Pre-infarction: symptoms and measures

Pre-infarction, the symptoms of which canmanifest themselves in various situations, physicians have long been singled out as a separate group of symptoms that can signal possible problems of the cardiac system. At the same time, one should realize that timely assistance provided in this case will prevent a rather tragic outcome, which, in turn, threatens a heart attack.

pre-infarction symptoms
Usually, there are several methods thatprevent pre-infarction. Treatment in this case, of course, should be carried out directly by a doctor who can prevent a cardiac catastrophe. If you explain the essence of the symptoms, they are, as a rule, in reducing the blood supply of the myocardium, while the decrease is quite high progressive. The growth of the decrease can be caused, first of all, by the growth of the plaque atherosclerotic or as a result of the increase in thrombosis.

In principle, in most cases a person canself diagnosis of pre-infarction. Symptoms in this case, however, may be rather minor and indicate the presence of other diseases. Since the symptomatology of this phenomenon is the reduction of blood circulation, the first signs of it will be the presence of previously not observed signs of angina pectoris. Especially this applies to those patients who previously did not even know what the heart rate irregularities are. If angina attacks were observed earlier, they can significantly change their character, for example, the pain will be longer and more painful.

pre-infarction treatment
In addition, the appearance of angina pectoris at rest, if previously they were observed only with physical exertion, can also be considered as signs of pre-infarction.

In principle, in addition to pain,still pay attention to secondary symptoms and unusual manifestations. General weakness, lethargy, lack of desire for work, a sense of lack of air and an incomprehensible fear of death can characterize the pre-infarction, these symptoms, however, are too minor, and it is not possible to judge the patient's diagnosis only for them.

signs of pre-infarction
Of course, to determine the exact presence of this speciesdiseases can only be done in a hospital under the supervision of a specialist. In the case of incessant painful sensations, it is necessary to place a nitroglycerin tablet under the tongue, dilating the blood vessels, and then call an ambulance. In doing so, it should be remembered that pre-infarction, the symptoms of which may seem to you a common ailment, is the first and very important call to possible heart attacks. To avoid this danger, you should regularly undergo necessary tests if you have had problems with the vascular system before, and also listen attentively to your sensations.

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