How to recognize the symptom of scabies?

Even those who always monitor their hygiene,can overtake such a parasitic disease as scabies. It is caused by a tick that lives in the human epidermis. Symptoms of scabies in adults and children are the same. The main signs of infection

Symptoms of scabies
are considered unpleasant itching, rashes on the skin and the appearance of itch moves. Let's consider each of them in detail.

Itchy skin

This feature is the first and the mainsuch a disease as scabies. He can have three different degrees of intensity. A mild itching can be almost invisible, often the patients realize that they felt it, only after the doctor's question. Moderate his degree is seen by the patient himself, but on the whole this condition does not cause serious discomfort and does not interfere with sleeping. Finally, severe itching is the most unpleasant and obvious symptom of scabies that occurs after the illness has been left undetected for a long time. At night, the condition worsens, the patient can not fall asleep. This is due to the fact that the diurnal peak of parasite activity falls precisely at the dark time of the day. Most often, the itching becomes most painful in the limited course of the disease, when a certain area of ​​the skin is affected, and with the process spread throughout the body, the weakest or moderate forms are most characteristic.

Scabrous strokes

Such a sign will be easily noticed even by those,

Symptoms of scabies in adults
who first encountered the fact that there issuch a disease is scabies. Symptoms are caused by female mites, which pave the skin for reproduction of new populations of parasites. A hole in the epidermis becomes a source of larvae and causes the appearance of vesicles and papules around the affected area. The course usually rises slightly above the skin, differs in a dirty gray or white hue, can be straight or curved and last from a couple of millimeters to several centimeters. At the subcutaneous end of the stroke, the female can gleam with a dark dot. Sometimes a small vial appears on this place. This symptom of scabies is most often manifested on the hands, elbows, wrists and feet, sometimes on the stomach. In adults, they can appear on the trunk and genitals, in children - on any part of the skin. Outwardly they sometimes resemble large knots or oblong rollers. In particularly severe cases, ticks can be found in the nails or cornea of ​​the eye. To extract the parasite from under the skin, you need to pass the tip of the needle to the beginning of the stroke and move to its end, the female will attach itself to the instrument and it will be easy
Scabies: symptoms
get it.

Rashes on the skin

Finally, there is such a symptom of scabies asthe appearance of rashes. On the skin of the limbs and trunk appear papules, on the hands localized vesicles. As a rule, the face and the scalp, as well as the interscapular region, remain free of eruptions. Papules are the most common and are the second most important diagnostic sign of scabies, vesicles appear much less often. They are few and resemble abscesses. When positioned on the elbows, this symptom of scabies is called the name of the French dermatologist Ardi, who first described it in his works.

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