Why does the message "impossible to create an icon" appear on the Android phone?

For some reason, a malfunction "can not be createdicon "on phones Android is found quite often.The phone does not display both old pictures, and newly made, can not shoot video.Meets mostly on smartphones Lenovo.

can not create a thumbnail
If an alert "can not create a thumbnail" appears, what should I do?

Reboot the phone

Sometimes it helps just to restart the phone. The software self-corrects the error and the pictures are reproduced again.

Clearing the Gallery app's cache

To do this, enter the settings menu, select"Applications", we find "Gallery", we select "Clearing the cache". Reboot the phone. This method often helps, when the phone has a lot of pictures and memory is not enough.

We exclude the defective CD-card

If photos are saved by default toexternal memory (CD-card), you can move them to the internal memory of the phone and open from there. If there is another CD-card, then we insert it into the phone and see if the application is working with it. If the problem is external memory, then instead of the "can not create an icon" icon, photos from internal memory or another card will be displayed.

The problem in the photo application

Download any file manager, go to the folderDCIM /. It has a folder. Thumbnails - delete it and restart the phone. If this does not work, go to the Camera folder and look at the size of the photos. When the application does not work correctly, the files will be empty. It is necessary to update the application for photos and restart the phone.

can not create an android icon

There is no contact with the Gallery app

In the case where instead of photos in the phone"it is impossible to create an icon" is displayed, but when you connect it to a computer, the pictures are visible, most likely, the question in the way the photo is displayed in the phone.

Download the file manager.Through it, open that memory (internal or external) on which the photos are stored, go to the DCIN folder, then into the Camera folder. Click on any photo file and hold until the internal menu appears. Choose the item "Open with." A list of applications that open this file appears. Click on the Gallery app. If there is a "Save by default" item at the bottom of the screen, mark it.

Now the pictures will be displayed correctly.

Phone firmware

Sometimes, the "impossible to create icon" error appears if you need to update the firmware version of the phone.

Open the menu "Settings", subsection "Aboutclick on the "Update system." If a new version of the firmware is available, then a list of warnings and the "Download" button will appear on the phone screen.

After the updated version is installed, the phone will reboot itself. Now you can watch photos and make videos. An error "can not create an icon" on the Android will disappear.

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