Japanese face massage

Slavic girls are one of the most beautiful in the world,but over the years their smiling results in the formation of wrinkles. With age, the biochemical composition of the skin changes, the concentration of collagen (connective tissue protein) decreases, the skin loses its tone, sags. Speaking of Japanese women, their porcelain leather remains silky and smooth for many years, as if by magic. Most of the representatives of this nationality are slender, so it is quite problematic to determine the age of a woman after thirty years. Many researchers hold the view that the minimum number of facial wrinkles on the faces of Japanese women is due to the fact that they are very restrained in the expression of emotions. Why do Eastern women for many years look young? The effect of silky skin is achieved by daily multi-facial massage. In Japan, beauty and health are interrelated concepts.

Japanese massage

Most women will sigh and say thatdaily procedures are a luxury, and they simply do not have a Japanese massage, because they have a lot of problems, work, and children and husband need attention. Of course, there is some truth in this, but think: are not all Eastern women unmarried and have no children? Are they all housewives? They certainly have as many worries and problems as you do, but they still find time for a Japanese massage. The most important thing is to want to look young and attractive. Do not try to hide behind problems and lack of time.

Japanese face massage kobido
Japanese massage: advantages

After a few months of daily work, you will see the following results:

- in the tissues of the skin, blood circulation will improve;

- puffiness will disappear;

- metabolic processes are optimized;

- restore the former elasticity of the skin;

- Wrinkles will break;

- the complexion will improve.

Japanese massage is fundamentally different fromthe classical version. Oriental massage is performed with minimal physical impact on the patient, which can not be said about the traditional procedure. Pointed Japanese massage does not relieve wrinkles, does not treat the disease with the help of exogenous effects. The master works on certain points, due to which the circulation of blood improves, the body is filled with vital energy. Using the Japanese massage, the body mobilizes internal reserves, increases immunity. The organism without auxiliaries (pharmaceuticals) can cope with the disease.

Japanese massage

Japanese face massage is a part of the ancientteaching of oriental medicine. The main task of massage - work with the meridians of the face and acupressure points (tsubo). At the heart of the massage is a kobido: a light, rapid stroking and tapping on the skin of the face. Master draws attention to the condition of the skin (texture, color, turgor) of the patient.

If you find at least 10-15 minutes a day formassage of the face, you do not have to restore youth with the help of modern surgical techniques, suspenders or injections. Massage kobido is not suitable for all customers. Contraindications are such diseases as eczema, psoriasis, neck injuries, botox, recent surgical operations on the neck and face, as well as the first trimester of pregnancy.

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