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Selecting a smartphone by parameters is what it usually isMany users are guided when they are looking for a replacement for an outdated device. Today we will consider the device from the Finnish manufacturer - "Nokia 5250". In general, the model can be called a logical result of the firm's work. The device was created in order to compose in some respects a competition to other sensory devices. And it was assumed that the smartphone will give odds to models of Korean production. It was possible to implement this company "Nokia" or not, and we'll try to find out in the course of the article.


5250 nokia

The phone under the name 5250 Nokia becamea worthy alternative to devices based on a screen with a diagonal of 2.8 inches. Recall that the presence of such a display is typical for a large number of products included in the S60 range. Certainly, there are some differences. For example, not only the Nokia 5250 product is characterized by the presence of a mirror substrate. It is needed to stabilize the behavior of the screen under natural light.

On the other hand, the decision to switch todiagonal of 2.8 inches was quite logical. Among practical reasons - cost reduction, approximation of the device by its characteristics to the Korean counterparts. Meanwhile, the Nokia 5250 model is unlikely to successfully compete with the giants of the respective market. First of all, we are talking about such companies as Samsung and LG. But after all, real miracles sometimes happen in life. On them, and remains to rely on the Finnish manufacturer.

If "Nokia" can still be equaled withthe abovementioned suppliers of mobile (and not only) equipment, it will bite off a fairly large piece of cake. In any case, we have nothing left but to watch the struggle in this segment of smartphones. By the way, it is still necessary to take into account internal competition. Although the Nokia 5250 model clearly has nothing to worry about: today it is the cheapest phone of the company, equipped with a touch screen. In general, the positioning of the device becomes transparent and understandable at this moment.


choosing a smartphone by parameters

Nokia 5250 smartphone delivery kit for thisdevice is quite typical. In the box we will be able to detect the device itself, as well as the BL-4U lithium-ion battery. Also included wired headphones and a network adapter for charging the battery of the device. Complete the list of warranty card and user manual.


nokia 5250 reviews

Argue with the fact that the screen size, compared toother models, reduced, simply impossible. But you do not need to be an outstanding scientist to understand that such a step requires a reduction in the dimensions of the device body. In our case, the phone's dimensions in all three planes are 150 by 50 by 14 millimeters. In this case, the mass of the device does not exceed 106 grams.


nokia 5250 specifications

Nokia 5250, reviews about which you can find inend of this article, conveniently lies in your hand. We can note the increased reliability. Nevertheless, such a step provoked an increase in the mass of the apparatus. Only due to this the engineers managed to achieve a reliable retention of the device. I would like to feel a little smaller mass of a smartphone in my hand, you can not argue with that either.

Have this additionally and hardwaredelights. So, it's easy to see that the materials from which the device board was made, obviously did not regret. It, in comparison with similar elements of other devices, looks quite massive. It is simply impossible to explain this move unequivocally. But in terms of convenience Nokia 5250, the characteristics of which can be found in the article, will please not everyone, as, in principle, expected.

Build quality

nokia 5250 price

The device is very, very tightly assembled. Even if the user clamps the smartphone tightly in his hand, he can hardly hear the creak or crunch. What can not be said, by the way, about some competitive devices. The phone on this parameter is very different from them. In general, the company "Nokia" knows a lot about assembling devices. The possibility of backlashes is minimized, although, of course, there is.

The phone case is made of plastic. But it should be noted that this material is used on practical grounds. It is not smooth, but rough. That's why you will not notice fingerprints or scratches yet. On the corrugated surfaces (which is also equipped with our model), they appear extremely rarely.


Often, users when buying a newdevices resort to such a method as choosing a smartphone by parameters. If you are a supporter of this method, then, perhaps, you will pass by this smartphone. Is the device distinctive in its functionality from other products occupying the niche of the corresponding segment? Let's see what the smartphone owners think about this.

Nokia 5250, the price of which is about threewith a half thousand rubles, shows itself in terms of a device for communication as a good device. It demonstrates the high volume of the voice call, it is almost impossible to miss it even in the noisiest places. However, there are some drawbacks in this respect. With the progress of how the volume of the speaker will increase, the quality of the melody sound will deteriorate in parallel. In contrast, there is a weak vibration. It's easier to miss it when you find the device in your pocket.

Of course, at present it makes sense to acquirethe device at such a price there is absolutely no price. Now the smartphone market has a sufficient number of devices, which by many characteristics exceed this model of the smartphone. The device can not boast of some kind of over-original design. But each one chooses its own choice, and, perhaps, someone will like this smartphone.

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