What to do if the phone does not charge: practical tips

After reading our article, even those who do notespecially friendly with technology, will be able to sort out a little what's what. Simple, but miraculous recommendations will make the naive - wise, and defenseless and unsure - by experienced experts on the question: "What if the phone does not charge?" Most likely, even people who are not technically savvy will be able to adequately answer the arrogant "guru" from an independent workshop , that the cause of the malfunction lies not in the red button and not even in that the favorite dog likes to play with the hanging cord of the charger (charger). After all, everything that can be done at home, you will know, and this, believe me, is not enough. Let's drop the lyrics and move from words to practice.

Why the phone does not charge: the main reasons and methods for eliminating them

What should I do if the phone does not charge?

As a rule, such a malfunction occurs inresult of mechanical or chemical impact. However, you can not discount the software failure of the mobile device. Even such a modern phenomenon as "electronic infection with malicious code" can cause problems in the smartphone's power supply system. Nevertheless, the correct diagnosis will place all the points above i.

Is your charger correct?

If the phone is no longer charged, firstthe power cord of the power adapter should be visually inspected. You may find obvious signs of damage to the outer insulation of the cable. The deformations in the form of kinks and strains also should not hide from your sight. If the wire is all right and the plug is not oxidized - ask for help from neighbors, a friend or a colleague, maybe one of them has exactly the same charge. Positive result - go to the store and buy a new storage, no - we proceed further.

In addition: USB-check

As a rule, the mobile device purchased in the store has a synchronization cord (DATA-cable) in its bundle. Connect the cellular device to the computer. Phone is not charging via USB?

Phone is not charging via USB?

Disconnect all peripheral devices from the PC. No reaction? A bad situation, but early upset, there are several other methods by which you can try to restore the "energy life" of the mobile phone.

Software failure and what the virus is capable of

Often, owners of smartphones sin installvarious expanding capabilities of device programs and applications. And without even thinking about the "decency" of developers and not attaching importance to the nuance that the source of distribution is filled with extremely dubious content. As a result, the working firmware starts to "buggy". The charge indication can stop working altogether, and if the virus is introduced, the phone will quickly lose its battery charge for two or three days. Note whether any of the wireless modules does not turn on automatically. Found a hitch - remove the program and neutralize the malicious code.

Phone is not charging - Charging is on

Mobile power connector

Remember: never panic when deciding "what to do if the phone does not charge": it can always be fixed.

In bright light (and if there is a magnifying lightglass, it's really wonderful), inspect the inside of the nest. "Chic and shine" is an excellent sign! Pollution and chemical plaque in the form of oxidation requires purification.

Remember the saying "the further into the forest, the morefirewood "? So, do not try to tinker with various means at hand with a narrow channel of the connector - you can still damage the whole system element. Caution, thin brush and alcohol are all that you need in this case.

Why is the phone not charging?

A good solution to the question "What to do ifphone does not charge "will serve a simple experiment. Insert a known serviceable memory into the connector of the mobile device and without any effort, shake the plug in different directions with a periodicity of one second. The indication came to life - you read into the workshop, "deaf" - the next paragraph.

Accumulator battery

In the event that the power reserve of the battery is completely exhausted, it is likely that the battery has lost its starting pulse. In this situation, without a universal memory simply can not do.

  • Install the battery in the lock and, observing the polarity, apply electricity to the "plus" and "minus" pins.
  • Literally in 5-10 minutes the battery can be inserted into the phone.

If everything was futile and no miracle happened, then the next stage of the project "what to do if the phone is not charging" will be a trip to the nearest workshop or service center.

The natural ending

Dropping the phone and bumping against a hard surface,even when it is shockproof "from birth", does not lead to anything good. As they say, luck is a temporary phenomenon. As a result of this kind of mechanical damage, the owner of the mobile device may encounter the following problem that the phone is not charging - charging is in progress. Often because of a strong blow, the mobile phone's battery goes out of order. The visually observed indication is in fact only a program schedule, which, in fact, is working in vain. Since the batteries are not refueling. There are two ways out: either repair the power controller of the cellular device, or replace the battery. In the first case, you can not do without masters.

The phone has stopped charging


Let's hope that the question of why the phone is not charging is for you for today. Nevertheless, I want to give you several recommendations as a reward for curiosity:

  • Do not use the universal charger too often.
  • Do not allow deep discharges of the battery to zero.
  • Do not leave the phone in the heat or, conversely, in the cold.
  • Install anti-virus protection on your phone (if the software allows it).

Have a nice day and successfully repair!

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