What documents are required for temporary registration?

It often takes a person for a certain timego to another city. If the period of stay exceeds 90 days, then a temporary registration is required. It allows you to use different public services and rights to citizens. It is confirmed by a special certificate, so no mark is placed on the passport. To complete the process it is important to understand which documents for temporary registration will be needed. They depend on where the citizen plans to stay.

Basic moments

When you arrive in another city, a person canreside in a hotel and similar establishment. Under such conditions, it is the administration of this institution that is engaged in notifying the FMS that a particular person has been in the region for more than 90 days.

If it is issued for lease by a citizenapartment, it is important to take care of the residence yourself. For this purpose, it is studied what documents are needed for temporary registration, where they are required to be addressed, and when it is expedient to deal with this process.

The procedure is carried out directly in the departmentFMS. It is not required to withdraw from the previous place of residence. Documents for temporary registration of a citizen of the Russian Federation are determined depending on where he stops. Maximum residence permit for two years.

Documents for temporary registration

Terms of the process

All the rules for registration of a temporary residence permitthe basis is contained in GD no. 713. It specifies which documents for temporary registration should be prepared, where and how they are presented, where you can move in, and when you need to submit documentation.

The law clearly specifies the period during which thewhich Russian citizens can be in any region without having to register on a temporary basis. This includes a period of 90 days. If a person plans to stay in the city for a longer time, it is necessary to take care in advance to notify the FMS employees about this. If it is found that a citizen is in the region illegally, then he will be prosecuted by the district police.

Based on the documents sent for the temporaryregistration of the place of residence of a person. He is given a certificate containing information about the address to which he lives in a particular region. The mark in the passport is placed solely with a permanent residence permit.

How is the statement drawn up?

To register a temporary residence permit,draw up a correct statement. For this, a special form No. 1 is used. It is included in the documents needed for temporary registration. When you fill it, the rules are taken into account:

  • indicate the address where the citizen plans to stay during the entire period of his stay in the region, and he can be represented by an organization or a private apartment and a house;
  • the name of the applicant and information about the owner of the dwelling, which provided the opportunity to temporarily register a person in their real estate, is prescribed;
  • all information must be entered in a clear and legible handwriting;
  • the grounds for registration in a particular room are indicated, so you will have to ask the owner of the house for documentation on this object;
  • if an apartment or house has several owners at once, then all must be listed in the application;
  • it is necessary to write where the person is registered on a permanent basis;
  • the data of a citizen's passport are reflected in writing;
  • at the very end it is required to put the date of the formation of this document, and also the applicant signs.

It is advisable to take this document in advance tofill it in at home. In this case, you can easily obtain the necessary data from the owners of real estate. During the check of the application, the employee of the FMS should indicate the presence of all errors. If they are not available, then paper with other documents is accepted for consideration. This process does not take more than 7 days, and often a certificate of temporary residence registration is made in just three days.

Temporary registration, which documents are needed

What documents are required?

To perform this process,you need different documentation. It depends on where the citizen plans to stay. Standard documents for temporary registration of citizens include papers:

  • passport, and if the procedure is performed for the child, then his birth certificate is needed;
  • a well-written statement;
  • documentation confirming that a citizen can reside at a particular address, and it can be represented by consent from the owner, a contract of employment or lease agreement;
  • a leaflet of departure, if a citizen previously engaged in a process involving the removal from registration of the past place of residence.

All these documents are required to comedirectly to the department of the FMS or MFC. You can also use the website of the State Service or postal service. It is required to use both originals and copies of different papers.

Registration is temporary, documents of citizens

What do you need to register in a private house?

Often for temporary residence are chosenprivate households. Under such conditions, you can send the documentation by mail or through the Internet, and also allowed to personally come to the office of the FMS or MFC. The inhabitants of a private house should have a house book, so it is certainly included in the list of papers, if temporary registration is required. What documents should be prepared? These include the documentation:

  • passport of the applicant or birth certificate if the process is performed on the child;
  • passport of the citizen who is the owner of the house;
  • title papers on the building, usually represented by certificates of ownership or inheritance;
  • an extract from the house book;
  • all citizens registered in this real estate on a permanent basis must give their written consent for the temporary registration of another person;
  • permission is issued from all co-owners of the facility;
  • the owner of the house must write an application where he indicates that a particular citizen can register a temporary registration in his real estate.

Employees of the FMS may, if necessary, require the applicant to provide additional documentation.

Documents for temporary registration of citizens

How to register at the hotel?

Often people prefer to stay temporarilyin a hotel, sanatorium or any similar institution. Under such conditions, documents for temporary registration are prepared by the heads of these institutions. Therefore, some significant nuances are taken into account:

  • if a person plans to stay in a particular region for more than 90 days, he must register a residence permit on a temporary basis;
  • responsibility for this lies with the administration of the institution where a person lives temporarily;
  • the citizen must himself hand over his passport and birth certificates to the employees of the institution;
  • if a person has traveled to another city on a business trip, then an additional travel certificate is required;
  • often requires the provision of a voucher ora sanatorium card that contains a period during which a person is required to be in a particular region for treatment or other tasks.

The documentation of the citizen is transferred to the employeesinstitution for three days. After this period, the papers are returned together with a special insert-sheet confirming the availability of temporary registration with the citizen.

Nuances of child registration

Often, people are required to move temporarilybased in another city together with their underage children. They also need a temporary registration. What documents are needed for the child? These include the documentation:

  • a certificate of birth of a baby, if he is not yet 14 years old, and if he is older, a passport is required;
  • passports of parents, and if there is a child in another city with an official representative or guardian, then his passport is required;
  • a statement made either by the minor himself or by his guardians;
  • grounds for registration on a temporary basis in a particular residential area;
  • written consent from the owners of real estate to provide a temporary place to stay with the child.

If a child is born in another city, thenfor a month it must be registered on a permanent basis, but if this is not possible, a temporary propiska is allowed, but upon return to the home city, you will immediately have to take care of the permanent registration. Documents for temporary registration of the child are simple and understandable, so there is no difficulty with their preparation.

Temporary registration, which documents

Nuances of registration in the capital

There are many people in Moscow whowhile they have a permanent registration in other cities. Therefore, the process of registering a residence permit is a bit complicated on a temporary basis. For this process, you need to contact the FMS or MFC directly. It is necessary to visit these institutions together with the owner of the premises where the citizen stayed. Documents for temporary registration in the capital are represented by securities:

  • copy and original of the applicant's passport;
  • correctly drawn up statement both from a citizen temporarily staying in the capital, and from the owner of the premises where he will live for a limited amount of time;
  • copy of the homeowner's passport;
  • confirmation from the applicant that he has a place for permanent residence, which must be confirmed by a mark in the passport.

At the time of filing, thenot only the applicant himself, but also the owner of the dwelling presented for residence. If there are several owners, then all of them must come to the department of the FMS or MFC together with the citizen.

Nuances of registration of a foreigner

If a foreigner wants to live a littlein Russia, he must notify the FMS employees about his arrival within 7 days after crossing the border. If he stops at a hotel, he must transfer the migration card, residence permit, passport and other documentation to the employees of this institution.

Often, the foreigner himself wants to take all the actions, so that a temporary registration can be made. What documents are required of him? These include papers:

  • a statement on Form No. 1 PR;
  • a copy of the passport;
  • if you want to register a child, you need his identity card;
  • permission to stay in the country, obtained in the process of crossing the border;
  • sheet of arrival according to Form No. 2;
  • migration card;
  • permission from the owner of the room where the person stopped;
  • if a foreign citizen has his ownan apartment in a Russian city that can be purchased, received by inheritance, donated or transferred under a marriage contract, it can provide a document of ownership;
  • statistical sheet on Form No. 12 P.

Before submitting the documents, you must first notarize it, which guarantees the transfer of original documents.

What documents are needed for temporary registration?

Features of registration in a privatized apartment

If it is necessary for a citizen of the Russian Federation to be ina region for longer than 90 days, then to save them they usually choose outside housing belonging to other citizens, not hotels. If there is a privatized apartment, then temporary registration is allowed. What documents are needed under these conditions? They include papers:

  • If the owner of the home is registered,preparing a passport and title documents for real estate, as well as directly in the office of the Federal Migration Service can make an application for a temporary residence permit, and is not required under such conditions to obtain permission from other owners of the facility;
  • if an outsider who does not apply for an apartment is registered, then consent is required from all the owners of the dwelling, drawn up in writing;
  • if the proprietor of the privatized apartment is a minor citizen, then consent to temporary registration of an unauthorized person from the guardianship authorities will be required;
  • since a temporary propiska is required, the number of square meters for each resident is not taken into account during registration, therefore it is allowed to register a different number of citizens.

Thus, temporary registration of citizens of the Russian Federation is allowed in private housing. Documents may vary depending on the number of owners and other nuances.

Documents for temporary registration of the child

Is it possible to register in a municipal apartment?

Visitors can stay not only in housing,owned by other citizens, but even in municipal apartments. In this case, the list of documents depends on various factors, including the number of persons registered in the facility, their age and other parameters. The features of the process include:

  • passports of employers;
  • the passport of a newcomer;
  • an extract from the personal account;
  • a statement from all persons;
  • the permission of citizens registered in the apartment for temporary registration of another person;
  • social investment agreement for housing;
  • an extract from the house book;
  • if a man is registered, he will need a military ticket;
  • departure sheet if available.

The presence in FMS of all registered persons is requiredin a municipal apartment, moreover, even if registration is temporary. Documents of citizens must be submitted by originals and copies, notarized.

If a relative or an outsider is prescribed on a temporary basis, in addition to the municipal housing, square meters per tenant are taken into account, since there is no violation of the rules.

Thus, temporary registration can beis registered in different types of real estate. For each situation, specialized documents are required that are passed on to the employees of the FMS or MFC. It is necessary to understand what papers are required from the owners or tenants of housing, as well as what papers are prepared by the direct citizen who needs to stay in a certain region for more than 90 days. The lack of registration is the basis for bringing citizens to administrative responsibility.

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