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Search for a bona fide and honest employer -the task is not simple. It is necessary not only to look closely at what a particular firm represents, but also pay attention to the responses of subordinates about the potential boss. Only they are able to fully reflect the essence of cooperation with the organization. Today, your attention will be presented to a provider called "Enforta". Feedback from employees about this corporation will help to draw the right conclusions about good faith. Should I get a job here? Or is it better to find another company? What are the pros and cons of subordinates in their boss? The answer to all these questions is further.


The company "Enforta" (Moscow) is a firm thatis a very large Internet provider. It provides services to provide communication services to the public. In particular, it conducts, connects and provides access to the World Wide Web.

enforta staff reviews

Accordingly, the organization is engaged in the field of IT technology and the Internet. The population it is in great demand. Why? What makes a company from a number of similar corporations so different?

About services

The thing is that "Enforta" is a company that is really in demand. It, as has already been said, is a firm offering certain types of communication.

To be more precise, among the services that can be obtained in the organization, there are:

  • the Internet in a private house;
  • connection to the Internet of apartment buildings;
  • mobile communication services;
  • carrying out and providing a landline phone.

Nothing surprising or specific.Nevertheless, the organization is really pleased with its activities population. Customers are satisfied with the cooperation with the company. In any case, the numerous reviews of the population demonstrate this. Pleases the service "Internet - in a private house." After all, it is very problematic for private traders to conduct the World Wide Web without the help of a mobile router. But with "Enforta" it becomes possible!

It turns out that this is a well-known anda large company. She constantly seeks and recruits new shots. And in different cities. After all, the company is not only in Moscow. It is distributed throughout Russia. Should I contact this employer?

prestige of the Internet

About tariffs

Before answering this question,it is recommended to learn a little more about the firm from customers. After all, it is often positive or negative feedback about the company that attracts the attention of competitors or discourages new personnel.

"Enforta" tariffs for communication services offersvarious. A distinctive feature of the organization is that all plans are ideal for business. After all, it is with corporate clients and businessmen that the studied organization mainly works.

Tariffs depend on the number of employees in the company. For example, you can pay attention to the following types of network access:

  • 1 Mb / s, unlimited access, email, free antivirus - for 10 employees maximum;
  • 2 Mb / s, as well as all the previously listed opportunities - for companies with 30 employees extremely;
  • 4 Mb / sec, unlimited, mail, antivirus, if it is a company of up to 50 people.

These are not all tariffs, but the listed optionsattract the most. As already mentioned, "Enforta" receives mostly positive feedback from customers. Although sometimes the company is spoken of as a company that does not work very well. The Internet from "Enforta" differs little from the access to the Network offered by any other competitor.

company enforta moscow

About the interview

Now you can think about how firmis a conscientious boss. It has already been said that the organization is constantly looking for and hiring new subordinates. But how much risky is the request of the applicant to "Enforta"?

To understand this in full, it is important to considerall the nuances and experience of each employee. For example, pay attention to the interview. "Enforta" reviews employees about this process is not the worst.

Basically, job seekers and subordinates are happy,that the first meeting with the potential chief will take place in a clean and cozy office. Her cultural and friendly managers lead her. They are ready to tell all about the cooperation with Enforta. And it pleases. Only occasionally applicants complain that HR-managers are not very friendly.

There are no special features of the interview.It takes place according to the standard scheme - the study of the applicant's resume, the completion of the questionnaire, as well as a personal interview with the employer's representative. "Enforta" - the provider, the advantages of cooperation with which are described at the first meeting with the candidates is very active.


How exactly?What does the specified company promise to its subordinates? After all, it attracts new employees with something! The promises that the employer makes are not unlike the standard guarantees that most companies have.

internet in a private house

More precisely, in "Enforte" you can hope:

  • on the possibility of working and combining;
  • career growth and development;
  • flexible and convenient work schedule;
  • competitive earnings with the prospects of increasing wages;
  • official registration;
  • work in a friendly team;
  • developed corporate ethics.

Sounds really attractive. But to what extent do promises correspond to reality? Is the company "Enforta" (Moscow or any other city - it's not so important) so good?

About employment

It's difficult to answer. The thing is that opinions can be divided into 2 categories - positive and negative. They are about the same number of employers.

Ambiguous "Enforta" staff reviewsreceives for the specifics of registration of subordinates for work. Someone says that everyone is obliged to work in an official manner within the organization. And some emphasize the lack of the promised signing of the contract and the entry of an appropriate entry in the work book of a citizen.

What to believe?Prestige-Internet (Enforta) is a large company. She has been working in Russia for a long time. And all these subordinates are officially registered by the employer. The corporation does not violate the labor legislation. But some time without an employment contract will have to work.


In particular, when teaching. This is a mandatory process, which encounters every employee of the Enforta. Without a so-called internship, the applicant will not be able to find a job in the corporation.

enforta provider

Study receives ambiguous opinions.Part of the staff says that it is the training that allows you to get acquainted with the upcoming work, team and responsibilities. It is supposedly beneficial. And sometimes "Enforta" reviews of employees do not earn the best. Some doubt the relevance of training. After all, a citizen will actually perform the duties of an official employee without a documentary clearance. Doubtful joy for the applicant.

Working conditions

"Prestige-Internet" offers good working conditions in general. They make employees happy. Delight does not cause, but positive opinions people leave about their employer.

The working schedule is tried to comply, and all processing and overtime are paid. At workplaces, employees have everything they need to perform their job duties.

Complaints can arise only from technicians,who are engaged in the Internet. They are not provided with official transport, often they have to reach the client on their own. But this is not such a big drawback.

Sometimes "Enforta" reviews of employees are not the besttype earnings from employees of the call center and sales managers. After all, you have to work in the office. Yes, there is everything necessary for labor in the premises, but sometimes it is problematic to perform labor duties without interruptions.


"Enforta" is a company in which even newcomers will be welcomed. Employees emphasize that this employer is really a friendly team. Not everywhere, but in many places.

enforta communication services

Accordingly, it will be necessary to work in a friendly andcohesive team. Colleagues will always support, prompt, help. Conflicts are rare, they are tried to solve as quickly as possible. Beginners are helped to settle in a new place.

It is noted that "Enforta" is a firm, ideallysuitable for sociable people. For some, the collective literally became the second family. Unfriendly and closed subordinates, as a rule, do not stay here for a long time.

But the authorities do not receive the best reviews. Some say that the leaders of Enforta are people who understand and are just. A part of the subordinates stresses that the management of the corporation does not differ in conscientiousness and justice.


"Enforta" reviews employees of different plans hasfor the earnings of the subordinate provider in different positions. Often, you can find opinions indicating the lack of real earnings. The main profit is the percentage of the transactions conducted.

And someone emphasizes that it is "Enforta" that teachessell and work. As an initial stage of building a career as a sales manager, this is a very good place. You can learn something and earn money. The employer tries to pay on time, without delay.

enforta rates


Enforta offers communication services to the public. It's a good corporation in every sense. The employer receives standard claims from his subordinates. But no negative feedback is confirmed. Therefore, one should not trust them.

The majority of employees are satisfied with the place of their work. "Enforta" really helps to develop and make new acquaintances.

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