Solar battery for charging the phone. Alternative power supplies

The proliferation of productive smartphones,equipped with weak batteries, makes users seriously think about alternative power sources. Unfortunately, convenient solutions for everyday use, except for conventional batteries, do not exist yet. The only decent option is the autonomous power units for charging the phone without connecting to the network. But these options have a lot of their shortcomings. At the same time for those who like to spend time in nature and away from civilization, will not become a salvation and capacious Power Bank. In such situations, the solar battery for charging the phone comes to the aid, which is characterized by absolute independence from the mains. Such devices allow you to replenish the charge of mobile devices, receiving power directly from the sun. Accordingly, it is also a free way to ensure the functioning of electronics.

solar battery for charging the phone

The device and the principle of the battery

By design, such products resemble smallbatteries, the feature of which is a wide range of different adapters. The standard device of the solar battery provides for the presence of photocells, which accumulate energy, which converts into a power charge. Further through miniUSB or microUSB, energy is supplied to the mobile device. Depending on the model, such devices can be equipped with special indicators, the glow of which indicates a sufficient level of light to perform the charge.

Before you start the procedure for supplying the phoneyou should charge the solar battery. This can take several hours - it depends on the brightness of the light. After that, the solar battery for charging the phone can be used for its intended purpose. By selecting a suitable adapter, you can connect the battery to the target device.

solar device

Main characteristics

The main characteristic is power,which on average is 4-12 watts. This figure is enough to work with small mobile devices, but it is better to charge a tablet or laptop with more powerful batteries. In this case, the solar cell device can provide for the presence of several elements such as NiCd-NiMh. Accordingly, the more batteries, the faster will be charged, but the mass of the device will increase at times.

By the way, these devices are rare in sizeexceed the dimensions of the video cassette, and the weight is usually 400-500 g. But there are exceptions, and if a rush is planned for a long trip, it is desirable to calculate the mass of the additional power source initially. If you plan to use the device as a standard adapter, then the solar battery to charge the phone must also have the ability to connect to an outlet or a cigarette lighter.

solar battery for phone

Charging efficiency

Still, the bulk of buyers expectson the possibility of operating solar panels in full autonomy with respect to the power grid. That is, the question arises as to how much, in principle, charging from an alternative source can be effective. As practice shows, a full charge of the battery takes 6-10 hours. Such a wide range of time is due to the fact that the sun can have different luminescence parameters. It is clear that under the most favorable conditions, this method of charging will lose supply from the outlet, which takes an average of 3-4 hours. In the charged state, the solar battery for the phone is able to provide power to the phone for 1-2 hours. The small-capacity push-button apparatus of this time is enough for the full replenishment of energy. However, modern models of smartphones with large screens and capacious batteries often require much more time for charging.

solar battery price

Cost of batteries

Elementary elements with low powerare estimated in an amount not exceeding 1 thousand rubles. As a rule, these are Chinese devices of dubious origin, among which, however, one can find very effective options. The price tag increases as the functionality of the solar battery expands. The price of devices that have a wide set of adapters and connectors can be 2-3 thousand rubles. Of course, in this case, the power will be not less than 10 W. The most expensive models of solar batteries cost 4-5 thousand rubles. and more. Such devices can no longer be called compact, since the equipment can include a display, a wide range of ports and plugs, as well as special fasteners. With the help of such a complex, you can recharge not only the phone, but a full-fledged laptop.

cost of solar panels

Positive feedback on solar panels

Most of the laudatory opinionsThe use of solar cells comes from users who specifically purchase such devices for use in nature. It is in conditions of separation from civilization that one can highly appreciate the use of an alternative energy source - regardless of the outlet and the main advantage that practically all solar batteries have. The reviews also note the multifunctionality of such devices. For example, in addition to power from the sun, the batteries can be connected to a regular electrical network and then used for a one-time charge of the mobile device.

Negative feedback

Most manufacturers of solar panelsare represented by the Chinese market with all the characteristic disadvantages of such products. Experienced users of electronics note that, in essence, the backbone of batteries is represented by unfinished photocells. That is, such panels are no more than blanks for more complex devices. At the same time, the low technological level runs counter to the price tags. The fact is that even the average cost of solar batteries is 1-2 thousand rubles. in most cases unjustifiably overstated. For comparison, energy storage devices in the form of portable charge only in rare cases cost more than 1 thousand rubles.

solar battery reviews

How to choose the best option?

In order not to miscalculate with the acquisition of solarbatteries, you should initially determine the level of power required, the connectivity, and the size of the device. The optimal power level for the model of average performance is 3-4 watts. With regard to connectivity, the solar battery for the phone, as a minimum, should support the interfaces USB and microUSB, which interacts with most modern mobile phones. In terms of dimensions, the choice is made individually, based on the nature of operation of the device.


Large world producers do not aspire tofully absorb and launch on the market chargers that operate on the basis of solar photovoltaics. Therefore, the niche is occupied by little-known and, as a rule, small companies. Anyway, the solar battery for charging the phone has no competitors in the market, capable of replacing its function. The same portable chargers are only good as a way to perform 3-4 sessions of power, after which they themselves need to connect to the outlet. In turn, solar batteries can work for weeks and months in conditions of complete autonomy, providing power from the photo panels.

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