"Anti-Papillom" (gel): reviews. Instructions for use

Human papillomavirus can causeappearance of neoplasms on the skin. One of the frequent manifestations of this disease are papillomas, which can have a different shape and size. Currently, the pharmaceutical industry offers a variety of drugs that can effectively affect the external manifestation of the disease. One of the effective means is "Anti-Papillom" (gel). Reviews about this drug and instructions for use will be discussed in the article.

General description of the tool

Papillomas - very unpleasant cosmeticdefect. On the skin, these tumors appear in virtually all people infected with human papillomavirus. Treatment of an ailment usually comes down to taking immunostimulants and using medicines for topical use. To combat the pathology often use a variety of ointments and creams. One of the effective means is "Anti-Papillum" (gel).

anti-papilla gel reviews

Reviews say that the drug is capable ofto relieve even large neoplasms. Observe the positive dynamics can be already 2-3 days after the start of using the gel. This method of treating papillomas and warts on the body is considered the safest and most effective.

Composition and form of release

Altaic cosmetic medicine producescompany "Two lines". All the products of this company are the result of a competent combination of natural resources and a scientific approach. In the composition of the medicine from papillomas there are such components as potassium or sodium hydroxide, distilled water and gellant. Sodium hydroxide is an alkali that is able to erode a built-up (wart, papilloma) on the skin.

anti-papillomel gel instruction

The volume of tuba with the drug "Anti-Papillum" (gel) - 5ml. Customer testimonials indicate that this amount of the drug is enough for one course of treatment. The gel-like form of the medicine makes it possible to use it economically. When applied to the skin, the product does not spread.

Anti-papillum (gel): instructions for use

Neoplasms on the skin in the form ofpapillomas, warts look completely unaesthetic, which, in turn, negatively affects self-esteem and self-confidence. Not surprisingly, many try to get rid of such a defect as soon as possible. Help in this is capable of "Anti-Papillom" (gel).

anti-papillom gel 5 ml reviews

Reviews about this medicine you can find the mostdifferent, but most of them confirm the effectiveness of the drug. To achieve a positive result, you should follow the recommendations for the use of the gel:

  1. Before using the medicine, the skin area to be treated should be steamed.
  2. Skin around the neoplasm should be lubricated with baby cream or petroleum jelly to prevent the gel from getting into the skin.
  3. Apply a small amount of the drug "Anti-Papillum" to the tip of the tumor. Gel instruction prohibits applying to clean skin.

Usually the very next day after the start of therapyexfoliation of the cornified layer of the dermis begins. After 3-4 days the skin area is completely cleared. In the presence of several papillomas on the body, one should start with the treatment of one neoplasm in order to follow the reaction of the organism.

Application features

The instruction warns that for useshould take a small amount of the drug "Anti-Papillom" (gel). The patient's feedback confirms that the drug is strong enough and can cause burns if a large amount is applied. Quite often there are cases associated with the formation of scars and scars. To get rid of such problems in the future will be much more difficult.

anti-papillomel gel instruction manual

The amount of gel application depends on the sizepapillomas. In some cases, one procedure is sufficient. Almost immediately after the application of the drug, a reaction starts, accompanied by a burning sensation. If you have large papillomas, you can use the remedy up to 5 times.

In the event that the preparation has got on a healthy skin, it is necessary to wash the area with a large amount of water. After this, make a lotion with 5% solution of citric acid.

It should be noted that self-disposalfrom any neoplasm on the skin is extremely dangerous. Preliminary it is necessary to receive consultation of the doctor-dermatologist who can pick up the most optimum variant of therapy.

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