How to disable "MTS-info": weather or news

Today we have to learn how to disable"MTS-info". More precisely, how can you connect certain services and abandon them. In fact, this question is asked by many users of the MTS network. After all, for all connected packages and offers have to pay. And the information that comes to the phone, sometimes it turns out to be useless. Therefore, now we will need to study the possibilities of "News" and "Weather". How to disable "MTS-info" in this case? What do I need to connect? How much does this or that service cost? All this will be discussed later.

how to disable ms info


Immediately discuss the cost of "MTS-info." The thing is that any service in this service at this time is 6 rubles. This is including VAT. In principle, it is not very expensive if you consider a subscription for a day. And a month runs a round sum. And this is not very pleasing to subscribers.

Therefore, instead of paying 6 rubles eachfor 1 sentence per day, it is better to think how to turn off "MTS-info." All the necessary information like interesting news and weather forecast can easily be found somehow differently. And absolutely free.


But first you need to connect yourself paidsubscriptions. Without this, you can not disconnect them. How to implement the idea? In the "MTS-info" for each package of services has its own USSD-request. They need to know. Or it will take a long time to work with the "Mobile Assistant" service, which helps to connect and disable the "MTS-info" functions.

To subscribe to "News", you must typefrom your mobile device combination * 111 * 4766 #. After sending the request, you will be charged 6 rubles for the upcoming day. And then there will be a message with interesting news. True, it is not a fact that they will please you.

how to disable the service mts info

"Weather" is connected via * 111 * 4761 #. In response you will receive daily reports with the weather for the next day. But pay attention - the information is provided only within the area where the sim card was registered. Your forecast does not depend on your current situation.

A distinctive feature of the service "MTS-info" -this is the fact that for a one-time connection, the subscription fee will be automatically debited from the account until you complete the application for the refusal of a particular service. It turns out that there are no conditions for disabling functions as needed. Not quite convenient, but the system is arranged like this. You should think on your own how to turn off "MTS-info".

Call Waiver Cancellation

You can offer a fairly unpopular, buta very effective method of refusing a paid subscription. This is a call to the operator. To get through to MTS, you need to dial 0890 and wait until you are answered.

Next, tell the operator that you want to refusefrom the subscription "News" and "Weather". The employee will check the connection. In the case where the subscription is actually issued, the employee will apply for a trip. The answer will not keep you waiting - you will receive an alert. This process is absolutely free. But he, as already said, does not enjoy the subscriber's huge love. After all, sometimes it's easier to unsubscribe from paid services.

how to disable mts info weather

For news

How to disable "MTS-info" ("News")? For this, there is a special USSD request. As already mentioned, such functions are available on all paid subscriptions. And just this layout is better for all users.

In order to cancel messages once and for allMTS Info with the news, will have to form a team * 111 * 1212 * 2 #. If you send this request to processing, then after some time the problem with the subscription will be solved. In response, you will receive an alert about the successful processing of the operation. Just what you need! So we learned how to turn off MTS News-Info. But that is not all.

For the weather

How to disable "MTS-info" ("Weather")?In the same way as in the past case. That is, using a special command that will be sent from your phone. This process does not require payment and works extremely fast.

To refuse the "Weather" service, dial* 111 * 4751 #. And all problems will be solved very quickly. In addition, this subscription can be removed using SMS-request. To do this, write in message text 2 and send to number 4741. If you are in roaming, you will be charged as a normal SMS. If you are located within a city or region, then, as already said, the process will be free. Eventually you will receive a message in which the result of processing the operation will be indicated.

how to disable mts news info

We go to the office

If you do not know how to turn off the service"MTS-info" and think about this task is not very desirable, you can contact the nearest office of "MTS" for help. There you quickly help unsubscribe from the package or connect some new function.

Go to the mobile phone "MTS", where you will informabout their intentions to abandon Weather and News. Ask for help from the operator. Next, you will have to give your mobile employee an office for a while. He will issue a request for a "reply" and return the device to you. By the way, this process does not require any payment. Consider this.

Through the site

Still think how to turn off the "MTS-info" service? Then the page "MTS" can come to the aid. There is a "Personal Cabinet", which allows you to manage all the services connected to the SIM card.

how to disable messages mts info

In order to curse from the "News" and "Weather",go to the website and click on the "Services" sign. There, find the appropriate subscriptions. On the right side of the screen, click on "Disconnect". In the appeared window, type the confirmation code of the request, which will come to you on the mobile as an SMS message, and then click on "Ok". The result will not be long in coming. From now on, we know how to turn off the messages "MTS-info."

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