What are the symptoms of a heart cough

As is known, the circulatory system is arrangedas follows: respiratory organs have their own circulatory (in the anatomy it is called small), the flow of blood into the lungs is ensured by the work of the small ventricle, and outflow, respectively, of the left atrium. Some disorders in cardiac activity can lead to the fact that the left departments can not perform their functions in full. Then the blood is no longer completely pumped out of the lungs, in the vessels of the respiratory organs is collected excess fluid, which causes the symptoms of a heart cough.

symptoms of a heart cough

How to perform diagnostics

A qualified specialist will explain to you howit is important to be able to distinguish the symptoms of a cardiac cough from the corresponding signs of a cough lung. By the way, sometimes it is very difficult to do this, especially in cases when another infection is attached.


So, how to identify the symptoms of cardiacCoughing? According to doctors, in the vast majority of cases they are accompanied by such signs as acute pain in the chest area, shortness of breath, lacerated heart rhythm. Unlike cough caused by colds, the patient does not have sputum, runny nose, fever, weakness, headache.

heart cough symptoms treatment

Symptoms of cardiac cough often appear incommunication with one of three causes: coronary heart disease, dysfunction of the valvular heart apparatus, cardiovascular disease. Depending on what factor triggered the appearance of the symptom, it is customary to distinguish the following varieties of cough:

  1. than to treat a heart cough
    Dry persistent cough.It causes irritation of the mucosa and is observed mainly in the stagnation of blood in the lungs. This sign is not related to physical activity, but it is especially pronounced at night.
  2. Cough that occurs in the prone position.It indicates the lack of a left ventricle, and the fault of all, most likely, is its overload. In this case, it often goes to the point that the patients can not sleep at all - dropping their heads on the pillow, they begin to suffocate.
  3. A suffocating cough.It is considered one of the main signs of chronic failure of the left heart. Attacks are aggravated at each, even the most insignificant physical exertion, and also in the evening and at night.
  4. If you notice that discomfortarise every time you get up from the table, this indicates that your condition is steadily deteriorating. The attack can last several hours, accompanied by pronounced dyspnoea and nausea.

Cardiac cough: symptoms, treatment

If you notice even the slightest manifestationsymptom, immediately make an appointment with the therapist and cardiologist. The first will listen to your lungs and determine whether they develop a disease. If the stagnation in the lungs continues for a long period of time, most likely the case is in bronchitis. If the matter is in the pathology of the heart, you will inevitably wonder about what to treat a heart cough. The answer to it can only be given by a specialist. Remember that coughing in this case is only one of the signs, and it is necessary to fight with the cause. In other words, your task is to stabilize the heart activity.

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