Wireless Rear View Camera - Important Car Addition

Modern cars can be equipped with anyequipment that will make the process of driving a vehicle not only easier and more convenient, but also safer. For example, more often for more successful parking, a wireless rear view camera is installed. Today, manufacturers offer various design solutions for this device, so every car enthusiast will be able to choose the best option for himself.

Varieties and features of cameras

wireless rear view camera

It should be said that the rear view camera isOnly a small part of the parking system in the car. Modern instruments can be a separate monitor built into the rearview mirror. It can be mounted in the navigator and even the radio tape recorder and many other elements of the vehicle. Accordingly, the wireless rear view camera must be selected in accordance with specific requirements. Someone may think that to achieve a simpler and more convenient parking you can put and a normal car camera, but still there are a number of rules that you need to comply with:

  1. Devices are operated at times in extreme conditions at temperature differences and various weather phenomena.
  2. You can install the camera both on the bumper and on the license plate light, while the devices will differ in both design and mounting features.
  3. The wireless camera should be of high quality, that is, it should be clearly recorded not only during the day, but also at night.
  4. The peculiarity of the device, which is attached from behind, is that the driver should see the image to be shot in mirror image.
  5. Over the image must pass parking lines, allowing you to correctly calculate the distance from the car to the object.

How to choose?

wireless rear view camera

The wireless car rear view camera should be selected with several rules in mind:

  • First, it is important what kind of design it will be;
  • second, you need to determine where the image will be displayed;
  • thirdly, you need to choose how to output the video signal to the monitor;
  • Fourth, determine the technical parameters of the device (for example, the type of matrix, mirror image or something else).

Thus, the most important role is played byconstructive execution. This is due to the fact that any driver strives to equip his car as harmoniously and neatly as possible. Most often the camera is installed outside the vehicle, for example, on a bumper. And the installation inside, say, behind the rear window is almost impossible, because in this case the camera will be placed too high, and therefore the review will not be very successful.

Design Features: Overview

Wireless Car Rear View Camera

So, a modern wireless rear view camera can be produced in several varieties:

  1. A standard camera that is mounted instead ofbacklit license plate. Such a device is also a backlight, while it differs in the unobtrusiveness, ease of installation without damaging the car. True, this version is worth more than other analogs, besides it does not fit all brands of cars.
  2. The mortise chamber is mounted in the rear bumper,and this requires drilling a hole. It is with his help that the device will be fixed to the latch or nut. The device is compact, but for its installation it will be necessary to drill a car, and this will not please every driver.
  3. Universal rear view camera has a simpledesign, so it can be installed on any surface of the machine: both on the bumper and on the body. Attach the device with tape or screws. The disadvantage of such a camera is a noticeable appearance. And when using screws without holes in the machine can not do.
  4. The camera in the form of a license plate is alsoa universal and practical solution, since it can be installed on any car. Such a device is pivotal and built into the frame design, so it will not be noticeable to others.

Thus, the best option is to select a camera that will be less noticeable.

How is the information displayed?

wireless camera for car

The image can be output to a monitor thatseparately located on the dashboard in the car, built into the sun visor or salon mirror rear view. In addition, there are varieties in which the image is displayed on the car navigator or the machine's head unit screen (in this case you need a free video input). The most popular wireless rear view camera, whose monitor is located in the car salon. The image will be transmitted in two ways:

  1. Through a video cable that stretches fromcamera in the salon to the monitor. With this solution, the video signal is transmitted more reliably and will be protected from interference. The only drawback is the need to remove the casing for laying the cable.
  2. The wireless method is simpler, because the signal is transmitted via radio waves. But its range is only 15 m, while the quality can be affected by electromagnetic interference.

Optical system: what to consider?

The wireless rear view camera is often selectednamely in terms of ease of use and ease of installation. However, an important role is played by the optical system. It should pay attention to such key parameters as the viewing angle, the type of matrix, the degree of illumination, the color system, the number of TV lines, IR illumination, and more. So, the angle of view in the camera affects how much space it will cover when shooting. The optimal parameters are 120-170 degrees.

wireless rear view camera

As for the matrices, in modern devicesCCD or CMOS are used. In the first case, the best photosensitivity is shown in the evening. But the reading speed is not high. In CMOS, photosensitivity is high both day and night, for them the speed is characteristic. And the price of such devices is cheaper than the first option.

All existing rear-view cameras for carstoday color, which greatly facilitates the perception of information. A feature of a good device is the ability to draw parking lines over images. They allow even an inexperienced driver to correctly calculate the distance to the obstacle and park more carefully.


Thus, you need to choose the camera correctly.Only in this case it will not be an adornment of your car, but its competent and functional addition. Today, customers are popular cameras brands Neoline, Spark, Carax, Parkvision, Phantom, whose cost starts from 1,300 rubles per device.

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