Riding without insurance - what is this threatening?

Required for any driver documents -driver's license, technical passport and insurance. In the absence of even one of them, he has no right to drive. Today we will talk about insurance, the rules for obtaining it, and about the risks of riding without insurance.

driving without insurance

Auto Insurance is a type of insurance protectionpopulation, designed to defend the financial interests of the car owner in the event of a breakdown, theft or accident involving his car. At the moment there are two types of car insurance: mandatory (OSAGO) and voluntary (CASCO).

From the title it is clear that OSAGO (stands foras "compulsory motor third party liability insurance") is a compulsory procedure, the terms of delivery and tariffs are established by law. KASKO is a service provided by insurance companies, so conditions and quotations are also dictated by them.

If you provoked an accident, OSAGO reimbursesdamage caused to the injured car. If in this situation you are right, then you will have to demand payment of repair from the insurance company of the culprit. If you use CASCO services, the insurance

driving without insurance fine
the company must pay the costs in any case. There is another difference between these systems: OSAGO reimburses damage only in case of an accident, and CASCO - in the event of an accident, spoilage, theft or breakage. What to choose depends on your decision.

Riding without insurance OSAGO, as mentioned above, is inadmissible, in any case, you will be fined, regardless of whether you forgot to extend the policy or simply left it at home.

Consider the second case: you forgot the form of insurance at home, and it actually you have, is not expired, and you are inscribed in it. In this case, the Code of Administrative Offenses provides for a warning or penalty. Riding without insurance will cost in this case 100 rubles.

If the driver is delayed while drivingvehicle in the period not provided for by OSAGO, it will be fined 300 rubles or prohibited further operation until the cause is eliminated. Under this usually get summer residents, who insure their vehicles for the summer.

fine driving without insurance

It often happens that you urgently needput behind the wheel of a driver, not inscribed in the form. Riding without insurance in this case will also cost 300 rubles, plus the vehicle will be detained until the advent of the car owner.

Riding without insurance, the penalty for which isthe maximum is riding with an overdue MTPL insurance. The amount of punishment is around 500-800 rubles, in addition, the traffic police inspector will prohibit the further operation of the vehicle. The same penalty will have to be paid for the lack of a policy, and this sometimes happens, for example, when the driver at the time of buying a car decided not to insure him at all.

Remember that it is much cheaper and more reliablebuy a policy of OSAGO or CASCO, and this is not even because riding without insurance is associated with constant conflicts with inspectors of traffic police. Nobody can be responsible for what will happen to you tomorrow on the road. It is better to sit down quietly at the wheel of the car, knowing that you will not have to regret the huge cash losses in case of theft or accident.

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