Papillomas in the vagina: methods of treatment

Papillomas in the vagina areNodule-like growths that have a pink or flesh color. They can be located either directly in the vagina, or near the entrance to it, in the perineum and small labia. Such clusters are called condyloma.

papillomas in the vagina

Causes of the disease

The appearance of papilloma in the vagina, as a rule,is a consequence of a sexual infection - HPV, human papillomavirus. The incubation period of the disease can vary from several weeks to several years, depending on the woman's immunity and the state of the vaginal microflora. But more often the disease manifests itself 2-3 months after infection.

The infection of the virus due to unprotected intercourse is the most common method of infection. However, the virus can be activated for other reasons, among which:

  • previous inflammations of the genital area (eg, ovarian inflammation, endometritis, vulvovaginitis);
  • previously transferred STDs (most often gonorrhea or chlamydia).
    papillomas in the vagina photo

Also, gynecologists emphasize that the papilloma virus in the vagina can provoke frequent stresses, a violation of the balance of the vaginal microflora, beriberi and early sexual life.

Varieties of the virus

HPV has up to hundreds of strains of the virus, each ofvarieties provokes various lesions of the skin and vaginal mucosa. Getting into a healthy organism, the virus affects first the basal layer of the dermis, and then penetrates into the protein envelope of the cell, damaging it, and after the DNA of the virus enters the nucleus and waits for the appearance of a favorable environment for the development of papilloma in the vagina.

If a woman has strong immunity, then the virus does notcan accumulate in the nucleus of the cell and accordingly the disease does not manifest itself, that is, there are no papillomas in the vagina. A photo of the smear shows that this woman has papillomas that appear as pointed villi.

condylomata of the papilloma of the vagina

Inoculation of an oncogenic strain of the viruscan provoke the development of a malignant tumor. This kind of virus acts more aggressively, rapidly multiplying and harder succumbing to therapeutic therapy. Papillomas caused by oncogenic strains have the appearance of villi or pointed cones in the vagina.

Clinical picture of the disease

Condylomas - papillomas of the vagina, localized inthe area of ​​the labia, the entrance to the vagina, the perineum, the vaginal mucosa or cervix. The appearance of the papilloma resembles a pearl that has a pointed apex, a transparent liquid with a specific unpleasant odor is emitted from the point of attachment of the build-up (the so-called leg).

This fluid can cause a woman to itchand uncomfortable sensations, which will intensify during sexual intercourse. After sex, there may be minor bloody discharge, indicating a papilloma injury in the vagina.

removal of papillomas in the vagina

Photos of various growths can be found in largequantity found in special literature. However, immediately after finding them or manifesting unpleasant symptoms, you urgently need to turn to a gynecologist in time to begin treatment. Otherwise, the lack of treatment can promote the rapid growth of growths and the development of cervical cancer.

Diagnosis of the disease

Since the onset of the disease is not characterizedthe presence of specific symptoms, determine the infection and development of papillomas can only be done by colposcopy. Upon examination, the woman will be taken a smear for cytological and histological examination.

To determine which strain causedvirus, it is necessary to carry out PCR analysis. The woman will also need to take a blood test to determine if she has antibodies to various sexual diseases, such as HIV, AIDS, syphilis, and others.

papilloma virus in the vagina

Since at the initial stage the appearance of growthslooks like a site with dilated blood vessels, the disease is difficult to diagnose. Therefore, papillomas in the vagina are best diagnosed through additional studies.

Drug treatment of the disease

A feature of the virus is the lack of productionpermanent immunity to infection, that is, if the pathogen enters the body, the disease will develop again. In addition, most patients have relapses, so after therapy, the doctor should prescribe an antirecretive therapy.

The main drug for treatment areantiviral drugs in the form of tablets. These drugs are good at coping with large papillomas and are quickly neutralized. In addition, a woman is recommended to take immunomodulatory medications that will strengthen the immune system and restore the correct balance of the vaginal microflora.

Treatment of papillomas in pregnancy

When detecting HPV in a pregnant woman, treatmentprescribe, as a rule, in the first trimester of pregnancy. Papillomas at the entrance to the vagina in this case are removed mainly by solutions and specialized ointments that effectively influence the pathogen.

It is also recommended to use healingCreams that can restore the skin and mucous membrane damaged by papillomas. When pregnancy is quite dangerous development of HPV, as the immunity of women during this period is greatly weakened, which can affect her health and the correct development of the fetus.

papilloma at the entrance to the vagina

It is also recommended to use healingcream, able to restore the skin and mucous, damaged by papillomas. When pregnancy is quite dangerous development of HPV, as the immunity of women during this period is greatly weakened, which can affect her health and the correct development of the fetus.

papilloma at the entrance to the vagina

Hardware treatment with papillomas

In modern medicine there is a sufficient number of effective hardware methods of excretion by papillomas. Distinguish:

  • Cryodestruction - is the impacton single papillomas with liquid nitrogen. The impact on the elements leads to their withering away. After 1-2 weeks, the mucous membrane and the skin are restored, and the mutated cells are replaced by normal cells.
  • Laser destruction - is to drycondylomas, they dry up under the influence of the laser and only crusts remain, which in due course exfoliate and in their place appears healthy skin. This method is used mainly for the severe stage, when there is a lot of papillomas.
  • Electrocoagulation - the effect on the papillomaelectric current. It goes directly to the leg of the growth, so it falls off. The healing process with this procedure is about 14 days. It is used for especially advanced cases.
  • Radio wave surgery is the most modern method,which does not bear any painful sensations, after it also there is no scarring, which positively affects the health of a woman. To get rid of papillomas this method is possible for 1 session, even in neglected cases.

Removal of papillomas in the vagina with the use of special devices is currently the fastest and most effective.

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