Router ZyXEL Keenetic Omni II: instruction, setting, feedback

The ZyXEL Keenetic Omni II Router is one of themodels of routers of the Keenetic line, the devices of which differ only in design and technical equipment: in Lite versions there is no USB, and in versions 4G it is used only for synchronization with USB modems. There are only real differences between Extra and Giga models. In fact, the ZyXEL Keenetic Omni II standard router combines the features and characteristics of the devices of the entire lineup with the exception of the younger and older models.

Completion of the router

Wireless ZyXEL Keenetic Omni II is shippedin the standard configuration. Packed in a classic box. The second version of the router differs from the first by the presence of special software for device management.

The kit includes the router itself, a cable forconnection to a personal computer, power adapter, ZyXEL Keenetic Omni II user's manual, warranty card. Separately it is worth noting that the entire line of ZyXEL Keenetic is a Russian development.

zyxel keenetic omni ii

Design by ZyXEL Keenetic Omni II

All models of routers of this lineThey are made in the same style: the body is made of glossy plastic with a pattern of waves. In reviews of the ZyXEL Keenetic Omni II router, users note the inconvenience of such a solution: fingerprints quickly leave on the surface. The cooling system is represented by gratings located on the side faces. The WPS key is located on the right side. USB connectors, as well as the module itself, are provided only in 4G and Omni models. Models of the line differ only in the presence of USB, the shape and arrangement of antennas. For example, ZyXEL Keenetic Omni II is equipped with two antennas located on the side faces, which is very convenient for connecting the interfaces to the connectors behind the router.

Models of routers without a USB module are equipped with eightLEDs are green, while the modifications from USB have nine. They indicate the presence of power, Internet connections or line search, connection to four LAN ports or a WAN port, a Wi-Fi module or a USB connector (if equipped with one) in a particular router model.

Programmable ZyXEL router setup buttonKeenetic Omni II is located on the side panel, while for the remaining modifications it is moved to the back edge. The key can be configured for various functions: activation of Wi-Fi, secure removal of connected devices via USB, WPS activation. The reset button before the factory settings is located there. Nearby are the LAN and WAN ports, the power button and the power adapter connector.

router zyxel keenetic omni ii

Technical characteristics of the router

The entire model line, except for the older one andyounger models, has a similar hardware configuration, based on the processor MediaTek MT7620N with a clock frequency of 580 MHz. Memory DDR-64 MB, for firmware enough 8 MB of flash memory. Equipped with a ZyXEL Keenetic Omni II router with a 802.11 b / g / n wireless controller with a maximum data rate of 300 Mbps. Some models of the line have a USB 2.0 module installed.

According to their characteristics, ZyXEL Keenetic routerssignificantly inferior to analogs - the same Xiaomi Mi Mini Router, for example, which at a much lower price is equipped many times better. However, plus in the piggy bank ZyXEL you can count the fact that it is much easier to configure and flash.

zyxel keenetic omni ii setup

Connection and operation of routers

After the first connection of ZyXEL Keenetic Omni IIasks to enter a login and password from the Internet connection and immediately starts working. The router is equipped with integrated unified software with auto-update function and a large number of services that can be activated at will. For example, you can disable the built-in module of the torrent client, especially if it does not need it.

ZyXEL Keenetic router supports connectionsL2TP, IPoE, PPTP and PPPoE. The device's functionality allows using it as a separate access point and repeater, connecting third-party gadgets via Wi-Fi, via a USB connector, an authorizer and a wireless connection supported by the 802.1 module.

Support for the ZyXEL Keenetic Omni II modemdifferent connections makes it possible to connect them according to the set priority. The working capacity of the channels is regulated by the Ping Check module: in the absence of a ping, the router reconnects to another signal source.

The ZyXEL Keenetic Omni II router can support the operation of IPTV through the IGMP protocol. The built-in server and the ability to select individual ports allow you to connect the prefix.

Wide range of wireless routersupports the capture of packets, the operation of the module IPv6, can identify users to grant them access to files, connects to the DLNA server, synchronizes with most printers and USB modems, is able to work with the system for uploading the files transmission.

router zyxel omni keenetic ii

Settings ZyXEL Keenetic Omni II meanthe inclusion of means of limiting and controlling access to the network. To this end, the firewall is activated, through which you can set specific settings for each of the interfaces. When searching, you can filter on sites and words through the functionality of the services "Yandex.DNS" and SkyDNS. Despite the fact that the latter service provides an extended package of functions on a fee basis, the basic one is enough to restrict children's access to undesirable content. Spread such restrictions can not only be on the entire network, but also on a specific connection or device.

To the homegroup via the ZyXEL Keenetic routerOmni II you can make separate devices, renaming them in a convenient way. Any of the connected devices can be given a new name and make changes to the IP address given to it by the DHCP server. This function of the router is very convenient and avoids conflicts related to IP addresses. If the router has several connection interfaces at once, then you can specify your address and name for each specific port.

Installed modules and the need for themThe update is displayed by the auto-update system. The user can activate / deactivate individual modules and start updating them if necessary.

Router supports almost all existingfile systems and easily synchronized with hard disks. The software allows you to work with drives. For network access, FTP and SMB / CIFS protocols are used. Remote control via the Internet and server setup via DLNA, Microsoft Windows and BitTorrent networks is available.

zyxel keenetic omni ii user guide

Configuring an Internet connection

Setting up a network to connect to the Internetis carried out through a convenient and intuitive web-interface. You can connect to it by entering the combination in the browser's search box. The bottom panel of the router usually prints a login and password, which must be entered when entering the web interface. Factory settings should be changed immediately to your own. You can do this in the "Users" section after double entering the password.

The interface offers two different optionsnetwork settings: fast or using a web configurator. It is desirable for ordinary users to choose the first method. In section "Connection to the Internet" authorization data are indicated: login, password and other information. The information entered must correspond to the one that was given to the user by the operator.

PPPoE settings for individual operators

In the bottom menu of the router there is an icon withthe globe image, the jump to which opens the connection tab, where the desired configuration is selected. In the "Description" section, the Broadband connection checkbox is selected, then the "Ethernet connection" tab opens, where several checkboxes are installed: opposite the "Use WAN-connector" and "Use for network connection" items.

MAC address changes are not required, but the IP address parameter is fixed in the "No IP address" position.

You can add a new connection in the PPPoE / VPN section. For this, the following actions are performed:

  • Enter the login and password provided by the provider.
  • The lines "Description" and "Service name" are left blank.
  • Automatic authentication is set.
  • Type - PPPoE.

If properly configured, the Internet connection will appear immediately after the changes are saved.

router setup zyxel keenetic omni ii

Configuring L2TP

For the provider "Beeline", the Internet connection, that is, L2TP, is configured in the same way in accordance with the steps already mentioned:

  1. In the interface of the router program, the item "Add connection" is selected.
  2. Connection type is L2TP.
  3. The "Server address" entry is made by tp.internet.beeline.
  4. The login and password provided by the provider are indicated.
  5. The changes you made are saved.

Setting up a Wi-Fi connection

The ZyXEL router functionality allows you to useit as a device that distributes a Wi-Fi network. The "Access Point" item is selected in the interface of the router, after which the following parameters are set:

  • Auto channel.
  • The SSID name is created by the user, which is the name of the network.
  • A secure password is entered.
  • The maximum power is set.
  • The degree of protection is WPA2-PSK.

modem setup zyxel keenetic omni ii

As a result,

The line of ZyXEL Keenetic routersis considered one of the best: the user can choose the model that is optimal for him in terms of functionality, technical characteristics and cost. Comparing the model with analogs like Xiaomi is useless: despite the wider functionality, you can achieve similar properties on Xiaomi, but you will have to suffer with the firmware, but in the end you can get a good router in a more attractive design and with the ability to work in two ranges of networks. ZyXEL Keenetic works out of the box, without requiring flashing and complex settings, has a good hardware component and characteristics.

To replace old models from a ruler on new notcosts: technical characteristics and hardware component they have absolutely the same, the only difference - the appearance and location of antennas. If the ZyXEL router is purchased for the first time, then it's better to stay on the new models of the series - they are cheaper, they look more presentable and, as already mentioned, their antennas are very well located on each side.

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