What is the best vacuum cleaner: with a bag or container?

You are going to buy a vacuum cleaner, but the choicecauses difficulties? What type of home helper would you prefer? What capacity will ensure a good absorption of dust? What is the best vacuum cleaner: with a bag or container?

what is the best vacuum cleaner with a bag or container

The answer depends on the complex of individual conditionsthe buyer. You should keep in mind: do you have animals in the house, that on the floor - a sensitive laminate, strong tile or carpets, are you inclined to allergies. In fact, it is not so important, a vacuum cleaner with a bag or with a container, the main thing that you consider burdensome: periodically buy disposable dust collectors or clean the container of dirt after cleaning?

However, we will understand everything in order. To answer the question of which is better for a vacuum cleaner: with a bag or container, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of working machines.

vacuum cleaner with bag or container
Most buyers about vacuum cleaners with bagsknows firsthand. Shaking dust out of rags is not a pleasant experience. In addition, a bag of cloth passes the smallest dust particles. By the way, they are the most dangerous for allergy sufferers. True, modern manufacturers have long replaced the fabric with synthetic materials that can easily cope with this task. And still modern bags are durable, not afraid of moisture and durable.

Paper sample of a dust collector - excellentalternative to dirty work. A disposable bag is simply thrown away, and the paper from which it is made is easily and completely decomposed. But even here there is a minus - the packages are running out quickly, and you have to go to the store again to buy a new package. As a result, there comes such a time when this duty bothers the owner of the vacuum cleaner, and then the question again arises: after all, what is the best vacuum cleaner? With a bag or container?

samsung vacuum cleaner with container
At first glance, the removable bowl has a significantadvantage: you can forget about buying packages. In addition, if the container is just as unpleasant to shake out dust, then the container with the aquafilter will relieve this annoying event. Contaminated water simply drains into the sewer. This is indeed so.

Pay attention to the "pitfalls": The air filtration of an airless vacuum cleaner is up to 5% lower. It is not suitable for people suffering from asthma, allergies, respiratory and some other types of diseases. However, like a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter that dissolves visible dust in the water, and the most dangerous smallest dust particles come out together with air bubbles.

Still need to know that the suction power of vacuum cleaners with containers and aquafilter is 20-30% less than for cars with bags.

In what better vacuum cleaner - with a bag or container - figured out. It's time to orient in the power of household appliances. What kind of suction should your vacuum cleaner have?

If the floors of your house are strong and smooth, withoutcarpets, then the power model can not overpay. In your case, the average version will be good. The more powerful the suction force, the more fine dust breaks through all the filters installed in the apparatus.

what is the best vacuum cleaner with a bag or container

The apparatus of any company you would choose: a domestic manufacturer or Bosch, Siemens, Samsung, a vacuum cleaner with or without a container, the main thing is that its functionality meets your needs.

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