Honey massage at home: technique of performing

Healing properties of honey to mankind are knowna long time ago. This natural product is used not only for food or for treating colds. There is one good remedy with the use of honey, which will help to lose excess pounds, improve the skin condition, get rid of hated cellulite. Honey massage at home - that's what you need to take on your arms. It is known that he was invented in Tibet, but the Europeans learned about him much later.

Honey massage at home: benefit

Honey is a product rich in biologically activesubstances and vitamins. Getting on the skin, he literally immediately begins to give all this to her, enriching and nourishing every cell. Honey massage helps to eliminate toxins, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, activates metabolic processes. The positive result is noticeable after the first session, but the full course of massage should consist of 14-15 procedures. Honey can be taken absolutely any, the main thing is that it should not be sugar-free.

How to Make Honey Massage at Home

This type of massage took on itselfnumerous beauty salons. But you can carry it out at home, with the only difference is that you do not have to pay for the services of a massage therapist.

The whole process begins with the usualmassage (3-4 minutes). Thanks to him, the skin will warm up, and it will better react to the honey effect. To enhance the effectiveness of massage, honey should be mixed with essential oil. Lemon, lavender, mandarin, orange, juniper, etc. will suit. So, for two tablespoons of honey, you can take three drops of lemon oil, five drops of mint oil and three drops of lavender oil.

Yes, it is worth paying attention to the fact that honey beforemassage should be heated in a water bath, can also be in the microwave. The most important thing is that it is not very hot, otherwise you will not be able to apply it.

So, when everything is ready, you can proceed. Take a small amount of honey and apply it to the place that you are going to massage. Then put the palm on the skin and glue it off sharply. The hand will adhere to the honey, so when you start to clean it, it will be a little painful. Continue to press the palm to the skin in different places, periodically increasing it, reducing the tearing speed. When there is a possibility, two hands can be applied to the skin at once, so the effectiveness of the mass will only increase.

Honey massage at home, of course,the procedure is not pleasant, you will not be able to relax during it. Moreover, the first few sessions will have to be tolerated, until the skin adapts to the honey effect. If there is enough free time, be sure to massage the whole body, not just its individual parts. It will be necessary to abstain only in the most sensitive places: the bikini zone, the chest and the inner side of the thighs.

Honey massage at home: what to look for

Be prepared for the fact that after the sessionsuch a massage on your skin will appear bruises. This is not an indication that honey massage does not suit you, it's just for the first time that the skin reacts to procedures in this way. Over time, the number of bruises will decrease, and then they will disappear altogether.

Please note that honey massage inAt home, not all can hold. It is contraindicated in pregnant women, people with very sensitive skin and those who suffer from venous expansion of veins. And, of course, the procedure is forbidden to carry out on the skin, which has wounds, abrasions, infectious diseases.

Honey massage - a wonderful tool in the fight against excess kilograms. It should be noted that he is also very effective in combating cellulite, which has already been proven by many women.

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