What are the best programs for Android in 2016?

In 2016, the application store from Googlewas filled with a huge number of new applications, some of which either brought to the IT industry fundamentally new functions, or brought the already existing technologies to the mind, making the life of users many times more comfortable and interesting. What are the best programs for "Android" users can install on their devices in 2016?

Google Assistant

Autumn at its annual conference, the companyGoogle introduced a huge number of new products, including their own smartphones, and a set of virtual reality, and set-top boxes, and much, much more.

Of course, do not forget about the software: the light saw a new version of Android 7.0 Nougat, and with it the own voice assistant Google Assistant. The company created an alternative to Siri and Cortana with about the same available functionality and presented it even at the spring conference of Google I / O 2016. But it was possible to use the assistant only in October.

Google Assistant is officially available only onsmartphones lineup Pixel, but if you want it can be installed on other smartphones running on Android. To do this, you need to acquire root-rights and the necessary files.

Perhaps, it is Google Assistant that tops the top, which includes the best programs for the "Android" in 2016.


Hit the season - applications that use neural networks. The pioneer in this industry was the Prisma application, which uses these networks for photo processing. What can I say, if my counterparts Prizma created even in Google and Vkontakte.

With the help of Prisma, any user canradically change the style of photography. That is, not just edit the exposure and saturation, and how to "redraw" the photo in a different style and other colors.

best android software

Neuro-networks have not been sufficiently studied yet, but it can be precisely said that applications based on them have huge potential for development.

From the point of view of innovation, Prisma can lead the top under the title "The best programs on" Android. "

Google Allo and Duo

Among other things, in September the search engine presented its own messenger, and the analogue of FaceTime.

the best programs for android

Google Allo has received all the basic functions of anymessenger, and its main feature is the integration with the voice assistant Google Assistant. All the necessary information users can receive directly in the chat window with the person @google.

Google Duo became the analogue of Apple's FaceTimeAndroid. The application is available to users around the world and allows you to make free video calls anywhere in the world. True, the audio format is not yet supported, so it will not work as usual on a regular phone. Although the developers promise to add this function.

By the way, in the section "Free best programs for" Android "" the video messenger in the first week after the release took the lead, overtaking both Pokémon GO, and Facebook.

best software for android 2016

Opera Max

Despite the crazy popularity of Chrome and UCBrowser, the browser from Opera is not lost on the background of these giants. Moreover, Opera Max has at least one significant advantage: this browser allows you to completely control the entire traffic flow and save any information in a compressed form, but without losing quality. This is a unique function supported by the units of the browser, and it is fully implemented only in Opera Max.

To the question: "What are the best programs for" Android "among the brauwers you can highlight?" Many users are confidently answer - Opera Max.

Skype For Business

Striving to bring their products to almost allavailable popular platforms, Microsoft has added the Skype For Business application to the Play Market application store. Now, Android-users will join the corporate meetings.

No difference from the version on other platformsAndroid-version is not present: the interface is executed all in the same habitual Windows-style. Therefore, those who switch from Windows to Android, no discomfort will not experience.

This is how the "The best programs for Android" list looks like. "

It turns out that in the store applications for Androidfrom Google everything is still: from year to year it is supplemented by a huge number of useful programs that make life for ordinary users easier and, as a result, more comfortable. In addition, the segment of business applications for the corporate environment is developing at an ever-increasing pace, which also can not but rejoice.

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