How is scabies treated in dogs?

Scabies in dogs appear due to infectionscabby mites. The unbearable itching of an animal causes a lot of trouble both to the dog and to its owner. The animal becomes restless, constantly scratching, which leads to loss of hair and the appearance of combs. Depending on which pathogen causes the disease, scabies in dogs are:

  • sarcoptoid (caused by the tick Sarcoptes canis);
  • demodekoznoj (the originator - a mite Demodex Folliculorum).

scabies in dogs
Sarcoptic disease is most severely tolerated by dogs,since it is caused by a tick, living inside the animal's skin. Zdeschny mite penetrates into the epidermis, gnaws through the skin numerous strokes, with an unaided eye to notice the parasite is almost impossible.

There was scabies in dogs: the symptoms

scabies in dogs treatment
The first signs can be seen from the statewool on the head of a dog. On the ears, above-brow, upper part of the nose appear small bubbles, which cause the strongest itching. The animal constantly itches, tearing the skin on itself. At the place of comb falls hair, there are abrasions and dried up scabs. In neglected forms, scabies in dogs are manifested in the form of bald spots and suppurating wounds.

Favorite places of settlement of ticks colonies - onankles, ears and paws. The veterinarian can diagnose the disease by taking a scraping and examining it under a microscope. If scabies in dogs have been confirmed, treatment should be performed immediately. It is believed that sarcoptosis can be cured for several procedures, while the treatment of demodicosis - a long and expensive, does not always result in success.

How to treat scabies?

Scabies are transmitted from sick dogshealthy animals (cats and dogs), as well as to humans. Therefore, for effective treatment of sarcoptosis, the sick animal is isolated, the wool is sheared off the affected areas and the dog is thoroughly washed. Usually, subcutaneous injections and skin treatment with drug emulsions are prescribed.

scabies in dogs symptoms

Effective emulsions based on carbophos,Dicercil, butox or diazinone. The dosage and concentration is determined by the veterinarian depending on the weight and age of the animal. A positive effect brings the use of drugs "Deca" or "Demos", which are rubbed every 3-4 days. Such treatment is designed for 5 procedures. It should be noted that the housing where the infected pet was being disinfected thoroughly with chlorophos, the litter is washed in soapy water and then treated with acaricides.

Preventive measures

Prevention is reduced to periodic inspectionskin pet. Also, it is necessary to exclude communication of the dog with neglected animals. It should be noted that infection can occur without direct contact, as adult mites survive in a warm moist environment for up to 2 weeks, in a dry climate can live up to 3 days.

If you notice itch dogs on the court, thenchange for a while the place of your pet's walking. Veterinarians believe that scabies often appear in animals with reduced immunity, so do not allow the appearance of fleas and helminthic invasion. Zdes mites can migrate to humans, so observe safety precautions when contacting a sick animal.

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