Bluetooth headset Jabra Supreme: description, specs, instruction, reviews

Wearing a Bluetooth headset is associated with onean unavoidable problem. Regardless of how well it is designed, the person who uses it will almost certainly look stupid. If we add to this the fact that the price of the Jabra Supreme is just over 7,000 rubles, it becomes obvious that a hard struggle is waiting for her in the sun.

This model is another product in a longline Bluetooth-headset company, the main feature and the main competitive advantage of which is the active noise reduction function, first proposed in headphones of this class. Before that, it was the exclusive prerogative of stereophonic headphones. Did the manufacturer fully realize this technology in mono-headphones?


The headset is packaged in a typical Jabraa box of black and yellow colors in which you can find the case, LINK 360 adapter, USB cable, charger, car adapter, spare ear pad and shackle, and user's manual. Accessories are many, and if necessary they can be found on the manufacturer's website, as well as a headband with a vertical shackle, providing an alternative head mount.

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Jabra Supreme: Design overview

First of all, it is worth dwelling on one of thethe most important parts of the Bluetooth-headset - its design. The company Jabra is famous for the release of quite stylish headphones, the culmination of which was the unique line of Stone, which demonstrated the highest level of the manufacturer's skill. However, this design had its drawbacks. The absence of a microphone bar meant that the voice transmission was not entirely flawless.

In the Supreme model, the manufacturer returns tomore traditional design, in which the main earpiece is combined with a folding bar and adjustable earhook. The first thing that catches your eye is that the company Jabra made the main effort not to create a stylish design, but to improve the sound quality. The whole product weighs only 18 g and is enclosed in smooth black-gray plastic and rubber with dimensions of 90x30x22 mm. When folded, the wireless headset can be hidden in the enclosed hard case. The microphone foot is pleasant to look at and seems solid. But the case looks a bit flimsy, and its class does not match what one would expect from the cost of the device. The bar is attached to the hinge. When it is opened, the headset turns on, and in the folded position, the power is turned off. In the first case, the earphone automatically establishes a connection with the last device connected to it, and a friendly American will kindly inform the user about it.



The headset is held on the ear with a removable arch.It can be inserted for both the left and the right ear. The Jabra Supreme comes with two of these small (and large) handles, and both have a movable end that is designed to prevent accidental falls. On the inside, the headset is provided with two ear cushions, which most people should approach. To put them on is not easy, as well as to provide reliable fastening, but after installation they keep in place without flying off. The extension rod has a length of 55 mm and does not cause any inconvenience in the folded state. Owners say that it clings to the jacket a little, but this is a small concern, which can be tolerated for the sake of better sound quality.

In general, Jabra Supreme user reviewscalled not the most comfortable headset they have ever had to wear. On the ear, it does not seem completely safe, and because the ear cane is replaceable, it seems that the device hangs from the ear, despite its small size and light weight.

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There are only 4 buttons in the headphones.Outside is the most basic of them, which is designed to receive and end the call. At the rear are 2 volume buttons, between which a micro-USB connector is located under the plastic valve, which serves to recharge the built-in battery. The fourth is located on the boom of the microphone and is used to activate voice control. All buttons are easily accessible and instantly respond to pressing. From the bottom (this depends on which side to wear the headset) are the LED indicators for Bluetooth connection and power.

Preparation for work

How to connect Jabra Supreme?Pairing with the phone is a fairly simple procedure. When you turn on the headset for the first time, it automatically switches to the connection mode. Then just go to the Bluetooth menu on your phone and connect to the Jabra device. If the smartphone requires you to enter a password, you must type four zeros. If this is too difficult, the voice guidance system is able to provide additional help. If desired, you can turn it off by pressing the Voice Control button while unfolding the microphone rod. An audible signal will be given.

On the PC, just connect the Bluetooth adapterLINK 360 to an available USB port and wait for Windows to install the necessary drivers. Upon completion, you need to turn on the Jabra Supreme headset. LINK 360 with it is already paired, so the connection will be established automatically. But the real advantage of the model, according to users, is its ability to connect to a smartphone and PC simultaneously. You can, for example, accept calls on both devices without having to disconnect one of them. The range of the headset is up to 10 m.

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Jabra Supreme: User manual

The headset supports wireless connections withtwo devices at a time, which is very convenient, if, for example, there is a working and personal smartphone (or a phone and a PMP with Bluetooth support). To establish the second connection, press the button for activating the voice control and say the phrase: "Pair new device". Switching between phones is a relatively simple process, when the first (main) has a higher priority than the second.

When you receive a call while listeningother sound sources will automatically switch to receive mode, and after the call is complete, the smartphone will return to the original task. However, when listening to a podcast, it will continue to work in the background, and therefore part of it will be skipped.

Although the design and comfort of use areimportant factors in the evaluation of the Bluetooth headset, if they are not accompanied by excellent sound quality, then the owner will become only a fairly extravagant earring. Jabra Supreme begins to show its capabilities at last, when it comes directly to the telephone conversation. The incoming calls are reported by a wonderful American woman, who even tries to tell who is calling, although her pronunciation is sometimes quite funny. You can answer an incoming call simply by pressing the button. According to the owners, the sound quality, regardless of the situation, always remains excellent. Active noise reduction works very well. This technology uses a combination of one dedicated microphone and an electronic chipset to create sound vibrations that compensate for ambient noise, which the user of the bluetooth headset hears.

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Voice control

Pressing the Voice Control button gives the owneraccess to a number of voice commands. Battery, Pair new device, Redial, Call back and Cancel do not require explanation and work well, although the foreign accent is slightly confusing the program. This is convenient, since there is no need to memorize sequences of audio signals or combinations of light indicators. The headset informs the user about the communication setup, low battery level and names the caller's name. The last and most important indication is the "Phone command". It will give access to the smartphone menu and allows the voice dialing of any contact that is on the list. According to the feedback from users, this function works fine with the iPhone, but, for example, with HTC Evo 3D it does not work out.

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The manufacturer presented the list ofcompatible devices, according to which most HTC models do not support voice dialing, even high-end smartphones, such as Sensation. However, the wireless headset should work well with all BlackBerrys and other phones on the Android platform. Before buying your model is still worth checking out. Although a problem like this is certainly a big drawback, it does not concern the headset itself, but depends solely on the specific manufacturers of mobile communication devices.

For sale is a modification of the Jabra Supreme UCMS, certified to work with MS Skype for Business. The wireless headset allows you to receive and end calls, change the volume level and turn off the sound.

Active Noise Reduction

While other Bluetooth headsetsclaim to have such a system, the manufacturer is adamant that it first included it in its model. In other devices, the technology requires support at the two ends of the communication line, which is quite the same. Such a system does not actively fight noise, as Supreme does. Users who tested the headset in a variety of situations (from the busy central streets of the megalopolis to the crowded bus and the car with the windows open) never once experienced problems with listening to people on the other end of the line. At the same time, the interlocutors did not even realize that they are talking on the Bluetooth wireless connection. In addition to active noise reduction, Jabra Supreme uses Noise Blackout 3.0 technology to reduce background noise. The headset also uses a wind control system (not yet patented), which is useful when calling from the top of the mountain. According to the owners of the headset, who used it during a slightly hushed hurricane, the quality of communication remained very high, since the movement of air masses did not hinder the conversation, and it was amazing.

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Evaluate playback

Providing high-quality sound whenlistening to music or podcasts for a headset is not a priority, since it was not created for this purpose. However, Jabra Supreme supports the A2DP profile, which allows you to play audio from multimedia applications. Users who listen to podcasts and radio, note that the sound of the headset is far from ideal. However, this may be due to the usual problem of streaming over Bluetooth. Given that the monophonic headset is not designed to listen to music in the first place, this can not be considered its main drawback.

Duration of autonomous work

Jabra claims that the full charge of the batteryshould be enough for 6 hours of talk time and 15 days in standby mode. According to the owners, the actual figures do not differ much from the ones claimed, since the headset runs 5-5.5 hours before the discharge of the battery, which is a very worthy indicator.

You can charge the battery from the AC mains, through the car cigarette lighter adapter and the supplied USB cable. When traveling, for example, you can connect to the USB port of the laptop.


The user can install severalcompatible free applications. For example, the GN Netcom Jabra CONNECT program for Android allows you to turn your smartphone into a control center for devices connected to the headset. In addition, the program provides a choice between 3 profiles with different audio settings depending on the location of the stay - in the office, on the street or in the car. An intuitive graphical interface allows you to monitor the battery charge, change the noise reduction level, record voice memos and send them by e-mail, record the location of the headset and display it on the card, and in the case of an active connection, force the model to signal.

Jabra PC Suite for PC provides similar functionality, extended with regard to Internet telephony. The program also allows you to update the firmware for Jabra Supreme.

Advantages and disadvantages

According to user feedback, the advantages of the modelyou can include high quality voice, the ability to work simultaneously with the phone and PC, the presence of a complete case and car adapter, as well as the availability of free applications for Android and PC. Among the shortcomings of the headset is its high cost and limited support for the Mac.


At first glance, the Jabra headset, of course,looks dignified. It is compact, stylish and does not attract unnecessary attention. And if you add to this the excellent sound quality at both ends of the communication line due to active noise reduction, it may seem that the Jabra Supreme is an unbeatable winner. However, poor support for voice commands, a fairly fragile build and high cost mean that it will be very difficult to recommend it to others.

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