Yamaha Receiver - a true technology for future generations

Concern Yamaha has long and firmly taken a positionleader in the market of household and professional audio equipment. Musical instruments, speakers, amplifiers, systems for home theaters ... With all the richness and diversity of species, lines, models of products, each unit of the product with this brand meets the highest demands and requirements in terms of quality and design.

And again about receivers

receiver yamaha
The Yamaha receiver belongs to those productselectronics, which are always in high demand with the consumer. Despite the relatively high price, it traditionally ranks one of the first in the top five among the equipment for home theaters. For example, a series of amplifiers Aventage. Even among professionals, it is considered elite - what about ordinary buyers! Not without reason, the Yamaha receiver of this line is called the AV-receiver for entertainment of the new century. This is how the name of the series is translated. Compared to past digital models, amplifiers of this modification are distinguished by many innovations and even greater expansion of their capabilities in the field of realistic surround sound and transfer of all the riches of audio ranges from the highest frequencies to the lowest ones.

Than rich

AV amplifiers, including the Yamaha receiver, as well asany technique, morally obsolete quickly, because New technologies and progress in the field of multimedia are carried literally with frenzied speed. And to meet the pressing needs, the company's developers need to try not just to keep up with the market, but to act on the lead. To this end, in the production of AV equipment, the engineers of the company tried to ensure that the new Yamaha receiver absorbed all the latest achievements in multimedia entertainment. These should include the following:

 yamaha receiver

  • Support for video files whose resolutionbelongs to class 4K. If you compare it with the standard "ha-wait", then the new time is four times steeper. The know-how of the line of AV receivers goes even further: they are able to convert standard sound signals to a fundamentally new quality of 4K, which opens a second wind even for films that were shot several decades ago.
  • The Yamaha AV receiver is great forwork with music files: he works well with the latest models of iPhones and iPods. To do this, the device and the amplifier are wirelessly connected to the appropriate Apple protocol (indicated in the instructions).
  • The design of the new "home theater" is made inaccording to the company's classic traditions: the Yamaha AV receiver is made up of a massive body, finished with black plastic and metal of the same color. It looks very impressive, solid and impressive. It is immediately clear that the thing is not just stylish, but also quality for five with a plus. A convenient large display is located at the top of the case and is hidden by a plastic panel. In the center, behind the wall-"door", is a niche, so to speak the control center "flight": here are hidden connectors for connections, control keys for the receiver's settings, etc. So to speak, on the surface of the console, at the user's fingertips are two handles-switches. The right allows you to customize the audio tracks, make the sound transmission more quiet or hands-free. With the help of the left user selects the required input. As a functional in the front panel are built two more buttons-keys. One of them is necessary, that to transfer the receiver to a mode "reserve", i.e. with additional parameters. And the second one returns the initial settings.

av receiver yamaha

List the advantages of AV receiversfor a long time. The main thing is that this line of the company's products, although costly, is worthy of its price and even surpasses its quality of its functionality.

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