Richard Speck: photos, victims

Richard Speck is a mass murderer who committedterrible crimes in 1966 in Chicago. The name of this criminal will forever go down in the history of world criminalistics. Meanwhile, the motive of cruel and senseless murders is still incomprehensible even to specialists.

Brief biography of the criminal

Richard Speck

Richard Speck was born on December 6, 1941in the city of Kirkwood (Illinois, USA). His father died when his son was 5 years old, and in 1950 the mother of the future murderer married a second time and the family moved to Texas. In addition to Richard in the family grew two more daughters and five sons. At the age of 18 the protagonist of our history first came to the attention of law enforcement agencies because of the theft of the car. After that, Speck was delayed several more times, including for attacking the girl. But in spite of his reputation, Richard was married (a daughter was born in marriage) and enlisted in the Navy.

The fateful night of July 13, 1966

Once on a warm summer day in 1966, Richard Speckrested in Chicago, waiting for the departure of the ship, on which he worked as a sailor. According to eyewitnesses, the whole day the young sailor visited bars, and in breaks between alcoholic libations tried to get acquainted with young girls and pester them. It is worth noting that Richard was at that time only 25 years old. At night, he went to the house of Jeffey - a student hostel for nurses. There are two versions of the penetration of the criminal inside: one of them he cracked the door of the black entrance, the second - knocked on the front door, and he opened one of the girls. One way or another armed Richard Speck threatened the first student who met him and demanded to wake up all neighbors, promising to take only money and not cause harm to anyone. At this late hour, everyone in the house was already asleep. However, Corazon Amurao - a student with whom Speck spoke first, was awakened by a neighbor. After that the criminal linked all the girls with sheets and demanded to say where the money lay. An amazing fact, but none of the victims tried to resist and scream. The girls obediently told where the money was, and Richard found and took them, then began to take the young nurses out of one of the rooms.

Unexplained violence

Richard spec maniac

Speck led his victims to one of the rooms, wherepre-tied all and killed with particular cruelty. Some of the students were slaughtered, others were strangled, and the walls of the house, as the police later discovered, were literally soaked with blood. At the same time, none of the neighbors heard any suspicious sounds - everyone was sleeping peacefully. It is possible that the girls themselves did not fully understand and could not believe what was happening to them. The only thing that Richard Franklin Speck was mistaken about was the number of victims. One of the girls was able to hide under the bed, and the murderer did not find it. It is believed that the students were raped, and one after death. Although this information is inconsistent - some sources claim that only one girl was raped.

"Help, they are all dead!"

When Richard finished, as he thought, withall the girls, he calmly took away the stolen money (only about $ 50) and left the house. Ironically, Corazon Amurao, the girl who had the first chance to communicate with the killer, remained alive.

Richard Spec photo

She came from the Philippines to geteducation for a special student program. Corazon asked her neighbors to resist the attacker, but they hesitated and responded with a refusal, believing that by taking all the money and valuables, the offender would leave. As a result, the girl decided to fight for her own life and was able to hide. In the chosen shelter, she lay until the morning alarm bell rang, trying not to breathe and not to betray herself in any way. And only hearing an insistent signal, she got out from under the bed and finally began to call for help. At first the cries of the young girl did not attract enough attention, since local students already at that time abused alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances and this behavior was not new to others. However, after a while, the police decided to check the hostel, and what they saw inside had put them into a shock.

Killings must be noted!

What did the criminal do after leaving the student hostel? It's hard to believe, but he went to the bar.

Richard sacrifices victims
There he spent the stolen from the dead girlsmoney (in the amount of about $ 50) for a drink. Well typed, R. Speck began to show off right behind the bar with perfect murders. However, one of the visitors of the institution did not take the drunk sailor seriously seriously. Richard himself, as soon as he realized that they were mocking him, pulled out a knife and attacked the barman. The killer calmed down only when he saw the fear in the eyes of his potential victim and retreated himself, trying to turn everything that happened into a silly joke.

How to find a criminal with signs?

The surviving student refused to receive the firstmedical care and examination of the doctor, and immediately began to give evidence. The policeman was lucky because the suspect had special signs - a problem ("as if in pockmarks") skin on his face and a tattoo on his hand with the inscription: "Born to make life a hell!". When inspecting the scene of the crime, the detectives discovered many fingerprints and noticed that all the victims were connected by special sea knots.

Richard 1966
While the police were searching for a sailor,paratrooper or climber with a tattoo, the villain himself was in a rather serious condition in the hospital. The young man was taken to a hospital in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication with numerous cuts in his hands in the veins - this was Richard Speck. 1966 is the time when tattoos were not as common as today. At this sign, the attending physician paid attention immediately and reported his patient to the police.

Psychiatric examination

Even while finding Speck in the hospital with himtalked psychiatrist. Richard told the doctor that he does not deny his guilt of committing a crime in which he is accused, but he does not remember anything and can not call his actions adequate. According to him, on July 13 in his memory - a gap, however, having learned in the morning of the massacre, he immediately guessed that he was involved in it. The suspect also complained about regular severe headaches, as well as memory dips. In the opinion of Speke, the cause of this state of health is the long-standing craniocerebral trauma he received in a fight. The psychiatrist who worked with Richard did not hurry to assert that the criminal was insane at the time of the murders, but noted that his patient does not differ in the typical for the maniac mindset. To assess the adequacy of the killer, a psychiatric examination was conducted, in the conclusion of which six competent specialists recognized that Speck is sane and can be brought to trial.

Full list of victims

How many people did Richard Speck kill? The victims of this criminal, on the death of whom his guilt has been fully proved - eight female nurses from the Jeffrey Maynor House. However, during the investigation, the detectives drew attention to a series of unsolved crimes committed in the cities where the self-propelled barge stopped, on which Richard Speck sailed as a sailor.

All the dead were female, among themgirls (from 7 years old) and quite mature ladies aged over 60 years. In some episodes there were not only temporary coincidences, but also more serious evidence, but the police understood how difficult it would be to prove the guilt of the suspect in court and did not begin to unite all cases into one.

Court and sentence

The brutal murder of a group of helpless girlsChicago shook and the neighborhood. Local citizens were indignant and demanded that Speck Richard be extradited to them for lynching. Because of such serious public unrest, the defendant was transported to another city, where a trial was held on his case. The Speck fault was proved, thanks to the discovery of his fingerprints at the crime scene and the testimony of the surviving girl. The verdict of the jury and the judge was unequivocal - the highest penalty, the death penalty. Richard, hearing this sentence looked shocked, however, due to some changes in US law, the killer was not executed. The death penalty for Speke was replaced by imprisonment for 400 years. Of these, he served only 19 and died in his own cell from a large heart attack.

Life and death in prison

Convicted R. Speck was sent to the prison of "Statesville" (Statesville). According to the official version, he conducted himself there quite calmly and even worked in local workshops. In general, he was a man of low and unremarkable character.

R cake
An interesting fact - during his imprisonment RichardSpeck, whose photo depict a sullen and unsociable person, has learned to smile sincerely. In the 80s of the last century, a scandalous video was made in prison (which got to journalists in 1995). In this mini-film the murderer tells with a sneer at the crimes committed, introduces the audience to his male lover, and also uses drugs. This videotape became the basis for conducting a series of tests in correctional institutions in the United States. However, there were no official comments from the representatives of the system of criminal penalties, and it is not known whether it was possible to find those who made possible the violation of the prison regime. Speck died on December 5, 1991. None of the relatives wanted to organize the funeral, and the killer was cremated with state funds. Disputes about who Richard Speck - the maniac and the born murderer or simply insane person, were conducted long enough. Today a lot of documentaries, one full-length feature film and several books have been written about this criminal. After reading these works you can draw your own conclusions about the life and personality of Richard Speck.

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