"Nicorette" means: chewing gum, reviews and recommendations

nikorette chewing gum
People quitting smoking are interested in howThe agent "Nicorette" (chewing gum) operates. Reviews on the Internet can be found both positive and negative. Before you buy a chewing gum, which helps get rid of bad habits, you should consult a therapist. All the necessary information about the drug "Nicorette" (chewing gum) - the price, reviews, recommendations - is given in this article. So, let's begin.

What is Nicorette?

Chewing gum, reviews about which widelyspread on the Internet, helps to stop smoking. But it should be taken into account, then just a miracle cud, there is little, it is necessary to have the desire and desire to get rid of the addiction.

Replacement Therapy

During quitting, a person appearsirritability, lethargy, fatigue and apathy, increased blood pressure, pulse rate increases, weight increases. To ease this condition, it is recommended to use nicotine-containing drugs. An example can be the "Nicorette" tool - a chewing gum, which can not be called unambiguous (someone helps, and someone considers it a senseless waste of money).


It all depends on the habit itself - the stronger the pull,the greater the concentration of the substance in the chewing gum. In the event that a person smokes not more than 20 cigarettes a day, then he should apply the drug with the content of 2 mg of nicotine. But the main thing is the desire to get rid of bad habits. The chewing gum "Nicorette" with 4 mg nicotine should be used by people who smoke more than 20 cigarettes per day.

chewing gum niacorete price
How to apply "Nicorette"

Chewing gum, reviews about whichread before use, help quit smoking if you follow the recommendations. Once a person again wanted to take a cigarette, you need to take one cushion of chewing gum and slowly chew. As soon as a sharp bitter taste appears, the lozenge should be placed between the cheek and the gum. In order to completely stop smoking, you need to chew 8-15 gum a day. The first 3 months of quitting smoking should not stop using cud, then gradually reduce. About a month later a person completely throws both cigarettes and cud.


Do not use chewing gum withhypersensitivity to the components of the drug. If a person suffers from cardiovascular diseases, you should consult a doctor. With caution, you need to use chewing gum for people with hepatic and renal insufficiency, with impaired kidney function, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, as well as suffering from diabetes, hyperthyroidism, pheochromocyanatomy.

nikorette chewing gum price reviews

If a person has dentures, cautiously apply the chewing gum, as it can stick to the prosthesis and damage it.

If a person has diabetes mellitus, then after quitting smoking will require a reduction in the dosage of insulin.

In the case of a digestive disorder, chewing gum should be slowly chewed to eliminate the side effect.

How much is a miracle remedy - chewing gum "Nicorette"? The price of the drug varies from 280 to 600 rubles. It all depends on the region and the dosage of nicotine.

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