HTC Desire 816: reviews, photos, prices and specs

In September 2014, a new smartphone - HTCDesire 816 Dual. Reviews about him are mostly laudatory. It was hard to imagine that for 16,000 rubles (average selling price per year of release) you can get an excellent gadget. However, this is so. The model quickly became popular. And it is quite deserved, as it has many advantages. There were some shortcomings. But, according to most owners, they are immaterial. These and other equally important moments will be described in the article.

htc desire 816 reviews

HTC Desire 816: model overview

This unit has large dimensions: 156.6 × 78.7 × 7.9 mm. With such dimensions, it weighs 165 grams. It is worth noting that in the hand it is well-felt. The case is made of plastic with a glossy finish. Fingerprints on it do not remain. At first glance it may seem that the back cover is removable. However, it is not. It is solid-cast, therefore it is not removed. For this reason, the manufacturer brought the SIM slots and the memory card to the right side. The device supports the work of two SIM cards, the type - Nano. Therefore it is recommended to buyers before buying to apply to the mobile communication salon for pruning Sims under the required format or replacement. The type of memory card is micro SD. The device supports up to 128 GB.

Many buyers because of the whole body thought,that the device is waterproof. I'll have to upset them, since he does not have such properties. Somewhat unusual was the location of the on / off button and the "rocker" volume. They are on the left side. However, there are such buyers who liked the novelty. At the top is a standard headphone jack, at the bottom - for connecting a USB cable and a charger.

The model is presented in several colors. When buying through online stores, you need to pay attention to the marking. For example, HTC Desire 816 (White) indicates that the body of the device is white, Black is black, Gray is gray (graphite).

There are no usual control buttons. They are located on the screen. However, the owners are not against this decision, since the screen is large in size. The frame is narrow. The speakers are installed symmetrically - at the top and bottom. In the left corner is the front camera.

htc desire 816 dual reviews


The device is packed in a white box. She looks stylish enough. On the front side there are phones with different colors of the cases. In order to understand exactly what lies in the box, you need to look at the information on the side face. There will be printed the name and color. For example, HTC Desire 816 (Gray), then, the smartphone is gray.

Under the top cover lies the phone itself in a special recess. Under this panel are the headset, charger and instruction manual.

htc desire 816 white

Speaker Reviews

The first thing I would like to draw attention to is:volume of the device. The HTC Desire 816 Dual Sim Dynamics is one of the strongest aspects. Not even all expensive flagships can boast of this sound. Many customers note excellent playback of music tracks through headphones. Also, the device provides a "stereo effect" function. However, its use, as they say, on an amateur, most people complain about the fact that the sound begins to "press on the ears."

You can not keep silent about BoomSound. This option is designed to improve the sound. Opinions about her divided. Some owners of this model argue that without this mode, the sound is much cleaner. In any case, the volume of the speakers at the highest level. While watching movies on the phone, it feels like a home theater. Most people say that putting out loudness of more than 70% is unrealistic, since you begin to experience discomfort.

htc desire 816 gray

Screen reviews

To the merits, many buyers also includescreen smartphone HTC Desire 816. Reviews of very demanding owners say that its resolution is not enough, such devices with a diagonal of 5.5 "must be equipped with at least the format of Full HD, but in fact, not everything is so bad. good color, saturation, image quality corresponds to more expensive smartphones.The type of display is Super LCD 2 (1280 × 720), capacitive.In one inch the number of pixels is 267.

In general, buyers were satisfied with the screen. The only thing you need to be ready for is the lack of protective glass. Given the large diagonal, the owners of this model advise to immediately purchase a cover. Also in stores are sold protective stacks, they can be purchased separately.

HTC Desire 816: reviews about the camera

The device is equipped with two cameras: the resolution of the frontal is 5 Mp, the main one is 13 Mp. The quality of the images is excellent, especially given the cost of this model. Many buyers were surprised by this. Cameras have a large set of settings, in the main there is a flash. Resolution of video recording is 1920 × 1080 pix. There are several types of shooting: 60 frames per second, slow, etc. No noise, no graininess. Color rendition is somewhat saturated, but it's a matter of taste.

htc desire 816 review

Reviews about the battery

Autonomous work is provided by lithium-ionaccumulator battery. It is not removable. Capacity of 2600 mAh is enough for the operation of a gadget like the HTC Desire 816. Reviews allow you to verify the correctness of the manufacturer's declared characteristics. In standby mode, the device will work for about one month, and during the conversation - within 20 hours. What do users say in their reviews? When testing the phone, they received the following figures: video playback at a high level of brightness - 5 hours 10 minutes, with an average load (calls, music, WI-FI) - 1-1.5 days. In order to understand how quickly the battery discharges, let's give an example - after 40 minutes of music sounding through the speakers, the battery only sat on 3%.

The manufacturer's excellent solution was to addfunction of "extreme energy saving". It can be especially useful if there is no outlet for charging nearby. When it is turned on, the device goes into the economical mode, turning off the color (monochrome display), reducing the brightness and displaying only a minimal set of functions (calendar, messages, calls, calculator). You can easily disable it by clicking on the "Back" button.

htc desire 816 dual sim

Performance Reviews

The quad-core processor is equipped with HTC Desire816. Feedback from people indicates that the system does not hang, the phone works quickly. The type of graphics processor is Adreno 305. The platform is Android 4.4.2. The built-in memory is 8 GB, but in reality only 3.5 GB is available. This is what customers called a minus, since not everything can be installed on a memory card. If this model is purchased as a gaming one, you must be prepared to ensure that all applications have to be stored in the phone's memory. However, 3.5 GB is not the worst option. Users note that there are copies on sale, where free internal memory is not more than 0.8 GB.

Data transfer is carried out with the help of EDGE, GPRS, HSUPA, HSDPA. Supports communication: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, A-GPS + GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.0.

Let's sum up the results

HTC Desire 816 - a model of the middle class, buthas equipment that can perfectly match flagship smartphones. For two years she fell in love with customers. The ability to make high-quality pictures, listen to music through stereo speakers or headphones, watch movies, enjoying surround sound - all this can be done with an inexpensive model from HTC.

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