that possessanti-inflammatory, analgesic, antithrombotic and dermatoprotective properties. The composition of the drug includes three drugs: dimethyl sulfoxide, sodium heparin and dexpanthenol. Dimethyl sulfoxide easily and quickly penetrates through the skin, mucous membranes and membranes of microbes, relieves inflammation. Under its action, the other components of the preparation penetrate the body more deeply and quickly. Heparin sodium also has anti-inflammatory properties, helps dissolve microthrombi formed in the area of ​​the subcutaneous capillaries. Under its action, a more effective regeneration of connective tissue occurs, and local blood circulation improves. Dexpanthenol after penetration into the skin turns into pantothenic acid, which helps to repair damaged skin areas.

Indication and method of application

The drug "Dolobene" instructions for userecommends the use in the treatment of injuries such as hematomas, inflammation of the muscles, soft tissues, tendons. Also, the drug is prescribed for the repair of ligaments affected by bruises and diseases such as humeropathy periarthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, deforming osteoarthritis, acute neuralgia, sciatica.

Gel "Dolobien" instruction advises to apply toskin with a thin layer - on the damaged area or near it. The drug should be rubbed with the help of uniform and easy movements, not to allow it to get on wounds and abrasions. This procedure should be carried out 2-4 times a day. When applying dressings with gel, you should use a bandage with airtight properties. Also, the drug can be used as a contact gel during the phonophoresis procedure. During this procedure, it supplements the action of ultrasonic waves. The duration of gel treatment is determined by the doctor and depends on the individual characteristics of the patient's body.

Contraindications and side effects

As contraindications to the use of gel"Dolobien" instructions for use calls increased sensitivity to the components of the drug, as well as hepatic or renal failure, bronchial asthma. Use of the gel is contraindicated in people with diseases such as angina, bronchial asthma, stroke. The future and breastfeeding mothers gel "Dolobien" instructions for use also prohibits. Do not assign it to children who are under five years old.

There are restrictions on theuse of the drug in conjunction with other drugs. Do not use with it other local skin remedies, since the gel can increase their absorption. Therefore, if another preparation was applied to the damaged area of ​​the skin, it should be thoroughly cleaned before applying the drug "Dolobien". Gel can not be used in conjunction with products containing sulindac. This can lead to the development of peripheral neuropathy. It is also forbidden to apply it to open wounds, mucous membranes, and skin areas that have postoperative scars, dermatitis or dermatosis.

To the side effects ofuse of the drug, you can include itching and burning of the skin in places on which the gel is applied. The allocated sweat and exhaled air can contain the smell of garlic - this is due to the release of dimethyl sulphide formed during the application of Dolobien. Reviews of the drug, as a rule, contain discontent with its unpleasant smell.

Without consulting a specialist gel "Dolobene" is not recommended. Keep it at a temperature of no higher than +25 ° C.

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