Echo-sounders "Practitioner ER-6 Pro": reviews, features, instruction

The only type of active recreation that you candevote all your time - it's fishing. It does not depend on the season, weather and time of day, so it is not surprising that fishing equipment and additional equipment is in great demand and actively discussed in the media. And if everything is clear with the rigging (its method and tool for each type of fishing), then things are more complicated with the equipment of the case. The subject of this article are the echosounders "Practitioner ER-6 Pro". The reviews of professionals and amateurs will allow the reader to get acquainted with the device, without which in the 21st century it is simply impossible to imagine real fishing. The review of the model, technical characteristics and functional of the device will help all fishermen to determine the best echosounder in the market.

echo sounders Practitioner ER-6 Pro reviews

Arranging the points

Naturally, the reader will wonder whynamely the "Practitioner"? After all, this market is just full of other, no less interesting brands, each of which promises the buyer an interesting and very useful functionality. It's quite simple - when choosing equipment, many beginners prefer to purchase inexpensive echo sounders. After all, if you refuse to use sonar, any buyer will not be so hurt to lose finances due to a wrong transaction.

The second, also important criterion, isManufacturer country. The official manufacturer - the Russian company LLC "Practitioner-NC" - certainly knows not only in fishing, but also in weather conditions, which have to catch Russian anglers. It is unlikely that there is a device in the budget class that can work in the temperature range from 20 degrees below zero to 40 degrees, not to mention worthy functionality.


You need to start with the fact that the device, like everything elseexpensive echo sounders for fishing, has a body protected from moisture and shock. Accordingly, accidental shocks, falls from a height and getting into a moist environment will not cause any harm to the technician. In their reviews, all owners note the convenient power of the device, because the user can install both batteries and disposable batteries. By the way, the echo sounder does not consume much, because the manufacturer provided it with an economical monochrome display with a resolution of 64x128 dots per inch.

echo sounders for fishing

The device is equipped with only one beamscan, which operates at an angle of 40 degrees, the maximum depth of the sonar is 25 meters. True, there is a minimum depth with which it is recommended to measure, it is half a meter. Black-and-white screen has only two shades (gradations), but this is quite enough to deal with the image in the picture.

Fishing Performance

Echo-sounder "Practitioner ER-6 Pro", the price of which is notmore than 5000 rubles, more interesting to fishermen other characteristics. It's about the process of scanning, identifying objects and transferring images to the device's display. Firstly, the technique perfectly copes with the construction of the bottom landscape - the construction of a graphic image is very acceptable. The second advantage is the definition of moving objects between the sensor and the bottom. Yes, the budget representative shows the fish, both lonely floating, and the school of small fishes.

echo sounders repair

The device, like all echo sounders for fishing, hasbuilt-in speaker, and therefore can notify the owner about any significant changes at the bottom of the reservoir (the functionality related to sensitivity is fully customizable by the user). Monochrome screen is equipped with adjustable backlight, which allows using the sounder without problems in the evening and at night. The device has a built-in air temperature sensor - a small thing, but nice.

Absence of headache

The pleasant bonus that the sounder "Practitioner" hasER-6 Pro "is an instruction manual written by people for anglers, it is really easy to understand, judging by the numerous responses of the owners, which is very difficult to believe, given that the device is controlled by only two buttons. It is produced without water, but the indication on the screen is quite understandable.Further, it is offered to choose one of the modes: "Fish ID", "Pro", "Depth gauge" or "Flasher", each of which is briefly described in the manual.

After determining the mode, the user canlearn more about the functionality of the selected setting. The instruction is accompanied by pictures that show the owner even an on-screen display with a detailed description. The additional functionality of the device, which fishermen refer to as "multimedia", can be found at the end of the user's manual, it is described briefly, but in an accessible language.

Minor oddities from the manufacturer

Quite strange echo sounders "Practitioner ER-6Pro "comments on the sensor's operation.In the manual it is written in black and white that the sonar works only in a humid environment, but nothing has been said about carrying it out of the boat (for example, placing it on a transom, as it is done with other manufacturers) apparently, should be understood by default by the owner, but folk craftsmen made a breakthrough in the field of electronics - they invented to leave the sensor in a boat, plentifully filling it with water, or putting it in a cellophane bag with the same liquid.

echo sounder Practitioner ER-6 Pro price

What gives the owner such a decision?The sensor, like the sounder itself, will never be lost - it will always be either in a boat or on an ice floe, if it is a question of winter fishing (the focus is placed in the liquid and works in winter). Accuracy - it is no different from immersing the sensor in water, that is, the signal passes perfectly through the bottom or ice.

A little bit about winter fishing

The merits include the fact that the cablebetween the device and the sensor does not freeze in the frost, as often happens in competitors - the echo sounders, such as Garmin and Lowrance, are "sick" in the 20-degree frost. Accordingly, you can not be afraid of the owner that he accidentally can crush the cable by stepping on him with his foot. The sounder is able to show not only the depth, depressions and elevations on the bottom of the reservoir, but also to demonstrate the fish. This, of course, is a plus for any angler who does not want to waste time.

echo sounder Practitioner ER-6 Pro instruction

But then, judging by the numerous reviewsowners, shortcomings begin. In the cold air, the echo sounder freezes and turns off, respectively, it is necessary to warm the case of the device manually or permanently to hide in the pocket for warming. The second disadvantage is the operation of the sonar in cold water - the sensor refuses to perform an accurate scan if the water depth is less than five meters (the error is colossal, not to mention the artifacts that the echo sounder can "come up with").

In pursuit of schools of fish

If with a large predator everything is clear - definedpit and the presence of fish, there is no doubt that prey is somewhere nearby, then with flocks of small fish there are some problems. However, you should not blame the echosounder "Practitioner ER-6 Pro". The feedback of the owners assures that the problem is more hidden in the human factor. Having determined a large jamb, the fisherman immediately throws tackle, while forgetting about the sonar. Firstly, fish tend to move, and secondly, the echo sounder has a small scanning angle. Accordingly, the sensor could fix the "tail" of schools of fish or exaggerate the number of several small fish. Professionals recommend performing an additional scan to make sure that the shoal of fish is standing still.

Hidden features

What the user does not meet in the instructions, sothis is a detailed description of the approach of the fish to the bait, and in fact the echosounder sensor is capable of this. In the process of exploitation, the fisherman will certainly notice such an interesting functional, but it is better to get acquainted with it in advance. In their responses, many owners of the device "Practitioner" recommend to perform a series of tests, namely, to throw in one place a large object (with the size of a fish) to the bottom of the reservoir, after which to place a pair of meters snap-in that should not touch the bottom.

echo sounder

Then the matter of technology - the object rises frombottom and pulls up to the tackle. Observe the changes on the echosounder is not only interesting, but also very informative. Let the rigging and not visible on the display, but the moving and depth-changing large object is very clearly fixed by the sensor, which joyfully warns the user with a sound signal about a large fish.

Problems and solutions

We consider the device "Practitioner ER-6Pro "breakdowns are more of a household nature.Therefore, professional fishmongers recommend repairing their echoes with their own hands, without wasting time on trips to service centers.Thus, the permanent disconnection of the device during long operation in most cases is connected with the battery compartment.The springs pressing the battery, have a low stiffness, respectively, which often leads to disconnection of the contact during operation.This way, this spring has the property also to oxidize, so the owner is recommended once in half a year to clean contacts.

The sensor itself has a plastic container, soIt is not recommended to warm it with a burner in winter from ice. The body of the sensor, although it has protection, but still deformable in the process of improper operation. Any damage passes the water inside and quickly disables the electronics. This problem is solved only by purchasing a new sonar.


Echo-sounder "Practitioner ER-6 Pro" user reviews inthe mass media do not regret - they describe small defects of producers with great predilection. First of all, they got control buttons, they are really very tight, it takes a lot of effort to push them. It is clear that the technologists have tried to make a solid device, but that's not all fishermen have heroic power. And if we talk about the buttons, then obviously there is not enough third, because it is somehow inconvenient to make a choice of functions around the circle with a single button (the second one is analogous to "Enter").

low-cost echo sounders

Many users complain about the lack of memory -the best echo sounder in the budget class is deprived of the demanded functional. You can understand them, because it is extremely inconvenient to constantly make measurements to determine the topography of the bottom on one pond. True, here there is a question with the binding to the coordinates, because the device does not have navigation, accordingly, there are only two solutions: to buy an expensive echo sounder or to create your own pilot chart and apply measurement data to it.


Quite an interesting product was obtained fromRussian masters. Affordable price, excellent functionality, clear instructions, worthy technical characteristics - the entire list of requirements of any fisherman who needs a good helper on the pond. Even small defects of the manufacturer do not spoil the general idea of ​​the device, because most of the problems are eliminated on the spot, and users repair echosounders with their own hands, without wasting their precious time, which can be spent with the benefit of fishing.

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