Removal of papillomas: we use a safe method

Papillomas are benign growthsskin, caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Basically, such formations have an uneven surface and a different color (from white to dirty brown).

90% of the world's population is infected with this type of virus. However, with a healthy immune system, the formation and reproduction of papillomas does not occur. The virus becomes aggravated with a decrease in immunity - as a result of long-term use of drugs, during pregnancy, after a disease or stress. Also, the virus can be transmitted with unprotected intercourse with a HPV carrier.

papilloma removal

Unfortunately, papillomas are not onlycosmetic defect. Their appearance and spread can provoke serious complications, for example cancer. Removal of papillomas does not eliminate the cause of the disease, but this is necessary in order to prevent their malignant degeneration.

There are several effective ways to eliminate such a defect:

1. The laser method. It is the most effective. Under the action of a laser beam directed at the papilloma, the blood vessel is sealed, which nourishes pathological formation. As a result, after 5-7 days, education, without getting the necessary nutrition, disappears. This procedure is practically painless and does not require the use of anesthesia. Removal of papillomas with a laser is suitable for the elimination of formations on the neck, eyelids, decollete.

2. Cryodestruction. This method is based on the action of liquid nitrogen. A special applicator is wetted in liquid nitrogen at a sufficiently low temperature and applied to the papilloma, which results in its freezing, darkening and soon disappears. If the papilloma is large enough, an additional procedure may be required.

papilloma removal by laser
3. Surgical method.Removal of papillomas by this method involves cutting the cutaneous formation with a surgical scalpel. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. After surgery on the wound, a pressure bandage is applied. You can also use a laser scalpel. During the procedure, the tissue is removed and the bleeding stops simultaneously. The method virtually eliminates complications and is characterized by a short recovery period.

4. Electrocoagulation.During the procedure, the papilloma is exposed to high-frequency current. As a result, an irreversible process of coagulation of protein tissues takes place. This method does not allow severe bleeding and infection. If the formation is large, then anesthetics are used.

These are the main methods by whichperform the removal of papillomas. The prices for this procedure depend on the size and number of formations, the chosen method of removal and location (aesthetic medicine clinic, beauty salon).

removal of papillomas

To remove skin lesions, you canuse and such folk remedies, such as laundry soap, celandine juice, tea tree oil, aloe juice, castor oil, lemon essential oil, cabbage juice.

Whichever method of the above youhave chosen, removal of papillomas is permissible only after consultation of an experienced specialist, thus, you reduce the risk of possible complications. To prevent re-emergence of formations, it is necessary to strengthen immunity and systematically undergo antiviral therapy.

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