Normative documents on labor protection. Occupational safety engineer

At every workplace we can oftento hear a notion that we do not really think about: this is the so-called labor protection. In fact, to lose sight of such an important element for the work would be extremely unreasonable. There are a number of regulatory documents on labor protection, as well as the corresponding specialty. The role of the presented phenomena will be described in detail in our article.

Russian legislation on labor protection

The main duty of the employer is toensuring safe working conditions. It is necessary to observe the provisions and norms fixed in the normative and local acts. Regulation of legal relations must take place in strict accordance with the law.

Article 212 of the Russian Labor Codeit is said about the need to create occupational safety and health services at enterprises. Such services can be in the form of a broad staff of employees or in the form of a staff unit - a separate specialist responsible for safety in the workplace.

The provisions of the Labor Code open other regulatory documents on labor protection. They will be described in detail later.

Labor Code and Federal Laws

Ensuring industrial safety andlabor protection - a rather complex and lengthy process, which includes many norms, activities, standards and rules. Various aspects are approved by regulatory enactments. Such acts are established according to a special hierarchy: from the highest subordination to the branch hierarchy. In Russia, the federal legislation is represented by the following documents:

  • The Constitution and the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
  • federal legislation;
  • by-laws in the form of orders of the head of state, government decrees, GOSTs, SNIPs, etc .;
  • Other acts of the federal level that contain rules on labor protection.
    normative documents on labor protection

According to Article 212 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the employer has the following duties:

  • the creation of a special service, which would include an engineer for labor protection;
  • creation of conditions necessary for comfortable and safe work;
  • providing workers with special protection means;
  • production of safe products;
  • investigation of accidents, as well as avoidance of emergencies in the future;
  • periodic testing of labor conditions, etc.

There are also special federal laws. Here it is worth highlighting FZ-125 of 1998, which refers to social insurance, as well as FZ-426 from 2013 on the procedure for assessing labor conditions.


A significant role in the system under consideration is played bynormative documents on labor protection of the subordinate level. The government has adopted a huge number of resolutions on safe work. It is worth highlighting only the most important of them.

Governmental Decree of the Russian Federation No. 1160regulates the procedure for the formation and modification of acts in which the rules for labor protection are fixed. Resolution of the Ministry of Labor No. 14 approves the procedure for creating an appropriate service in the workplace, and Decree No. 29 approves the procedure for training labor protection and testing knowledge in the field of safe production.

There are also a number of government orders,obligatory for execution by all workers' enterprises. This, for example, is the order of the Ministry of Labor No. 438H, which fixes the rules for the creation of labor protection systems. There are also orders of the Ministry of Health, which specify the lists of harmful factors for health, the procedure for the issuance of protective equipment, clothing, shoes, etc.

Separately it is necessary to allocate GOST (statestandards). These are documents, the norms of which must be fulfilled thoroughly. In GOSTs the order of carrying out of briefings, registration of the documentation etc. is fixed.

Contents of local documents

Federal legislation provides the basis forall the normative documents on labor protection of the local level should be adhered to. Regardless of the specifics, location or professional orientation, any enterprise must possess the following documents:

  • a briefing log of briefings;
  • briefing programs;
  • order to impose professional duties on a person authorized in the field of labor protection;
  • job description of the engineer for labor protection;
  • personal cards of employees;
  • list of posts for which special footwear or clothing is required;
  • schedule of medical examinations.
     labor protection and safety

Individual entrepreneurs should alsoto draw up local acts relating to occupational safety at work. The employment contract concluded by the IP with the employee must necessarily contain provisions on safety at the workplace.

Obligations of the occupational safety specialist

Having dealt with the main legaldocumentation related to safety at work, it is worthwhile to switch to the examination of a labor protection specialist (hereafter OT). Here are the duties of an employee:

  • Conducting briefings or seminars foremployees of the enterprise. For this purpose, a special schedule is drawn up, which must be adhered to. Conduct classes with employees can be directly at the workplace.
  • Investigation of industrial accidents or accidents.
  • Control over the employees of the enterprise.
  • Timely and qualitative inspection of technical equipment at the enterprise.
  • Development of new job descriptions for labor protection.
  • Issuance of referrals to workers for medical examinations.
  • Organization of workplaces in accordance with the current safety rules.
    rules for labor protection

Thus, the occupational safety specialist has a wide range of professional duties.

Job description of the labor protection officer

The document guided by the workThe specialist in question has a number of interesting features. Thus, the job description focuses on the measures of responsibility that can be imposed on a person for improper performance of his professional duties. For injuries and deaths in the workplace is often punished by the expert in industrial safety. However, it is still necessary to prove the direct connection between the work activity of an employee in the PA and emergency situations in the enterprise.

Occupational safety engineer

Otherwise, the engineer's working manual forsecurity is not much different from other professional documents. It regulates the work of a specialist, the requirements for education, rights and professional functions.

About the powers of the employee

What can I say about the rights of a specialist inprotection of labor? New regulatory documents (updated job descriptions from 2017) also indicate a number of legal powers of employees. Thus, an OT specialist has the right to check any workplace without requesting a special notice. In fact, the employee must everywhere accept and admit to professional activities. Otherwise, the responsibility will be borne by citizens who obstructed the work of an OT specialist.

new regulations

The engineer has the ability to request foracquaintance with absolutely any documentation that relates to the organization of the workflow or the technical characteristics of the equipment. An OT specialist should point out the facts of improper filling of the documentation.

Finally, an OT professional has the rightcomplain to management about individual employees who do not want to comply with its requirements. In some cases, an immediate appeal to the authorities will even be the duty of a specialist.


A specialist in the field of industrial safety is obliged to organize his work professionally. A qualified OT engineer must possess the following types of documents:

  • schedules of labor protection measures;
  • the content of briefings at the planned and extraordinary levels;
  • safety journals;
  • schedules of upcoming and past events;
  • The list of employees of the enterprise with the brief data about each worker.
    training in labor protection

The employer must transfer the specialist to the OTall documentation issued by a previous security officer. These are various accounting journals, qualification instructions and other collections of normative documents.

Occupational safety and health: basic requirements

What requirements are set for a specialist inorganization of safe production? An employee must possess certain knowledge, skills and skills that can only be obtained from a higher educational institution. In addition, the engineer must have at least one year of experience in a similar position.

occupational safety specialist

The employer will ask for a document,confirming the passage of official accreditation. It is necessary as a proof of its ability to implement qualitatively professional duties. It is also worth noting the presence of the following knowledge from the occupational safety specialist:

  • training of employees in safe operation and efficient use of equipment;
  • availability of teaching skills, as well as minimum views on the organization of training activities for labor protection;
  • the ability to navigate in civil law and acting local acts.

To receive a profession of the engineer on a labor safety it is possible in universities on a specialty "tehnosfernaja safety".

Cooperation with employees

Normative documents on occupational safety and healthto the engineer for industrial safety a number of responsibilities related to building effective cooperation. With whom exactly should the specialist in question form communications? First of all, with your personal assistants. If an OT worker is not alone in the enterprise, then close working relationships should be established in the existing headquarters for organizational and work safety.

The duty of the OT officer is alsocooperation with management and staff. The engineer has the right to record data on working people, to request documentation from his boss, to check the activities of employees at the enterprise, and so on.

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