What does scabies look like?

Scabies are extremely contagious cutaneousdisease. Of course, today it is not so common (according to statistics, there are 14-33 cases of the disease per 100,000 people), but it is necessary to know how scabies look.

I must say that this disease does not havea certain incubation period. The first symptoms can appear in a few hours, and a few weeks after infection. If the skin has fallen on mature males of scabies, they quickly penetrate the skin, so the disease will manifest itself very quickly. In the event that the larvae of a tick are on the skin of a healthy person, the incubation period will increase until they reach maturity.

If you want to know what scabies looks like, youit is necessary to get acquainted with the characteristic symptoms of this disease. On the affected areas of the patient's skin will be visible scabies, papules and serous crusts. It should be remembered that most often the scabies are affected by such areas of the body as elbows, belly, groin, hands, buttocks and mammary glands in women.

The main sign of the disease isscabies, which adult mites of the tick lay under the surface of the skin. They look like white-gray lines, slightly rising above the skin. Lines can be straight and curved, their length, usually, does not exceed one centimeter, and at the end of the line you can see the dark point, which is the female of the scabby tick. It should be noted that in some cases the itch moves look like chains of small bubbles, and if the infection has occurred recently, then the moves can be imperceptible at all. Therefore, it is unambiguous to say what scabies looks like, maybe not always.

A characteristic feature of scabies is a strongitching, which, as a rule, increases late in the evening. In addition, if an infection was inflicted during combing, the affected areas of the skin can be covered with abscesses and crusts.

And how does scabies in young children look like?It must be said that this disease in babies has its own characteristics. In children, as a rule, a large area of ​​the body appears, including the scalp and the soles of the feet. In addition, when the scabies are affected by the scabies of the hands, the toddlers change their nails, they thicken, crack and crumble.

Naturally, you may have a question, likedetermine the scabies, that is, how to accurately diagnose? The right decision if you suspect a scabies infection will be to contact a dermatologist who will carry out the necessary tests and determine if the skin is actually affected by an itch mite or if you are concerned about a skin condition that has similar symptoms.

It should be noted that there is one moreA variety of this disease, called Norwegian scabies. This form is often observed in people who have weakened immunity. When infected with Norwegian scabies, there is practically no major symptom - severe itching, although millions of pincers are found under the skin of the patient. In this case, the disease remains acute and is manifested by the presence of exfoliative dermatitis.

Spontaneous scabies are not cured, withabsence of therapy, the disease becomes chronic. Chronic scabies can occur for many years, exacerbated from time to time. Thus the sick person remains infectious for associates.

In order to recover from the disease, it is necessary to destroy the mite and its eggs. To do this, use external means that have an acaricidal effect. General treatment, as a rule, is not required.

For successful treatment of scabies is requiredadherence to certain rules. And the most important of them is the simultaneous treatment of all people who are in contact with the sick. The family members of the patient living with him are required to prescribe a similar treatment, even if they have no signs of illness yet.

The medicine must be applied to the whole body,excluding the head and face (for young children, this exception is not made), and the application of the drug is recommended by hands, not a tampon. If scabies provoked the occurrence of complications, for example, associated skin infections, then treatment of the underlying disease and complications should be carried out simultaneously. It is also necessary to disinfect the clothes and clothes of the patient.

If you follow these principles and follow the recommendations of a dermatologist, you can cure scabies quickly enough.

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