Margelon's disease: does it exist?

Margelon's disease is quite rare andthe present day is not quite studied disease, the causes of which remain unknown. Sign of this problem are severe skin lesions, as well as some disorders of the nervous system, including protracted depression.

Margelon's disease and its causes

margelonic disease

In fact, the world first heard of such anot so long ago - in 2002. It was then that the Mary Leighta family became ill, and she proposed the name. Unfortunately, the causes of the disease are still unknown. There are a lot of different opinions among scientists. Some researchers believe that Margelon's disease is caused by fungal parasites, which slowly grow under the skin. Others argue that the disease can be the result of a bacterial or viral infection of unknown origin.

There are also researchers who tend topsychosomatic reasons, because the patient's analyzes are completely normal - no signs of infection have been found in the body. At present, the idea that such a disease is caused by the use of genetically modified foods has become very popular.

In any case, none of the above points of view has not yet been scientifically confirmed. Therefore, researchers around the world are trying to determine the cause of the disease and find out if it exists at all.

The only thing that can be stated with confidence is the fact that the disease affects people with a weak immune system.

Margelon's disease: the main symptoms

the skin itches

As already mentioned, the main featuresthe diseases are skin lesions - the skin itches, redness appears on it, and then pustules and small sores. All these symptoms are hard to treat, and after some time they return again. Patients complain of the constant itching, pain and sensation of something moving under the skin.

Margelon's disease is accompanied by violationsthe psyche. As a rule, patients fall into protracted depression, become passive and sluggish. Many of them suffer from constant hallucinations associated with itching (it seems to them that insects creep along the skin, etc.).

Margelonic disease and its treatment

Since the exact causes of the disease are unknown,but there is no single right way to treat. At the moment, patients are prescribed antifungal and antiviral drugs, sometimes also antibiotics. Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ointments help to eliminate itching, to remove inflammation, to stop the formation of pustules, and also to get rid of sores. Unfortunately, all of the above methods do not give any guarantee - the symptoms can come back again, and at any time.

scabies prevention

Margelon's "scabies": prevention

Lack of necessary knowledge about this diseasedoes not allow doctors and researchers to formulate rules for prevention. To date, the only way to protect is a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition, hardening, staying in the fresh air, regular exercise, normal sleep - all this normalizes the work of the immune system and partly protects the human body from this unknown disease.

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