The drug "Kapilar". Instructions for use

The drug "Kapilar" is used to provideprotect cells and improve the activity of capillaries. At the base of the means are used vegetable components (flavanoids of Siberian larch). The drug is not a cure. "Capillar" is an additive to food. The agent, as a rule, is prescribed in combination with other drugs.

Active ingredients of the additive "Kapilar"have anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine, antioxidant, anti-edematous effects. The drug helps reduce blood viscosity, restore microcirculation, reduce thrombosis. In addition, the drug is involved in the regulation of cholesterol, the normalization of metabolism.

As part of complex therapy, the drug "Kapilar" instruction for use recommends for cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension, ischemic disease.

The product is available in the form of a gel and tablets.

Gel "Capillar" is able to penetrate deep into the skin,while providing a tonic, antioxidant, bactericidal effect. The drug also has a capillaroprotective and anti-edematous property. The gel helps increase the clearance in the vessels, the volume of blood flow in the channel. When using the drug improves microcirculation and nutrition in tissues. The drug "Kapilar" helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Given the properties of the constituent components,tablets are prescribed (as part of a combination therapy) for heart rhythm disorders, ischemic disease, heart failure, angina pectoris. The effectiveness of the drug is based on improving the trophism of cells, as well as increasing the blood capillary volume.

"Kapilar" tool instructions for userecommends in hypertensive disease to reduce the likelihood of recurrence, heart attack, bronchitis, stroke, pneumonia. The therapeutic effect of the drug is associated with the improvement of metabolic processes and outflow from the affected organs of toxins.

The use of the drug for acute respiratory illnesses can reduce edema in the bronchi, increase the working volume in the lungs.

The drug "Kapilar" instructions for use recommends for migraines and headaches, provoked by a vascular spasm.

Tablets are prescribed for different eye pathologies (sclerotic, inflammatory and dystrophic). The drug "Kapilar" helps to accelerate the resorption of hemorrhages.

The drug is recommended for the prevention of disease on the background of smoking or the influence of other toxic substances. A tool is also used to slow aging.

Tablets "Kapilar" instructions for use recommends to reduce fatigue, improve efficiency, and restore immunity after protracted diseases.

Gel in combination with other drugs prescribedwith hematomas, fatigue and muscle fatigue of the legs, varicose enlargement and vein failure, bruises, convulsions. The drug is recommended for swelling or heaviness in the legs, stretching muscles and other injuries in soft tissues that provoked a breach of the integrity of the skin.

Gel "Kapilar" effectively reduces the intensity of pain in neuralgia, myositis, joint defeats.

The drug "Capillar" is contraindicated in hypersensitivity.

The gel is not recommended for application to damaged areas, eczematous surfaces, open sores and mucous membranes.

As a prophylactic pill "Kapilar" appoint one or two pieces three times a day. Duration of admission is three weeks. You can repeat courses after seven or ten days off.

The gel is applied in small amounts and rubbed with light massaging movements.

When using the "Capillar" in the complex treatment, the dosage is recommended to be set individually.

To improve the state of the cardiovascularsystem and coronary vessels in particular, the drug "Cardio Kapilar with coenzyme Q10" is recommended. The recommended dose is three times a day on a tablet. The duration of the course is a month.

Before using the drug "Capillar" it is recommended to consult a doctor.

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